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What is the best web hosting service?

The best web hosting service provider is InMotion Hosting, which allows users to switch from managed to unmanaged private servers as they wish. Its guaranteed arrangements with major Internet service providers around the world ensure that small and medium-sized businesses have access to cost-effective but fast web hosting services.

Is it possible to find a web hosting service provider that can offer cost-effective services without compromising quality? Well, the answer is yes. However, picking the cheapest web hosting provider is a game that’s poised on a knife-edge. You need to be meticulous enough to land a provider that can guarantee good storage, reliable uptime, and fast speeds. Factor in the cost savings, and you’ll have the perfect service to help build a reputable website, allowing you to build an online presence amidst lockdowns and other pandemic-related restrictions.

However, wading through the crowd of cheap web hosting providers to find the best can be long and tedious. We don’t want you to go down this road alone. As a result, we’ve prepared a list of the 20 best cheapest web hosting providers to help you make an astute decision. Whether you are creating a new website or migrating to a new provider, you’ll find bang-for-the-buck packages and plans on our list.

cheap web hosting sites

Choosing a Web Hosting Site Provider

Before we discuss the cheapest hosting solutions of 2022, it’s best to properly understand how to find the right hosting provider. Selecting the right web hosting plans and provider is not as simple as window shopping. Impulsive purchasing based on the cheapest plans is also ill-advised, as you have to factor in whether their offerings and features match your needs while giving you enough room for growth. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Choose wisely. Changing providers frequently can be a burden and can cost you more along the road, with some providers offering cheaper rates for yearly services. Purchasing domains generally cost less on an existing account than a new one. 
  2. Have room to spare. The digital space can be quite unpredictable, which means you need to prepare for the worst-case scenario, but without going overboard. For example, you should have enough leeway for your bandwidth, with layout changes and traffic spikes possibly affecting your website performance. And you definitely want your website to load fast, in light of research on mobile site speeds revealing that a site speed improvement of 01. second can lead to an increase in conversions as high as 10.1%. Moreover, this is another reason why uptime is important, as you will surely lose out on potential leads or website visitors from short downtimes. Not only does website downtimes impact your overall traffic and cost you some lost sales, but it can also leave a bad impression on your search engine rankings.
  3. Website security. A data breach report states that in the first half of 2020, there were 540 data breaches in the U.S alone. This means you should do your best to protect sensitive information on your website. Various hosting providers offer their own kind of security measures, with some providing bot-operated security checks and DDoS protection. And if your website does get penetrated by malicious attacks, it’s best to have a backup of all your data. This is why many services provide daily or weekly data backups.

Cost of data breach

There are also various types of web hosting services to consider. Shared web hosting accommodates multiple websites on a single server, making it not only the cheapest option but also the riskiest because a highly popular site on the same server could affect your resources. Dedicated web hosting is the complete opposite of shared web hosting, as you are given an entire server for your operations. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is highly similar to shard web hosting, as multiple websites occupy a single server. Still, it’s more stable as each website is provided its own computing resources. There are many more hosting types, and it’s up to you which one to choose whether you want the cream of the crop, dedicated hosting, or shared hosting.

20 Best Cheapest Web Hosting Sites of 2022

1. InMotion Hosting – $2.95

InMotion Hosting dashboard

InMotion Hosting is one of the most popular web hosting providers on the market. While the provider does not offer the cheapest services per se, arguably, it provides the best value for your money. Its $2.95-priced basic Shared Web Hosting plan comes equipped with all the essentials for optimal site operations alongside marketing tools for enticing visitors and improving conversion rates. Additionally, its inexpensive monthly options include a security suite to safeguard your data and prevent malicious attacks. InMotion Hosting has been tried and tested to keep one’s website running at all times, having a high 99.99% uptime guarantee, alongside fast speeds and a large bandwidth to satisfy all website visitors round-the-clock. 

Partnering with leading internet providers, InMotion Hosting allows for blazing fast and reliable direct data connection for those outside the United States. The platform also supports MySQL and PHP software and ecommerce apps.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

Try out InMotion Hosting with their free trial

For new businesses, building your websites with InMotion Hosting is easy, thanks to its inclusion of BoldGrid, a free website-builder that comes bundled with all business hosting plans. It features easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools alongside pre-made templates, allowing you to turn your ideas into a reality without any coding know-hows. With single-click installs for scripts and apps, you can effortlessly get your business started.

