Top 7 Apple TV Apps Available Now

Top 7 Apple TV Apps Available Now

Top Apple TV Apps
Top Apple TV Apps

Apple TV is full of dump. There is a lot of nonsense out there… However, if you know where to look, you can find real gems for the new Apple TV.

Unlike ridiculous failure of Apple maps, Apple TV is actually making headways. Apple started taking the product seriously a couple of years ago. Since then the company has made a point in improving Apple TV apps and deals. Because the Apple TV is a relatively new thing, it only struck mainstream usage last year, good deals are hard to find on Apple TV – but they do exist.

There are tons of streaming apps for entertainment but here are some outstanding Apple TV deals that are worth checking out. Some are paid, some are free but all are excellent.  

WWDC (Free)

WWDC app allows you to watch developers’ conference – both live and recorded. They show streaming of lived event as it happened. The conference is not the only feature, you can browse through various events Apple has conducted over the years. This free app is a like a library of Apple company videos.

HuffPost (Free)

As the name suggests, the app is based on one of the most popular online newspapers in the world. HuffPost app will let you stream all the video content from the website. There are five default playlists that include Top 5, News, Politics, Entertainment and Lifestyle. This coupled with excellent searching tool makes HuffPost a compelling app.

Instant NOAA Weather Forecast (Free)

NOAA Weather Forecast gives you detailed and thorough update of the weather forecast in 500 cities. You will be able to view five day forecast, view the weather predictions, detailed charts of what is to come. If you check this app before leaving the house, you will never be caught in a bad weather again.

Haystack TV News (Free)

Haystack TV News is a delight if you are interested in current affairs, news, entertainment and celebrities. Haystack TV will let you stream videos from various online channels. You are able to choose which topics you like and you will get videos from both national and international broadcasters.

Many say that Haystack TV News is the best Apple TV app out there.

What is My IP Address? (Free)

What is My IP Address tells you the IP address of your Apple TV. But why is that important? Apple products are often integrated with each other. If you know the IP of your Apple device you are able to connect it with headphones, speakers, routers, Wi-Fi etc. quite easily.

Hitman GO (£2.99)

The first premium app featured in our list and boy is it worth it!

If you are thinking this is first person shooting, it is not. It is even better than the traditional hitman video games. Instead of pistols and guns, you get to solve puzzles to assassinate people! The game’s graphics are jaw-dropping beautiful. Everything seems to be perfect. Each level is a piece of art.

We recommended that you download Hitman GO immediately, trust me, you won’t regret it.

The Film Detective (£3.13/month)

Are you a movie lover? Let me be more specific, are you a classic film lover? – If yes, then download this app now. The app is a database for the classic films all around the globe. Its developers even physically search classic films. They seek classic films out, restore them and then let you stream them through this wonderful app.  

It requires a monthly subscription of £3.13.


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