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9 best apps for sports coaches

Passion for sports seems to be increasing every day. It does not seem to get diminished even in the midst of all the indoor-ness technology brings. In fact, if anything, technology is enhancing the scope of the sports instead of decreasing it. There is more media coverage, better angles, and due to extended data collection, there are some very exciting stats.

Apps for sports are a plenty but most of them are for viewers or fans only. What about the coaches?

The revolution in sports technology has changed the way athletes exercise, eat, practice and more, which in turn has led to a revolution in coaching and sports executive careers.

Here are nine best apps for sports coaches. If you are one, you should download at least one of them straightaway. These are quite useful.


CoachUp is a free app. It connects athletes and coaches across the United States. It allows personalized one-on-one training. Coaches can identify flaws of the players making them more advance in their skills. The services of coaches are paid. Parents of young student players or advance players themselves get to pick and choose the coaches they want. There are more than 20,000 coaches signed up on CoachUp.


Hudl is a brilliant app that focuses on video capture. The app allows coaches to tape their players in live action and enables them to view, analyze and comment on the videos later on. Ask any coach, particularly for sports with high skill threshold sports like tennis where stroke production can be affected by both the player and the racquet used there is nothing like video analysis to improve a player’s game. Hudl is completely free.

iPractice Builder

iPractice Builder allows coaches to create new exercises and drills for the athletes they are coaching. Players can take notes, coaches can send/email practices. The interface is very friendly and all of this works seamlessly.


StatRow as the name suggests is focused on statistics and scores. If you are looking to build enthusiasm and anticipation in your team, StatRow is a great tool. Users can track scores, upload videos and pictures, and write instant messages. It is like having a small social network of your own.

Coach’s Eye

Coach’s Eye records videos of the athletes and then lets the coaches customize it for better view. You can view the athlete’s movement in slow motion as well as compare two clips.


BAND is a great, easy to use app with one simple purpose: coaches and players/parents can stay in contact. There is a calendar, a messaging system and notification system that can keep your entire team on the same page.


Sportlyzer is multipurpose app for coaches. From registering new players to analyzing player’s training, results and progress – it has everything. It is perhaps the most through app on our list. Sportlyzer is free but some features can only be unlocked with paid services.


TrainingPeaks is primarily focused on nutrition, diets and workouts of athletes. Apps main clients are the coaches of endurance sports. The app has a tracking system as well. It is a multi-lingual app available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese.


GameChanger lets coaches manage their entire show; from roster, practice schedules to games – a coach can keep track of everything. The main selling point of the app is the exemplary score-keeping. More than 250,000 teams all around the world keep their records with GameChanger.

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