InMotion Hosting lowest pricing: It offers an exclusive coupon that nets you a huge discount for all plans, offering a $2.95 per month for three years of Shared Web Hosting. It comes with two domains, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, marketing tools, and a security suite.

Detailed InMotion Hosting Review

Why Choose InMotion Hosting?

  1. Reliable hosting. Fast web hosting is available for United States-based data centers availing the VPS and Business Class hosting plans. Though the platform also ensures optimal performance for others through its partnership with leading internet service providers.
  2. Great value for money. In addition to offering a reliable hosting platform, InMotion Hosting equips users with the right set of tools for ensuring optimal operations. It includes a website builder, ecommerce apps, marketing tools, and much more.

2. GoDaddy Hosting – $2.49

GoDaddy Hosting dashboard

GoDaddy Hosting is one of the leading web-hosting providers, servicing over 17.5 million customers with the right tools to build, launch, and maintain their professional website. It offers VPS, dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, and a plethora of domains. All plans include one-click installs for over 125 free applications.

GoDaddy assures 99% uptime with blazing fast load times, with their team taking utmost care of your data through strict security monitoring and DDoS protection.

To ensure you get stable and reliable operations, GoDaddy goes the extra mile to ensure its data centers are in tip-top shape at all times, complete with state-of-the-art facilities that have N+1 air conditioning, round-the-clock on-site monitoring, redundant UPS power supply, and more. It has data centers in Asia, Europe, and the US.

GoDaddy lowest price: Its $2.49 monthly web hosting plan gives you access to 100GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, a single domain, PHP 7.0, 7.1, access to 24/7 support, and free Microsoft Office 365 business email.

Detailed GoDaddy Hosting Review

Why Choose GoDaddy Hosting?

  1. Fast and reliable hosting. Benefit from optimal uptime and fast load speeds, with the company taking proper care of its facilities to ensure peak performance and server stability.
  2. Fast app installs. All it takes is a single click to install and utilize various applications.
  3. Pay for additional features. GoDaddy’s various plans come with the essentials to get your website running. You can pay for any additional tools you might need. This includes search engine visibility, a robust website builder, and single-click data restoration.

3. Hostinger: $0.80

Hostinger dashboard

Hostinger is a VPS and cloud hosting provider that focuses on three key aspects: server stability, fast performance, and great customer support, all of which are available at a budget price. Both its shared hosting and VPS services are optimized for WordPress, with its powerful SSD storage capable of boosting your website speeds. Its yearly plans come with daily/weekly backups to keep your data safe and sound at all times.

Hostinger is used by millions of customers worldwide, with the provider touting local services in 39 countries. Users can benefit from steady website operations with Hostinger guaranteeing a 99.99% uptime. It has 24/7 customer support accessible through dedicated live chat support. With Hostinger, you don’t have to take the plunge from the get-go, as they offer a 30-day risk-free trial.

Those without coding experience can design and launch a fully functional website in minutes, thanks to its drag-and-drop website builder, alongside hundreds of free templates designed by professional artists. Websites built with Hostinger are designed to optimize SEO and ensure responsiveness on mobile devices.

Its cloud hosting uses multiple servers for better stability, thus, preventing downtimes whenever one of your servers fails. Resources can be scaled based on demand, allowing you to adjust accordingly based on traffic spikes or additional disk space requirements.

For VPS, users have access to a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy to accomplish various tasks, including rebooting your private servers and quick installs for web scripts. Conducting data backup and restoring files and databases can be done in a few button clicks, with double RAID protection, ensuring crucial data are safe in the cloud. 

Hostinger lowest price: Its $0.80 single web hosting plan comes with 10 GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, 1 email account, website builder, 1 MySQL database, and other essential web hosting features. The monthly price decreases for yearly plans, costing $3.25 for 12 months, $2.85 for 24 months, $2.15 for 36 months, and $2.15 for 48 months.

Detailed Hostinger Review

Why Choose Hostinger?

  1. WordPress optimized. Website visitors will have a pleasant time browsing your website, thanks to its capability to swiftly load text and graphical elements. This is made possible with its WordPress plugins, HTTP/2, PHP7.1, and NGINX.
  2. Scalability. Resources can be adapted based on trends, traffic spikes, and your various needs.
  3. Website builder. Build and launch SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized websites in minutes.

