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Simply Best Ways to Increase Your Followers on //Twitter//

Simply Best Ways to Increase Your Followers on //Twitter//

Twitter is an outstanding social media platform today for expanding your boundaries to a larger set of audience. While there are myriads of ways to increase your followers’ count on Twitter, taking the right route that can bring you success in the longer run is a must. Success has no short-cuts and hence concentrating on ethical ways of bringing followers to your Website and Blog can be really significant.

To increase the number of your followers, there are several things that you could do. Below are several great ways to increase the number of your followers on Twitter.

Create Valuable Content

The quality of the contents that you post o your Twitter account will determine the number of followers that you could get. People on twitter tend to follow account that post valuable tweets. That’s why, in order to increase the number of your followers on Twitter, you need to create valuable contents on your Twitter account.

Comments on Relevant Tweets

Other great way to get more followers on twitter is by leaving comments on relevant tweets. Commenting on relevant tweets allow you to have better interaction with other Twitter users. If the interactions are good, you might have a chance to increase the number of your Twitter followers in more effective way.

Retweet Relevant Contents or Tweets

When you see tweets or contents that are relevant to your business on your Twitter’s timeline, you might want to retweet those tweets. By retweeting relevant contents or tweets, you might be able to attract more followers to your twitter account.

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Engage: Comment, Respond, Listen

There are various events that you could find on Twitter timeline. By engaging to these events, you might be able to reach more Twitter users and have bigger chance to make these users become your new followers. Choose the events that are relevant to your business for getting the best results.

Using Twitter for business purposes might require you to pay attention to several important aspects. By paying attention to the details above, you might be able to get more followers and reach a larger market for your business. You also need to remember that in order to get Twitter followers you need to build good interactions with other Twitter users. With perfect online marketing strategy, getting more followers on Twitter will no longer become a big problem for you.

Create Lists of Influencers, Bloggers, and Experts

One of Twitter’s more underrated features is the List, which allows you to organize the people you follow, give people recommendations on who to follow, and more. If you follow thousands of people, your main feed is going to be constantly bogged down.

If you create different lists (Inbound Marketing Bloggers, Personal Friends, Conference Contacts, Design Websites, Local Restaurants, etc.) you’ll be able to separate your one feed into smaller, more manageable ones that are tailored to each of those subjects.

Another benefit from creating lists comes from other accounts. When you add someone to a list you’ve made, they’ll receive a notification. Many people will appreciate the addition, and potentially add you to one of their lists or follow you back (if they don’t already follow you).

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Plus, if they add you to their list, anyone else who sees their list will see your account on there, which increases your exposure. Lists are a valuable tool for not just organizing your feeds, but interacting with other users at the same time.

Brand Your Profile

Branding your profile is important, whether you are a business or just an individual user. Use high quality photos, consistent colors, and make sure to take advantage of the About section. It’s usually the first thing people look at when they check out your profile.

If you’re a business, make sure to include the most important details about your product or service. Include your location and website URL as well. One rule of thumb for the About section: keep it short and sweet.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are important as well. When you tweet, slap on a couple relevant hashtags at the end (like #youmegeek#SEO, #InboundMarketing, #SERP, etc.). When people search for those topics, boom. There’s your tweet. Don’t use too many, though, and keep them on topic.

Search and Follow New Accounts

The Search function on Twitter is incredibly powerful. If you’re looking for new accounts to follow, type in the industry you’re in, some relevant hashtags, or a phrase, and Twitter will do the rest. You’ll be given a list of accounts based on your search terms, which you can then sift through to find some new accounts to follow. Some of them may follow back.


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