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Digital Marketing in Blockchain Era

We live in a dynamic business world, which is continuously evolving with new technologies.

This is happening just as digital currencies are in the midst of an epic explosion, and ICOs have become the most popular way to raise funds to support business ideas. Friendz, a company already active in the field of digital marketing, saw the potential of digital currencies and decided to invest time and efforts to realize its own ICO.

Unlike the majority of other companies launching an ICO, Friendz has made its appearance on the crypto stage with as an already well-established company: a 2-year established business, € 1.2 mln in revenues, 35 people on its team and 4 offices based in Italy, Switzerland and Spain. Moreover, in the last two years, the Friendz app has been running with more than 3 mln pictures uploaded buy a community of 200.000 users in support of 200 international clients.

The company’s exponentially fast growth justifies Friendz desire for global expansion. This will allow access to larger communities of users, and provide a wider range of services to happier international clients.

What is Friendz’ Business About?

Currently, Friendz provides top quality services in the field of digital marketing. They guide people’s creativity in the conception of user generated content with an advertising message in order to create a high engagement rate for brands’ communication projects. In exchange for their cooperation in content creation and validation, all those involved are compensated in Friendz Coins.

If this creativity is a sign of things to come in the marketing field, Friendz ICO may just represent the innovation that the industry needs.

By using blockchain technology on the Friendz business model and the adopting the Friendz Coin, the team hope to make the new standard currency for buying digital services and activating communities of engaged users all around the world.

Why is it Important for Friendz to Introduce the Blockchain into their Business Model?

While Friendz is already up and running, its business model would benefit greatly from blockchain technology, which would render the picture validation and reward distribution processes automatic. For instance, distributed ledger technology will give advertisers the ability to track ad campaigns from start to finish, and allow users to engage more in the Friendz community where they can earn rewards.

Simply put, trust between the users and the companies will be enhanced with a parallel increase of the products and services offered, while the Friendz community will become larger and more multinational. The Friendz Coins (FDZ) used to reward users are ERC 20 utility tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Future Steps

According to Friendz founders Alessandro Cadoni, Cecilia Nostro and Daniele Scaglia in their whitepaper, the contributions collected during the ICO event will be spent to internationalize the business. Friendz goal is to  plant flags all over the world starting with the most relevant markets in Europe, and continuing until they reach Asia and the US by the end of 2020.

“Following the downturn of traditional advertising tools, companies oriented their marketing activities to Influencer marketing, a form of marketing based on the influence that famous people have on their network, sometimes made up of millions of followers,” says Alessandro Cadoni. “The objective of the companies  is  to  reach targeted  people  that are interested  in  what  the  influencer  they  follow  shows, rather  than  targeting the market as a whole”,

Friendz ICO is live and will run for one more week or until the hard cap is reached. The minimum transaction amount is 0.1 ETH. During the ICO event, 50% of all Friendz Coins available will be offered. The soft cap has been set at 50 million FDZ, while the hard cap is 750 million FDZ. The total supply is 1.5 billion and no new tokens will be created.

The experience that Friendz has gained in the digital marketing field combined with the disruptive team spirit makes the company something to keep an eye on in the crypto world!


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