4. Limitless Hosting – $0.50

limitless hosting dashboard

Limitless Hosting is ideal if you’re looking for extremely affordable web hosting packages with fast and secure technology, as well as a guaranteed 99% uptime. Starting from $0.50, users benefit from round-the-clock security monitoring from potential threats and vulnerabilities. It offers weekly data backup support, allowing you to have peace of mind that all stored information is in safe hands. Its shared hosting comes equipped with a cPanel, providing you with an intuitive and easy to use control panel and one-click installs for web applications.

Aside from web hosting, Limitless Hosting also offers affordable pricing packages for game servers and VPS, starting from $2 and $3.50, respectively. For game server hosting, users gain access to a control panel designed to ensure a smooth gaming experience, complete with automatic game updates, automatic restart capability for crashes, and much more.

DDoS protection for up to 250 Gbps is available on all hosting packages, which is capable of automatically detecting all types of malicious DDoS attacks. Limitless Hosting has servers in the US and Europe.

Limitless Hosting lowest pricing: Its $0.50 monthly price includes 10 GB storage support and 100 GB bandwidth for a single domain. A year’s worth of hosting costs a mere $6.

Detailed Limitless Hosting Review

Why Choose Limitless Hosting?

  1. Ultra-secure servers. It supports 24/7 server monitoring from professionals to ensure optimal performance and server security. Limitless Hosting also has automatic detection and prevention for all types of DDoS attacks.
  2. Intuitive control panel. The platform supports an easy to use client area. Users can pay in their preferred payment method, with the platform supporting over 200 payment options.
  3. Affordable rehosting. Starting from $2 per month, you get access to a web hosting manager and advanced technology designed to ensure blazing fast speeds for client websites.

5. 1&1 – $0.99

1&1 Dashboard

1&1 is a popular web hosting provider used by millions of companies around the world, and for a good reason. It is one of the most affordable solutions on the market while guaranteeing a high 99.99% uptime across all plans. Its $0.99 shared web hosting plan doesn’t skimp on functionalities, featuring a plethora of customizable templates suitable for various industries, advanced web building tools, business applications, and 24/7 customer support.

1&1 provides scalability to your business growth, allowing you to upgrade to professional packages as necessary based on your growing needs. Regardless of the chosen plan, it can adequately handle a large number of website visitors.

This web hosting platform, which offers cPanel in its various packages, comes with DDoS protection to safeguard your website from malicious digital attacks. It also features safe data storage in US-based data centers, parallel processing with its geo-redundant infrastructure, and Symantec SSL certificates.

This web hosting provider allows you to choose and register your very own domain name. Existing domains can also be transferred within a few minutes.

1&1 lowest price: Its unlimited windows shared web hosting plan comes at a low introductory price of $0.99 monthly on your first year.

Why Choose 1&1?  

  1. Webspace recovery. Recover any file that you and your team may have accidentally deleted. Files affected by malicious attacks can be restored within a few button clicks.
  2. Easy to use website builder. 1&1 packages are bundled with a separate web builder app. With this tool, you can easily create the website you envisioned without the need for additional software. It features drag-and-drop tools and multiple configurable layouts. It has multi-page website support for over 60 languages and smoothly operates on mobile devices.
  3. Easy domain transfers. Easily transfer your existing domain to 1&1. A domain transfer request can be created within a few minutes, with request processing taking up to seven days.

6. WebHost.UK.Net – £1

WebHost.UK.Net dashboard

UK company web hosting provider WebHost.UK.Net offers inexpensive web hosting solutions that are perfect for businesses of all sizes. WebHost.UK.Net caters to a worldwide audience. Its various packages come loaded with features despite the budget price, providing users with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, fast SSD with RAID 10, free SSL certificates, round-the-clock customer support, free website builder, and many more. As a testament to its server reliability, WebHost.UK guarantees 99.99% uptime, alongside a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Linux hosting users get access to the industry-standard cPanel, while Windows Hosting users get Plesk. Its cPanel allows for quick one-click installations of popular applications.

Lowest WebHost.UK.Net pricing: Its incredibly cheap £1 monthly pricing nets you 1GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificates, free daily backups, free migrations, and more.

Detailed WebHost.UK.Net Review

Why Choose WebHost.UK.Net?

