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Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life

Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life

Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life

Tips to Boost Android Phone’s Battery Life

A lot has been changed when it comes to smartphone hardware. It is especially useful when it comes to your device performance. Here, we can specifically discuss about the smartphone batteries that have covered a long journey of development. From being a bulky battery in big smartphones to today’s sleek lithium-ION batteries they are designed to outlast for long hours and even for days.

Now you can perform numerous tasks seamlessly for hours on your device with better battery backup. Despite all bright side of the improvement, these smartphone batteries aren’t completely immune to performance issues.

Here, you need to follow certain steps to boost Android phone’s battery life to perform few more tasks for some more time.

  • Manage Brightness:

This is the simplest hack to deal with battery draining issue. If you prefer to keep device brightness at highest possible level than prepare for early battery drain. Thus, the better idea is to keep device on auto-brightness mode or turn on “Adaptive Brightness” feature on your device to save some battery juice.

Manage Brightness

(Image Source: updato) Manage Brightness

  • Disable Unnecessary Apps:

There may be numerous apps on your device that came built-in (Bloatware) or those that you downloaded and stopped using it for long. Here, many of these apps run in the background and consumes lot of device resources including device battery & RAM. Thus, it becomes important to get rid of all such unnecessary apps on your device to save device resources. To do this, go to Settings > Apps and open All apps. Now sift through the apps to find and uninstall all unnecessary apps immediately.

Disable Unnecessary Apps

(Image Source: androidcentral) Disable Unnecessary Apps

  • Update Apps:

Each software update brings you various security features in addition to performance improvement features. Here, it is possible that old version of your app is consuming lot of device resources (including device battery) that can be fixed with latest update. Thus, you should be attentive towards all updates on your device including software/firmware update.

Update Apps

(Image Source: idroidspace) Update Apps

  • Disable Background Services:

In addition to bloatware and other obsolete apps, there are many other services also on your device that keep on running in the background to offer you latest updates & notifications. Sift through all such apps & services and find & disable all such items that are not necessary for you. To do this, go to device Settings > Apps. Here sift through the running services and disable unnecessary ones. Here, you can disable unnecessary apps & services that are not necessary for you.

Disable Background Services

(Image Source: hongkiat) Disable Background Services

  • Use Battery Saver Apps:

Android battery saver apps come as a perfect solution to deal with all battery issues. Here, these apps help you keep tab on all battery draining functions and further help you manage them well. It allows you to disable all such apps & services that are consuming battery juice unnecessarily. Further, these apps are also useful to improve your overall device performance.

Use Battery Saver Apps

(Image Source: androidtipsz) Use Battery Saver Apps

  • Avoid Live Wallpaper:

Live wallpaper may look useful addition to your device to improve its aesthetic value but they consume lot of device resources. Here live wallpapers consume more device resources including RAM and more CPU cycles to consume more battery. It also makes your device run slow. Thus, it is advisable to disable live wallpaper on your device to improve your device battery life.

Avoid Live Wallpaper

(Image Source: play.google) Avoid Live Wallpaper

  • Turn on Battery Saver Mode:

Battery saver mode is another useful feature on your Android device that helps you manage your battery usage and optimize it for better results. Once you enable battery saver mode on your device, it will help you improve battery life by reducing device’s performance. Here, it will limit vibration, location services, background services, email, messaging and other unnecessary apps that rely on syncing and other unnecessary services. It even allows you to manage battery usage in regard to individual app/s.

Turn on Battery Saver Mode

(Image Source: howtogeek) Turn on Battery Saver Mode

  • Disable Other Unnecessary Services:

In addition to other settings, you can also disable those services which you are not using actively. Here, you can disable GPS services, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Maps and other services when not in use.

Disable Other Unnecessary Services

(Image Source: androidpit) Disable Other Unnecessary Services

  • Conclusion:

Despite the fact, smartphone batteries are improved to a greater extent today but they are not completely immune to some common performance issues. Thus, it becomes important to follow some basic steps to boost Android battery life. You can follow above-mentioned steps to do so. Further, you can also use battery saver apps for instant and effective results.

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