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How to Take Photos with your Point & Shoot or iPhone that will Amaze

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  1. Hi Gurjit Singh,
    i think iPhone does indeed produce very serviceable shots 🙂

    What do you want to do with the pictures? If you want to do advanced editing I think you would be limited — presumably the iPhone does not offer RAW format.

    How much control do you want? Do you want to control aperture, shutter speed, etc. to achieve various effects? Again presumably iPhone would not let you do this.

    Lenses — do you want to do macro photography, telephoto wildlife shots or something else best left to a specialized lens? Another vote for a DSLR.

    Printing — not sure what the image sizes are, but megapixel limits may limit the size of print. This would likely only be an issue for large prints before pixelization comes into play.

    So if you’re looking for a quick point and shoot then yes from my limited exposure the iPhone does indeed produce very serviceable shots.

  2. Amazing post you have shared. Lovely thanks.

  3. Hi, very nice article keep it up with the good work…Thanks

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