  1. Search engine priority. Being a UK-based web hosting and domain registration, users get prioritized in online rankings.
  2. Budget-price. Get all hosting essentials and useful features without costing an arm and leg.
  3. Free backups. Schedule daily and weekly backups.

7. iPage: $1.99

iPage dashboard

iPage helps enhance one’s online presence through a plethora of flexible hosting solutions and tools designed to drive business success. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder for beginners, while advanced options are also available for professionals. With iPage using a VDeck cPanel, users gain access to various tools that can help you effectively manage your business. This includes ecommerce management, one-click app installs, content management, built-in email solutions, and a multitude of apps suitable for any business industry, to name a few. All in all, it provides great value for your money. This is on top of its reliable uptime served by its Boston, MA-based data centers that occupy a total of 2,400 square feet, with reports claiming a reliable 99.87 uptime.

Businesses using iPage can rest assured that their websites are safe from malicious attacks, thanks to its security suite and round-the-clock network monitoring. The hosting provider offers a 30-days money-back guarantee, should their services fail to satisfy your needs.

iPage lowest price: The hosting provider offers an introductory $1.99 monthly price that includes all free tools that can help improve your digital presence.  

Why Choose iPage?

  1. User-friendly platform with quality tools at a low price. Its lowest pricing plan comes with unlimited disk space, domain names, and MySQL databases. Additionally, it comes with multiple functionalities to help you market and boost your website visibility.
  2. Extra features. Despite its affordable monthly plans, iPage comes with over $500 worth of extras, including free advertising credits and offers.
  3. Data security. You don’t have to worry about losing your data, thanks to its free security suite and backup solutions.

8. HostSlayer VPS – $1.99

HostSlayer VPS dashboard

HostSlayer VPS is quite new in the industry, launching in 2016 to provide businesses and individuals looking to create their very own personal blogs with a smooth and reliable website. HostSlayer VPS guarantees a 100% uptime with its servers, and its support team is ready to help you 24/7 for any technical concerns.

HostSlayer VPS uses WHMCS to simplify your business operations. It saves you valuable time and money by automating billing and hosting account setup. The platform enables users to easily reinstall their operating system on any platform supported by HostSlayer.

This hosting service provider offers VPS hosting plans that tout robust DDoS security measures up to 50Gbps to protect your website from unwanted digital attacks. Website performance is also unaffected by its strong firewall security. HostSlayer VPS uses SSD storage arrays with RAID-10, which means you have access to fast and reliable storage for any hosting account chosen.

HostSlayer VPS lowest pricing: Price starts at $1.99 per month with 5 GB Raid-SSD and unlimited bandwidth and domains. There are no yearly plans.

Detailed HostSlayer VPS Review

Why Choose HostSlayer VPS?

  1. 100% uptime. Keep your business running at all times, with HostSlayer VPS guaranteeing a 100% uptime guarantee coupled with DDoS protection.
  2. 1Gbps port. The platform is powered by a 1 Gbps port, allowing you to host an efficient game server.

9. HostFav – $2.50

HostFav dashboard

HostFav has various cloud-based solutions intended to provide you with fast and reliable website hosting, offering Cloud VPS Linux LXC and Cloud VPS for both Windows and Linux. This provider guarantees 99% uptime, allowing you to have interruption-free operations. This is complemented by HostFav’s virtual environment for storage redundancy, RAID disk storage for data redundancy, secure and scalable environments, and various SSL certificates to protect sensitive data from being hijacked by malicious parties. Regardless of your chosen package and hosting plan, you can benefit from excellent customer support accessible by live chat, email, or phone.

With HostFav being powered by open-source software, the company is keen to help the community by offering free services to select open-source projects. Simply send them an email to apply.

HostFav lowest price: Both its Linux and Windows shared hosting plans start at $2.50 per month. For Linux hosting, you gain access to a single website, 10GB website space, 512GB bandwidth, 25 FTP accounts, and 25 email accounts, among others. Meanwhile, the cheapest Windows shared hosting plan comes with a single website, 50GB website space, unlimited bandwidth, 10 email accounts, and more. Both pricing plans also include $150-worth of marketing offers.

Why Choose HostFav?

  1. High uptime. The provider guarantees 99% uptime. Your website operations will continue to run operational even during maintenance periods.
  2. Advanced hardware. HostFav is powered by Multicore Intel Xeon processors and RAID disk storage.
  3. Free advertising offers. Its various plans come bundled with free advertising offers from various websites to boost your online presence.

