Do You Know How we can check our Blog is getting popular or Not?

Do You Know How we can check our Blog is getting popular or Not?
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Do You Know How we can check our Blog is getting Popular or Not?

Do You Know How we can check our Blog is getting Popular or Not?
Do You Know How we can check our Blog is getting Popular or Not?

When we start new website or blog we give our full intention to our new blog. As we know there are various reasons to start a new websites and blogs. In starting we applied various SEO technique’s to get rank fast our new website and blog on top search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc.

We submitted our new website and blogs in Google and Bing Webmaster accounts. Registers for Google Analytics account for monitoring the blog traffic. This is advance feature which is very helpful in various ways and also help to analytical the traffic when we get huge traffic to verify whether it is Genuine or fake.

We do lot of other SEO works for our new website and blogs.

Please note we should avoid bad or negative SEO techniques for our blogs and websites. It can give negative results in Search engines.

In this post we are going to discuss How we can directly check that is our getting popular or not.

After launching the new blog  give blog to some days to get rank and index within the Search engines meanwhile you can create Social accounts for your new website and blog like Google+ Page, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Stumbleupon, WhatsApp Group,  etc because they we are helpful to make blog popular among the people via Social Media.

Getting Good Rank for New Websites and Blogs is time Bounding Process So, Please keep patience.

Let’s discuss the general Techniques to check website and blog popularity


Your Blog is getting index by Search Engines

This is very good news when you that your new blog and website is showing in Google Search Result. This is the first beginning of your blog. In google you can check using below method about that your website or blog fetch and index by Google

Type in Google Search

Site: Your-blog-name

Press search if you see your blog in search result means everything is ok in Google Search Engine. Here you are advised please always follow the Google guidelines about Submission of new websites. Same thing you can check in Bing search engine. Please read Bing Webmaster instructions.


You see Blog traffic is increasing day to day

Getting good visitors traffic towards to your new blog is all about your hard work for your blog. When you start posting high quality and valuable contents to your new bog it start attracting Search engines and attraction of search engines means get a good traffic because everyone searched first about their queries on Search engine first then search engine shows the results and Good and Quality links are shown on the top so there is chance for your blog but as discussed above it totally depends on the quality of contents.


People are sharing your blog on Social Media

When is post good and helpful article on your blogs they are liked by visitors who come on your blog and they shared them among their social accounts. The reason they like you blog articles and trust on your blog. Social Sharing Make your blog more popular. There are many plugins and Html code for social media sharing buttons for your WordPress and Google BlogSpot blogs which show social sharing buttons with social counts below or above the posts. You can search them on Google.


Your Blog e-mail Subscription increased

When people like the blog and blog article they just subscribe your blog’s subscription for new article so they get new post information direct their inbox. This is very good for blog as people start liking your blog and it is good big step into your blog and website’s popularity.

There many free and paid service for e-mail Subscription.

I advise you use the “Google Feed Burner” Service.

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