Best Techniques to Creating Successful Websites Blogs and How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Best Techniques to Creating Successful Websites Blogs and How to Write Perfect Blog Post

Best Techniques to Creating Successful Websites Blogs
Best Techniques to Creating Successful Websites Blogs

In The Word of Internet Out There Millions of Websites, Blogs Available with Different Blog Niche, For Niche Example Affiliated Marketing, WordPress, Blogging Tips, Business, Corporate Websites, Blogs, Technology, Education, Tips and Tutorials, Shopping’s, Online Sale-Purchase Related Websites Blogs.

As a Web blogger or website owner we always wants to get more visitor come to website, blogs. More visitor traffic means more profitably related to website products for both advertisers and publishers. Google AdSense, affiliated marketing links, Native advertisement or any other kind of advertise you use on your website

Many websites owners and bloggers are earning good income from their website blogs. Everyone who has a website blog want to earn money from their online resources as well as sharing the information with their visitors.

Good website blog with good and informative contents is required if you want to get more visitor and make your website blog top and famous among millions of Website and blogs. In this Post we will discuss how and what Website blog rules should follow to achieve your target audience related your website or blog niche, information.

With Hundreds of Millions of Blogs Gathering the Internet World, the Blogosphere Can Be A Little Bit like the online Digital World

Follow the following Discussed Strategies to produce great and Popular Website Blogs

Strategies to produce great and Popular Website Blogs
Strategies to produce great and Popular Website Blogs

Simple and Good Website Template

Website design is most important part of any website or blog. If your website looks neat and clean then Search Engines and visitors will like your websites.

For Example:


Choose the Best Post Title

Post Title is the most significant part of your blog post. You want readers and Search Engines to find your article easily with a simple search. Selection a title that will correctly match what the reader is searching for is clearly important in this age when nearly every Internet experience begins with Google or other Search engines.

Use relevant internal links within your blog posts

When you are linking to other or own blogs or websites that enclose numerous information or linking to past posts on your own website or blogs then you should use this method. You can a WordPress plugin to do this work for internal linking. This will help not only increase your clicks but also help with your blog’s search engine rankings.

Download link: RB Internal

Format each blog post           

Cautious formatting will make your blog posts easier for people to Read. Write your posts with the page layout in mind or edit them to make sure they’re well formatted for reading. Search engines will also do fast indexing if your website blog has well structure format. Use sitemap for this purpose.

Importance of Sitemap.xml for WordPress Website

Use Headers and Sub-headers (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5)

Page or Post Headers and sub-headers will break up long blog posts, support audiences to read your blog and assure them to read the post. Header define blog post simply and very help for people to understand the post information.

Don’t use misleading Blog Titles

Unless you have sensational, mind-blowing content that delivers on the promise of the title, it’s a good idea to avoid doing this. Readers will be irritated. They will stop trusting you and may even consider not following you. You can still create titles that are appealing with the contents you have.

Strategies to produce great and Popular Website Blogs
Strategies to produce great and Popular Website Blogs

Don’t generate confusion with posts

Keep website pages and posts simple. Use one image per blog. Use lists. Make sure you have lots of white space. Use bullet points. Write in a user-friendly format. If people like your website design and contents they will follow your website and blog that make your web blog trustable and popular as people will share content within their circles.

Page’s and Post’s Font type

Fonts are also essential part of website and blog post. You should use simple fonts which are easy reading on-screen.

Website Blog Background color

Most blogs and websites get the contrast between text color and background color right, but make sure your blog background doesn’t make the text hard to read. Simply use the white background and black font color for your website and blog posts.

Include images with Posts

While readers come to your blog for information and personality, they also need to be stimulated visually. Good use of images will draw readers into your blog posts. Preferably, Post’s images will add to your blog or highlight page or post contents. Always use images with captions and Alt Tag.

What are Meta Tags and why we use Meta Tags?

Use Relevant Keywords

As listen Keywords are outdated these day but I think we should use within blog post. The perfect blog post will be created with keywords in mind. A simple search using Google AdWords on a subject will let you know which related keywords are most commonly searched. Keeping those words in your title and throughout the body will make it easy for your audience to find your post and will make it clear to them that they have come to the right place.

Keep post contents Length under control

Though it depends on the nature of your blog, keeping your post to an applicable length is essential. There is no optimal post length, but if it is too long, you risk readers getting impatient and leaving before they are done. In general, keeping a post below 1,000 words are good, Keeping it between 600-800 words is perfect.

Focus to the Post or page Topic

Every page content or blog post to be perfect, it needs to be summarizing and it needs to stay on topic. As stated before, blog readers have a short attention duration. If any visitor searched for a specific subject, they want the post to deal with that subject. Make Money Online or Google AdSense, will only attract readers who are really observing for a post which is about make only online with website or blogs.

How To Earn $100 Per Day With Google AdSense,

Make the Blog Post Attractive

Making your post look nice is a quick and easy way to make readers joyful. Before making a post public, take time to go back and format it to your liking. Make keywords bold, form organized or bulleted paragraphs, cut out pointless content to shorten up the post, increase titles and subject lines, and so on. A perfect post will be a pretty post.

Include Multimedia with your Blogpost

Adding multimedia within your blogpost like images, video or audios. It will also help to easy understand about the post for your target audiences.

Make your website approachable

People will access your website using a wide variety of devices – from smartphones to desktop computers. Hence, it is significant that your website displays correctly on different screen sizes. CSS media queries are a great way to implement responsive web design and Blogposts.

Check your website and Blog post contents for mistakes

You should check your website page or blogpost contents for any mistake before published. If you’re a webmaster, check your websites on a regular basis for typos, broken links, and images that do not load appropriately.

How to write blog post
How to write blog post

Make priority to the content

Even if your site is attractively designed, it is only an empty shell without content. A good website has both great design and great content. Therefore, make sure your pages have unique, original content that makes them worth visiting.

Simple is attractive again     

Stuffing too much into each page creates misunderstanding. Visitors get unsatisfied when they have to scan through rows of links and images to find what they are looking for. By keeping your pages, Posts simple, your website blog will be easy to use for your audiences.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites of Social Media

Don’t be afraid to use social media to tout your posts. Anything that makes it easier for possible readers to find your websites and blogs. Social Media has very important role to make the website or blog popular.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites of Social Media
Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other sites of Social Media

Final Thought:

As a website or blog owner it very important to you make it popular within the target audience. I hope you will like and use these tips to make your Websites and blogs famous and this post will help you achieve your aims.


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