10. Bluehost – $2.50

Bluehost dashboard

Used by over two million users around the world, Bluehost offers inexpensive cloud hosting and VPS hosting plans. This provider prides in its in-house built servers for powerful and lightning fast speeds while maintaining optimal uptime, with low tier packages coming with advanced functionalities. All users benefit from a stellar 24/7 customer support team who were trained in-house to provide everyone a pleasant web hosting experience. While Bluehost has no uptime guarantees, various reports show that Bluehost averages with a 99% uptime, making it on par with the best hosting providers in the industry. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, should it fail to suit your needs.

Bluehost automatically mirrors all your information across three different devices. This is done to protect your valuable data, with the two mirrored copies designed to rebuild your records should you encounter any hardware failure.

This hosting provider is also recommended by WordPress itself as an ideal platform for running WordPress-powered websites due to its easy installation and data management. With its intuitive dashboard, you can quickly understand and monitor your website performance, from uptime and download speed down to usage trends; You don’t have to worry about suffering from server downtimes should you wish to improve your online presence. Simply pick a more powerful plan or separately purchase more capacity for your website as you see fit.

Bluehost lowest price: For $2.95, you have access to their basic shared web hosting plan with one website, 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 5 email accounts, 24/7 customer support, and much more.

Why Choose Bluehost?

  1. Data mirroring. Bluehost automatically mirrors your data in three various devices to prevent data loss from hardware failure. It also conducts regular data backups while granting users the capability to restore files with a few button clicks.
  2. Easy data monitoring. You can monitor your website performance at a single glance, thus, helping you quickly assess the situation and plan accordingly if you need to purchase any upgrades.
  3. WordPress recommended. If you’re still undecided, which hosting platform to use for WordPress, there’s no better recommendation than from the people behind WordPress itself.

11. PlotHost – $2.95

PlotHost Dashboard

Ranking 10th on our top 20 cheapest web hosting sites list is PlotHost. This provider mainly offers shared hosting and reseller hosting plans, with the company aiming to serve VPS hosting and dedicated packages in the future. With this platform, users have access to cPanel, making it easy to navigate and manage your data. Users can create as many cPanel accounts as they please with the hosting reseller plans. Its cPanel and WHM come with a Softaculous add-on, allowing you to one-click install over 400 scripts needed for your website operations.

For safe and secure hosting, PlotHost hosts each account on RAID 10 SSDs. Additionally, it uses ConfigServer Firewall and other security tools to protect your site from malicious threats. Free SSL certificates are also provided to protect sensitive data on your website.

PlotHost guarantees a 99% uptime with premium bandwidth for fast loading times. Customer support works round-the-clock to provide you with assistance for anything you might need, whether it be for technical issues or simple assistance in installing scripts. It offers a 15-day money-back policy should the platform be unsuitable for your needs and requirements.

PlotHost lowest price: Its shared web hosting plan comes at a low $2.95 monthly price and comes with 2GB storage, 20GB bandwidth, and all essential hosting features. Paying yearly will net you two months free, which essentially means you get a year’s worth of hosting for only $29.95 under its cheapest package.

Why Choose PlotHost?

  1. Free support. The platform offers free hosting transfer, free script installation assistance, and free 24/7 customer support for anything you may need.
  2. One-click installs. With Softaculous, you can effortlessly install an extensive library of applications.

12. Hawk Host – $2.99

HawkHost Dashboard

Hawk Host provides standard hosting packages, offering cloud hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and SD hosting. Launched back in 2004 as Devoted Host, the provider has provided customers worldwide with all the essentials for a reliable hosting: optimal uptime, utmost security for both server software and physical data centers, and fast website speeds.

Hawk Host has a total of six data centers, one in Amsterdam, another in Singapore, and four across the US. Hawk Host data centers are optimized by CloudFare for a robust website performance. To ensure smooth and fast site performance at all times, all pricing plans come with free enterprise-grade SSD storage.

This provider has a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by its service-level agreement, which means you can claim compensation should they fail their set standards. Moreover, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee should you have any qualms with their services and server performance.

Hawk Host uses the widely popular cPanel. This means you can take full advantage of one-click for numerous free applications, including solutions for CMS, blogging platforms, forums, ecommerce, and much more.

