5 best gadgets to keep you fit and healthy

For many people, being fit is a way of life. They consistently eat healthily and get plenty of exercise because doing so is almost second nature. Going for a run or a hike is their idea of fun, and the idea of staying home and watching TV is something they can’t wrap their minds around.

For others, it’s the opposite. Healthy meals are tough to come by, and there is little time or desire to be active. A night in with Netflix is ideal, and they pull a muscle just thinking about going for a walk.

Not everyone fits into either category, of course. Many of us are somewhere in between, wanting to live a bit healthier but with no plans to go all-out in the pursuit. Wherever you land on the spectrum, these five gadgets will help you stay fit and healthy.

1. Your mouth will thank you

5 best gadgets to keep you fit and healthy 2

One of the most underrated things we can do for our health is take care of our mouth. Failure to do so can result in a lower quality of life, and fixing problems down the road will not be cheap.

Electric toothbrushes are incredibly helpful, but not all are created equal. Take the quip, for example. Designed to be attractive with different colors and styles it will be the best brush you’ve ever owned. quip’s bristles work with just the right amount of sonic vibrations, and their guiding pulses make better brushing easy.

quip makes it so simple, for just $5 they will deliver fresh brush head refills every three months, letting you remove them before they get to be unhygienic and incapable of cleaning. You can also order anti-cavity mint toothpaste along with your brush head refills.

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2. Take your music for a run

5 best gadgets to keep you fit and healthy 3

Unless you are the rare person who enjoys running for the sake of running, it probably is not easy to find the motivation to go out for a brisk jaunt. Many people turn to music, letting the sounds of song help them get hyped and get going.

The problem with that is most headphones we own are not meant for rigorous exercise and are therefore poor options to take with. These Jaybird Run Wireless Headphones, however, are in their element when you are running through yours.

Not only are they wireless, but these headphones fit snugly in your ears and are sweat and water-resistant. Though they have a four-hour play time, the headphones come with a battery pack that will give you another eight.

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3. Make fresh juice for all to enjoy

5 best gadgets to keep you fit and healthy 4

If you are looking for something healthy to drink, juice is a terrific option. Even better is fresh juice, which is easy to have if you happen to own a juicer like this one from Philips.

Coming in a compact design that can fit anywhere in your kitchen, the PHILIPS Juicer Extractor Quick Clean Viva Collection will take care of fruits and vegetables, giving you maximum juice with minimum trouble. With room for 1.5L of juice, it has a separate funnel for berries, and the see-through pulp container makes it so the pulp is all collected in one place. Therefore, you will not need to remove any from other parts of the juicer.

Perhaps best of all, the juicer is equipped with Quick Clean technology, as its round shapes and smooth surfaces make it easy to rinse under the tap.

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4. Checking temperatures made easy

5 best gadgets to keep you fit and healthy 5

Even if we do everything possible to stay healthy, every now and then we’re going to get sick. If you have kids, they will get sick, too. The trick is getting out in front of the illness and working back toward health as soon as possible.

One thing that will help is the Nokia Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer. By just resting against an ill person’s head, you will get a quick and accurate readout of their temperature. Is it a bit on the high end for that person? Then it might be time to see the doctor.

Via Wi-Fi, the thermometer connects to an app on your iPhone or Android device, and it can support up to eight people.

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5. Check your blood pressure wherever you are

5 best gadgets to keep you fit and healthy 6

Want to know how healthy you really are? Check your blood pressure. That’s easier said than done, of course, given that most of us probably don’t have blood pressure machines in our homes or places of work.

Enter the Omron Evolv Bluetooth Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, the compact, wireless design can give you blood pressure readings anywhere.

Connected with the Omron Connect app, which is free and will work with iOS and Android devices, you can store unlimited readings, monitor trends and share your results with family or health care providers.

There’s no pressure but click here if checking yours out interests you.

quip is the NEW electric toothbrush that packs just the right amount of vibrations into a slimmer design at a fraction of the cost of bulkier traditional electric brushes. Brushes start at just $25 and right now, you can get your first REFILL pack for free!

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