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The Top Best Printers For Office Work & Home Users

Printers For Office Work & Home Users

The Top Best Printers For Office Work & Home Users What is Laser Printer A laser printer is a type of printer that uses a laser and electrical charge model instead of the traditional printing of ink onto paper. Laser printers have increased the neatness and sophistication

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Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android

Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android Many times, the last thing we see before sleeping or during sleep break is our mobile or cellphone. Some of us also have the habit of browsing on our mobile phones before we sleep, But the blue color

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Cell Broadcast How it works ?

Cell Broadcast/Cell Information (CB) messaging is a mobile technology feature defined by the ETSI’s GSM committee and is part of the GSM standard. It is also known as Short Message Service-Cell Broadcast. (SMS-CB). Cell Broadcast is designed for simultaneous delivery to multiple users in a specified area.

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Awesome Wearable Tech Products/Gadgets

Awesome Wearable Tech Products

Awesome Wearable Tech Products/Gadgets The technology of 2017 promises a lot of new gadgets that offer features we wouldn’t have imagined twenty years ago. There are going to be wireless earbuds that connect to Siri, smart shirts that report the wearer’s heart rate, and smartwatches that can

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Job Profile: Careers in IT : Network Engineer

network engineer

Network engineers work behind the scenes to make this possible. Like many “invisible” jobs, the functions of network engineering are often taken for granted. But without them, the day-to-day communication that many of us have simply come to expect as a matter of course would become quite

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Internet Cyberspace Security Certifications

Data Breaches are growing in number, size and criticality, the cybersecurity talent gapis widening, and the security unemployment rate is at zero. A recent survey of IT decision makers across the U.S., Europe and Asia shows most firms are aware and worried about vacant cyber security posts

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Gmail offline – Mac, PC and Chromebook<---How to use ?

One of the perks of using the Gmail app is that you can work on it while you don’t have an active internet connection. Here is how you do it on Mac, Chromebook and PC. To begin with, Gmail stores everything in the cloud and enables you

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Best Cameras for Sports, Wildlife, and Action Photography.


There are lot’s of good reasons to choose a cameras over a consumer camcorder for shooting video, including larger sensors, which tend to deliver better tonal range and enhanced depth-of-field flexibility, and better photo quality. And an interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) — a dSLR, fixed mirror (Sony’s SLT

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