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5 must-have apps for new parents

Parenthood is very difficult. There are so many things to look out for such as feeding, burping, changing, sleeping, milestones and every conceivable thing that is related to health and safety. The ‘things to do’ list is literally endless.

What if you had an app to take care of all this? – As they say there is an app for everything now days. So why not try one (or five in this case). If it helps you reduce stress and get things done as a parent, it is God-sent, right?

Without further ado, here are five apps that are very helpful for new parents.

1. My Baby Today

My Baby Today offers daily advice and guides of what to expect as a parent. The best thing about the app is the videos. It has a range of videos that are extremely useful and easy to get. There are many subscribers and experienced mums on forums to help you out with your questions. The guides and tips plus the “social networking” environment of the app allows you to almost get all your answers. And it is always comforting to know that it is happening to someone else as well!

Download for iOS or Android.

2. Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans is an adorable app. It is simple and that is its main beauty. The app allows you to take pictures of your baby every day. Some would say it is far too simple but it is very handy for parents who don’t like to post their kids’ photos on social media.

Without posting it online, you can still make a collection and share it with close friends and family members. Tiny Beans becomes extremely relevant if your relatives are living far apart. The app enables them to literally see your baby grow every day. If your little one has a grandma or poppy and they live abroad, download this app right now!

Download for iOS or Android.

3. Breast Feeding Friend

Breast Feeding Friend as the name would explain is an iOS only app that helps and guides first-time moms on the ‘art’ of breastfeeding. Breast Feeding Friend allows you to monitor feeds, their times, lengths and other aspects involved.

This app is extremely useful for new moms. Second time around you get more knowledgeable and more used to breastfeeding.

Download for iOS.

4. Annabel Karmel’s Recipes

This app is the first paid app on our list. Annabel Karmel’s Recipes is a delightful app that gives you recipes for children when they start chewing solid foods at around 6 months old. The app also allows you to create a list like a shopping cart and a weekly planner.

All in all, it makes you fully equipped for dealing with your child’s eatery demands. Many experts have weighed in that the recipes and nutritional and good for the babies.

Download for iOS or Android.

5. NCT Babychange

NCT Babychange is a clever little app that gives you details of all the baby-changing facilities near you. It is extremely handy if you are travelling and don’t know the ins and outs of your current location. The facilities are rated by cleanliness, you can make sure that your baby will be comfortable and happy.

You can also drop pins and give reviews about the facilities you visit.

Download for iOS and Android.

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