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Top Best Budget Tablets For Watching TV, Movies, Browsing, Work and Play Games


Top Best Budget Tablets For Watching TV,Movies, Browsing, Work and Play Games How to choose the Best Tablet for you Let’s face it, tablets aren’t the most exciting devices in the world of tech right now, there’s not that much innovation going on, and they’re not exactly

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Some Simple iPhone Tips and tricks for Iphone users

Some are the Best, Amazing iPhone Tips and Tricks for Iphone users By holding the home button and power button for 10sec u can reset the whole system. If you accidentally enable switch control, just triple click home button. You can click photos from your earphone volume

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Best Rated Android Smart Apps for SEO, Bloggers And Website Analytics

The Google Play Store has a large number of search engine optimization apps for Android devices. These range from an official Google Analytics app that gives you most of the information you’ll find in the full service, to small apps that will check your SERPs and scan

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Choose the Best Smartphone Credit Card Reader for Your Business

Smartphone Credit Card Reader

Investing in mobile credit card reader apps is a smart decision for small business owners because it gives your customers more payment options, especially if you travel for outside sales. Businesses are rarely cash-only and it can frustrate customers if your business accepts limited forms of payment.

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Xiaomi Mi Redmi 4A Awesome Budget Smart phone Launch by Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi 4A – the latest model in the company’s low-cost, entry-level smartphone range – has been launched in India at price of Rs. 5,999. The new Xiaomi smartphone supports Reliance Jio’s 4G VoLTE network, and comes in three colour options – Dark Grey, Gold and Rose Gold. Other key

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Cell Broadcast How it works ?

Cell Broadcast/Cell Information (CB) messaging is a mobile technology feature defined by the ETSI’s GSM committee and is part of the GSM standard. It is also known as Short Message Service-Cell Broadcast. (SMS-CB). Cell Broadcast is designed for simultaneous delivery to multiple users in a specified area.

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Awesome Wearable Tech Products/Gadgets

Awesome Wearable Tech Products

Awesome Wearable Tech Products/Gadgets The technology of 2017 promises a lot of new gadgets that offer features we wouldn’t have imagined twenty years ago. There are going to be wireless earbuds that connect to Siri, smart shirts that report the wearer’s heart rate, and smartwatches that can

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How To Identify and Spot Fake iOS and Android apps

iOS and Android apps

  We all are connected to a google play store app which is very good source of downloading apps in android phones. with one click (keep safe from Fake Apps). we can easily download or update the app but, there are some fake apps also available on

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