Hawk Host lowest price: Shared web hosting plans start at $2.99. It features a ton of unlimited inclusions, specifically for bandwidth, databases, domains, and free SSL certificates. Users also get access to 10,000MB SSD disk space and free migrations.  

Detailed Hawk Host Review

Why Choose Hawk Host?

  1. Simple and reliable. The provider offers all essential tools in its base plans for launching a fast, reliable, and safe website.
  2. 99.9.% uptime. The 99.9% uptime guarantee is fully backed by its SLA.
  3. One-click installs. Easily install the right applications for your needs, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, and much more.

13. WP Neuron – $3.75

WP neuron dashboard

Designed mainly for WordPress hosting, WP Neuron is capable of providing unprecedented website speeds among the competition. The platform is built for small-sized businesses that need high traffic websites. Its modified server processes automatically clears the server cash whenever new content is published, thus, eliminating server cache issues.

WP Neuron places high value on website security. WP Neuron safeguards websites across its infrastructure with strong defenses against brute attacks, DDoS attacks, and malicious threats seeking to scan website vulnerabilities. WP Neuron provides free system reinstallation if any anomalous threats are found. For peace of mind, the provider offers free SSL certificates and conducts bi-weekly automatic backups, with users having the option for on-demand backups. Its support team is available 24/7 for technical assistance.

WP Neuron lowest price: The provider offers a low $3.75 monthly price with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer, and 20GB disk space per install.

Detailed WP Neuron Review

Why Choose WP Neuron?

  1. Website security. This provider ensures website security with various tools that block malicious attacks. It comes with an anti-malware scanner and a WordPress vulnerability scanner.
  2. Staging area. Easily set a staging area to double-check new content iterations or test your website vulnerability. Users can set a password and admin IP restriction for both the staging and production environment.
  3. Fast speeds. It uses Apache, Nginx, and Varnish architecture to fuel website speeds. The platform also clears the cache each time a new post is published on your website.

14. A2 Hosting – $3.92

A2 Hosting dashboard

A2 Hosting is a web hosting provider that offers a large selection of services, including but not limited to shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting, with some allowing you to choose your own management level. It also leverages the capability of popular solutions like Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, and WordPress to provide you with blazing fast speeds and utmost security. Basically, this provider allows you to efficiently meet the demands to launch an effective online business. Its primary data center is based in Michigan, US, while it has additional data centers in Europe, Asia, and Arizona, US.

The platform features a Turbo Sever option for its top tier packages, providing users with a touted 20x faster speeds to provide your website visitors with a pleasant browsing experience. Regardless of chosen plans, A2 Hosting guarantees a 99% uptime with an anytime money-back guarantee. This provider offers free hosting migration. It uses the industry-standard control panel cPanel, with resellers given both the cPanel and WHM.

A2 Hosting lowest price: For $3.92 under its web hosting plan, you get access to unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free SSDs, Linux and Windows hosting, and much more.

Detailed A2 Hosting Review

Why Choose A2 Hosting?

  1. Permanent money-back guarantee. You can get your money back, regardless of how long you’ve been availing the services of A2 Hosting.
  2. Turbo Server. You won’t have to worry about losing website visitors, subscribers, and potential clients with its blazing fast Turbo Server that promises 20x faster speeds than the competition. This is available in the upper-tier packages of A2 Hosting.
  3. Highly optimized software. Benefit from peak performance of software platforms such as WordPress and Drupal with A2 Hosting configuring these solutions to provide you with optimal performance.

15. JustHost – $3.95

JustHost dashboard

JustHost is committed to simplifying the web hosting experience for users, whether you’re looking to use their cloud hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated web hosting. For example, its VPS hosting features multi-account management, thus, removing the hassle of manually logging in and out of multiple accounts. It also features an enhanced cPanel to make administrative tasks much easier. While no uptime guarantee is given, the provider has a money-back guarantee.

Similar to most providers in our top 20 cheapest web hosting sites, it provides all the essentials for a smooth and seamless online journey. JustHost includes limitless bandwidth, email accounts, transfers, and storage page for its cheapest cloud hosting plan. This is in addition to the freebies offered, including advertising credits, website builder tools, and access to 24/7 support team. Free scripts can be installed in a single click so you can quickly utilize and benefit from these tools. Simply put, JustHost is ideal if you’re looking to start your website without breaking the bank.

