6 best apps for school teachers

Students using smartphones in class is a norm these days – we all know kids these days are very sneaky. In many schools technology is becoming part of education and so it should be. But use of technology is always focused on students – apps for them, games for them, learning for them. How about having apps for teachers and educators?

Don’t they need technology that can help them and make them better tutors – of course they do. While finding apps for students is common and there is loads of information on the internet, finding apps for teachers is slightly difficult.

So, from creating lessons, planning courses and keeping attendances. All of these can be done through some magnificent apps and the fact that iOS has multi user support to aid with this. Also, in addition to the above, some apps even allow you to keep behavioral notes, communication with the students or their parents outside classrooms as well.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at six extremely helpful apps for teachers.


6 best apps for school teachers 2

A boring lesson is an unproductive lesson. Kahoot is an amazing app that allows a teacher to make a lesson gamified and interesting. As a teacher you can enter you prepared questions through the app and create a fun game. Your students can also login and use it as a buzzer but primarily the teacher controls the game. Rather than an individual game, it is a classroom game.


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Seesaw is a brilliant student portfolio app that allows teacher to monitor and update any student’s progress for the year. Even students can create logins and post their best works. The teachers, however, mostly use this app for parent teacher meetings where they can share student’s progress.

Google Classroom

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Google Classroom is a very detailed application for teachers. It is very popular and changes are you might have already heard of it. Through Google Classroom you can distribute assignments, organize all materials and manage classroom activities. You can also make announcements or engage your students in discussions or debates.

Teach Learn Lead

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As a teacher you often feel it’d be better if you had a community. A place where you can interact with fellow teachers, share problems, get some ideas, even with teachers who do not teach the same subject as you, or are not at the same school. The answer to your problems is; Teach Learn Lead – a Facebook for teachers. Perfect platform that allows you to interact with other teachers and learn new things every time you login.


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Remind is a very useful app that focuses on instant messaging between teachers, pupils and their parents. Announcements, group chats or individual messaging; everything is supported. The app also translates your message in more than 70 different languages. It is a great way to communicate with parents of a student who are not native English speakers.


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When you take your class out for a field trip or exercise, getting consent form from the parents can be a tedious business. Classtree makes the whole event hassle-free and also paper-free. You can create a form and send it to parents for consent and they can e-sign it. Everybody wins.

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