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Fortnite Servers Having Issues On PS4, Xbox One, And PC, But Epic Is Working On It

If you’re having a bit of a rough time playing Fortnite on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, it’s because the game is going through a spell of login, matchmaking, and social connection issues, according to the game’s official Twitter page. These began as a result of a big influx of new players and, in response, developer Epic Games has scaled up to accommodate the new traffic.

Epic has since said login and matchmaking services have recovered, but is monitoring the situation to ensure full recovery. The troubles aren’t completely remedied as of yet, based on reports from players, but it’s expected that things will smooth fully out soon.

The new influx of players could be due to the launch of the Fortnite Mobile test. Invites for the portable version of the game have gone out on to iOS users. Epic has promised the mobile version delivers the full Battle Royale experience with cross-play.

It could also be because there’s a greater interest in the game as a result of the recent stream in which rapper Drake played Fortnite with Twitch streamer Ninja. The stream proved to be incredibly popular, reaching more than 600,000 concurrent viewers at one point. This smashes the previous record of 400,000 for an individual stream. Drake revealed that he played Fortnite a lot while in the studio.

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