JustHost lowest price: JustHost offers a $3.95 per month introductory price for its web hosting. This includes access to 24/7 technical support, alongside unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited data transfer, unlimited domain hosting, and free website builder, among others.

Why Choose JustHost?

  1. Enhanced cPanel. Easily manage your data, emails, and domains in a streamlined interface.
  2. Free advertising credits. Boost your online visibility with free advertising credits included in its web hosting packages.
  3. Free tools. Easily build your very own website design and install popular software platforms.

16. SiteGround – $3.95

SiteGround dashboard

SiteGround is a highly regarded web hosting provider that offers web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. The provider has data centers in Asia, Europe, and the US to provide location-specific services. SiteGround employs maximum security and top-notch failsafe for power outages to ensure optimal services at all times. Equipped with advanced Linux technology built to remain stable amid traffic spikes, SiteGround promises a 99.99% uptime,

SiteGround takes server security and data protection seriously, with its team writing over 800 firewall security rules and providing anti-hacking monitoring tools, intelligent AI that can handle brute-force attacks, proactive server monitoring, Leech protect to prevent admin logins from appearing on the website, and other security measures.  

The platform doesn’t come short on free tools and services as well, providing SSD on all hosting plans, free SSL certificate, and access to 24/7 customer support reachable through phone, live chat, and ticketing. The platform also boasts an enhanced cPanel integrated with the user area for a more intuitive user experience. Popular applications such as WordPress and Joomla also benefit from auto-updates.

SiteGround lowest price: For $3.95, users gain access to 10GB storage, bandwidth capable of supporting 10,000 visits, free email accounts, SSD storage, and much more.

Detailed SiteGround Review

Why Choose SiteGround?

  1. Free daily backups. The platform comes with an easy-to-use backup tool that automatically backs up your data daily, with all copies stored for up to 30 days.  Files can easily be restored in a single click.
  2. Data security. SiteGround features a host of security features, among which are anti-spam apps, anti-hacking, server monitoring, and a bot AI built to foil brute-force attempts.
  3. Automatic updates. Users can easily take advantage of the latest version of their popular apps, with SiteGround enabling auto-updates.

17. GreenGeeks – $3.95

GreenGeeks dashboard

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider servicing customers in over 150 countries, with two data centers in the US and Canada, and one in the Netherlands. This company offers various hosting solutions, among which are hosting reselling, VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting.

GreenGeeks guarantees 99.9% uptime, though there’s no document indicating assured compensation for failing on their promises. Nonetheless, the provider makes on-boarding and launching your website fast and easy. GreenGeeks offers free website migration, free domain name, and a drag-and-drop website builder alongside a multitude of templates. Website visitors are sure to have a pleasant time browsing pages, with GrenGeeks using SSD RAID-10. For VPS, the platform comes with an easy to use VPS management portal built for easy administration.

The platform helps protect your data and ensure optimal website operations with proactive server monitoring, automatic app updates, spam protection, daily data backups, and hardware and power redundancy, to name a few tools.

GreenGeeks lowest price: Its $3.95 web hosting plan comes with unlimited SSD web space, unlimited domains, drag-and-drop website builder, email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and much more.

Detailed GreenGeeks Review

Why choose GreenGeeks?

  1. Go green. Going with an eco-friendly web hosting provider is a great start. If you’re looking to make a difference and combat climate change, the hosting provider also gives users an option to place Green Hosting accreditation banners on their website to help promote awareness.
  2. Reliable server. Its data centers are powered by the latest Intel technology to provide users with fast speeds. All its data centers are monitored 24/7 by technicians and engineers, complete with security measures to counter power outages.  
  3. Advanced technology. GreenGeks users PHP7, HTTP2, and PowerCacher, to provide users with fast speeds.

18. ServerHub – $3.95

ServerHub Dashboard

ServerHub is ideal for businesses looking for a top-of-the-line enterprise network and infrastructure for shared hosting, dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. It has seven data centers globally to meet the needs of users, offering multiple 40GB interface connectivity for fast connections. ServerHub promises 100% uptime, with every single network designed for fully redundant paths. Its 24/7 customer support can be accessed by all users.

Managing all administrative tasks feels less cumbersome with ServerHub, thanks to its intuitive control panel interface, centralizing your billing, account management, and support processes on a single platform.

