‘Gadgets are good servants, bad masters’

LUDHIANA: A two-day international conference sponsored by Panjab University (PU) began in SCD Government College, Ludhiana on March 10 on the topic “Creating future innovation through applied sciences”. The conference covered a spectrum of disciplines from management to commerce, from physical to applied sciences, from business technology to communication information.

Principal Dharam Singh Sandhu while addressing the students said how technological advances have gone to extreme and pertinent. He said the technology is not going to change the lives unless it is used in a manner that is benefitting to change lives. He reiterated that gadgets are like fire- good servants but bad masters.

The HEIs convenor Prof Dr Harbans Singh, head of the department of geography invited the chief guest Dr Tankeshwar Kumar ,vice chancellor of Guru Jameshwar University, Hisar and introduced him to the house. At the outset itself, the chief guest clarified certain dubious notions about financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and management streams and market ventures, where the working professionals and experts face difficulties.

The technical session was commenced by Dr Ashwani Kumar Bhalla, who while briefing the participants on the overall knowhow spoke about particular conditions that determine the role of growth in an era that is transferring physical to electronic forms of securities. Explaining the need of skill development, he also lamented that our country is just producing just clones, when only divergent thinking can change the face of it.

Dr Nawab Ali, dean of dept of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University, said that uniqueness is- the requirement of the job market. A skill is a skill, when honed on your own. You have to design it to upgrade your resume, he added. He explained economic sophistications for sustainable growth, motives for investing, governmental borrowing, control of corporate empires, earn and return and the risks involved in a comprensive analysis.

Dr Gurpreet Kaur, head of the department of Commerce in GCG, Ludhiana in the technical session, interacted on equitable principles and transactions that improved market mechanisms.

Prof Dr B B Singla from the School of Business Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala focused on the issue of international migration. He explained with reference to the dynamism of economy and how industrialisation is influenced by the growth of agriculture and vice versa. He attributed the aggressive spirit of age confronted with the increasing impatience in countries of Asia, Africa and south America with their prevailing economic implications that decide the course of people leaving their countries.

The cnference received as much as 70 papers from India and abroad that made it an outstanding academic exercise. However, he highlight of the conference was the release of the book by the title ‘Transforming India with Skills and Innovations’ edited by Dr Gursharn Singh Sandhu and Dr Ashwani Kumar Bhalla, professors of mathematics and commerce respectively.

The conference threw light on many topics like jobs, employment, employability that need revision to upgrade the job market.

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