ServerHub lowest pricing: Its shared hosting plan starts at $3.95, providing a limited 50GB disk space as well as unlimited bandwidth, domains, and databases. It also comes with monthly backups, unlimited FTP accounts and databases, website builders, and more.

Detailed ServerHub Review

Why use ServerHub?

  1. Fast speeds. No port-channel is necessary for users to benefit from fast connections, with Serverhub using the latest Juniper and multiple single 40GB interface connectivity.
  2. Intuitive and streamlined interface. Easily accomplish all administrative tasks on a centralized platform.

19. WebHostingHub – $4.99

WebHostingHub Dashboard

WebHostingHub could suit your needs if you’re looking to create an attractive and mobile-responsive website without coding skills, use built-in SEO tools to improve online presence, easily migrate without experiencing downtimes, and provide website visitors with superfast loading speeds. Essentially, WebHostingHub provides feature-packed plans while maintaining a 99.99% uptime guarantee. All web hosting plans come with a premium website builder, Free SSDs, free private SSL for optimized SEO of ecommerce websites, Softaculous for one-click installs of over 400 free apps, free advertising credits, and many more.  

WebHostingHub has data centers located on the east coast and west coast of the US. Both of these are run with eco-friendly policies, thus, helping minimize carbon output.

WebHostingHub comes with a premium website builder called BoldGrid, which provides you with an easy drag-and-drop experience for creating a professional-looking website fit for your industry, with numerous sample content in demos being available for your perusal.  All the content you need is already installed in BoldGrid while providing you with 100% ownership of the source code.

WebHostingHub lowest pricing: $4.99 gets you a free domain name, a premium website builder, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email, SSDs, and a multitude of other features.

Detailed WebHostingHub Review

Why use WebHostingHub?

  1. Eco-friendly. Support the green movement. WebHostingHub uses Outside Cooling technology to lessen the carbon output that comes from running large data centers.
  2. Impressive website design. You don’t need to be a coding expert to create a stunning design for your website. The platform provides you with a premium website builder, complete with a plethora of website templates fit for various industries.
  3. Includes essential hosting features with plenty of extras. With WebHostingHub, you have all the tools you need to create and launch a successful website.
  4. Money-back guarantee. The provider offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

20. Host Sailor

Host Sailor Dashboard

Host Sailor offers a wide selection of hosting services suitable for various requirements, both technical and budget-wise. It mainly offers SSD shared hosting, dedicated servers and VPS hosting,

The company provides top-grade hosting solutions with round-the-clock tech support and a 99% uptime guarantee. For optimal uptime and to ensure smooth operations to businesses, Host Sailor has outfitted its data centers with top-class equipment and reliable network connectivity. You can also rest assured that your website will remain operational even when their Host Sailor’s vicinity experiences a power outage, as they have installed a backup power source in their data centers.

Detailed Host Sailor Review

Why choose Host Sailor

  1. Budget-friendly packages. Host Sailor offers several hosting packages that may suit every possible business requirements.
  2. Money-back guarantee. Get a refund if you’re unsatisfied, provided that you’re still within the 14-day period.
  3. Reliable hosting. It features advanced data centers and offers a 99% uptime guarantee.

What is the Best Web Hosting Service Provider for Your Business?

There you have it, our list of the 20 best cheapest web hosting providers. Hopefully, our guide has opened your eyes to the details you need to pick a reliable hosting provider. What you ought to know is that different web hosting services are uniquely suited to host different types of websites.

Aside from picking the right hosting service, you should also check on the essential factors. Things to consider include server reliability, uptime, security, availability of backups, maintenance cost, and, most importantly, customer service. Our guide reveals how each hosting provider performs in these areas. As such, it should be easy to pick one that suits your profile, both in terms of the budget and nature of the website.

If making the final decision proves to be a hard nut to crack, worry not. Our experts put all the providers through various rigorous tests, and InMotion Hosting came out on top. We highly recommend using InMotion Hosting because of its server reliability and excellent uptime score. Besides, the provider offers VPS, shared, and dedicated server hosting, plus all services are backed by excellent customer service.

Lastly, creating a stunning website is but the first step towards selling your business to the masses online. A lot of things go into ensuring that the website lives up to its intended purpose. For example, you should devise ways to measure the performance of your website. In this case, you’ll have to track the most critical website performance KPIs and regularly tweak things so you can continuously optimize your website even beyond the pandemic.

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