Important Features to Consider before choose a Web Hosting Provider

Important Features to Consider before choose a Web Hosting Provider

Important Features to Consider before choose a Web Hosting Provider
Important Features to Consider before choose a Web Hosting Provider

When it’s time to find a home for your Blog or small business’ website, there are a lot of good Web hosting companies to choose from. But with all those options, how we you determine which is better than another? In this article we have tried to explain some information which things that make a good Web hosting company great.

Measure of Storage

While picking your web facilitating, one of your essential concerns will clearly be “How much information would i be able to store?” For most little and medium sites, you’ll see that few gigabytes ought to be a lot of capacity. A few hosts may offer “unlimited storage”. On the off chance that you read the  (Terms and Services) you’ll see that it’s unlimited until the point that you go over the “normal site usage.” If you figure you may be near or over whatever “normal” is, ensure you recognize what you can use before purchasing … or run with a host that sets clear cutoff points.

Measure of Bandwidth

When searching for a web have, you’ll frequently observe capacity and data transmission as an inseparable unit. What is transmission capacity? It’s the measure of information that your host will give you and your guests a chance to transfer and download (in total) in a given month. Say your site is 1 megabyte of information and your month to month transmission capacity is 10 MB. Toward the start of the month, you transfer the whole site; now you’ve spent one MB of data transmission. In the event that a guest to your webpage sees each page, they will have downloaded 1MB of information. That implies you can have up to 9 guests in that month (accepting every view your entire site). From that point forward, your web host will either not permit any more guests, or (more probable) charge you additional per MB. Obviously, your transfer speed is something you’ll need to watch out for, particularly in the event that you run a genuinely famous site or accomplish something media escalated (like host your own particular video, or high-res photographs). Much the same as capacity, a few hosts offer “unlimited” transmission capacity; once more, in the event that you think you’ll be in a hazy area, discover the cutoff points or pick a host that sets the bar where all can see it.

Number of Domains and Subdomains

Once you’re running one site, there’s a decent possibility soon you have a moment one up … and afterward a third. It would be an agony to need to deal with a facilitating represent each website you claim, so ensure your web host will give you a chance to have various areas. Regularly, there will be a breaking point on what number of spaces you can have on one record; ensure it will accomodate you! For the most part, there will be an area in the administrator board for including your spaces and picking which sub-organizers every one will point to. The same is valid for sub-areas.

Email Accounts and Features

Many web has likewise offer email represent your areas. You’ll need to know what number of email accounts they’ll give you a chance to set up; additionally, remember to look at their choices for getting that mail. Do they have a webmail interface? Numerous ones that you can choose from? What about mix with Google Apps (for the Gmail interface)? Would you be able to get your mail in your customer of decision through IMAP, or do they just offer POP?

Database Support

Presently a-days, even little sites appear to have a database toward the back. You’ll need to ensure you can utilize the kind of database you’re alright with. Most has today offer MySQL; that is sufficiently likely for the vast majority, however in the event that you’d favor PostsgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, or another flavor, don’t make due with anything less. Keep in mind, in the event that they aren’t publicizing it, they presumably don’t offer it.

Technical support

For any online presence, it is crucial that your website be live 24/7. You may need support from time to time to resolve web-related issues or questions you may have. Review the policy and the kind of support system available. It is common to have a self-help knowledge base, and 24/7 support over chat, e-mail, and phone. Support is an important feature of any plan, and you must be aware of the level of support you could expect in the future. Your visitors must be able to access the site whenever they wish. This one is critical: discover precisely what your planned host offers for technical support: would you be able to telephone them? At what times? Do they have a help email address? A ticket framework? What’s their guaranteed reaction time? What about a live talk? Do they have a wiki or library of assistance articles/instructional exercises? Try not to pick a host until the point when you know precisely what bolster they offer; you’ll be upbeat for it later.

The best Web hosts allow you to install Web apps with a single click. The feature makes it easy and convenient to install a blog, CMS portal or other useful application on your site with minimal effort.

That could come in handy, particularly if your coding skills are lacking.

Some Web hosts even feature a dynamically updated script library to help you find the best apps on the Web without leaving your site’s control panel.


Consider plans that offer wide-ranging support for server-side languages. If you plan to use Django, you will need Python support, besides popular frameworks like PHP and Ruby on Rails. Find out software versions offered by the web hosting provider. Some providers upgrade software versions as soon as they become available, and a few may let you choose the version you prefer.

.htaccess Files

Here’s another critical one: you’ll need the capacity to include your own .htaccess records to your indexes. What’s a .htaccess record? It’s an arrangement record utilized by Apache server. You can utilize them to watchword ensure registries, re-compose URLs, divert pages, and the sky is the limit from there. Look at the numerous great tuts here on Nettuts+ to get comfortable with them.

Mobile Access

Accessing websites on mobile devices is becoming extremely popular, and you would lose out on traffic if your website is not mobile enabled. Since very few web hosting providers, such as Media Temple, offer mobile-enabled websites, feel free to ask your web hosting provider if they could offer you a mobile-enabled plan.

Your Web host should feature on-demand statistical tools so you can keep tabs on your site’s current status and performance.

Most Web hosting services can offer up stats, but some require you to pay extra before you gain access to certain information, such as how much traffic your website is generating. The best services provide that data for free, as well as other information, including how much disk space you’ve used, how many sub-domains you have, how many SQL databases you’ve set up and more.

Before you pick a host, make sure it provides the information you need at a glance.

Cron Jobs

Cron employments are another awesome component to have on your web have (and there’s a decent possibility you’ll have them in the event that you have shell get to). Cron is a “period based occupation scheduler” (much appreciated, Wikipedia) that you can use to perform errands on the server at given circumstances. To take in more about how to utilize Cron and what you can do with it, look at the considerable Cron instructional exercise we kept running back in January.

Free advertising credits are a great perk now offered by most major Web hosting services. Credits help you get the word out about your business without devising a separate advertising budget.

By redeeming your advertising credits, you can place ads for your site on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Some hosts provide credits on a recurring basis while others offer them only as an incentive for signing up.

The best Web hosts offer additional marketing tools, such as the option to create a mailing list to promote your site. Some hosts will also submit your site to search engines for free to boost its visibility.

You’re busy running your business, so don’t waste time hunting for options in a confusing Web interface. Great Web hosts feature an integrated control panel that serves up the most important administrative options in a single location.

A good control panel lets you control every aspect of your website, and easily locate features such as search engine optimization tools and logs. Features should be grouped into related categories so you can find what you need when you need it.

Bear in mind, however, that even the most popular graphical control panels can seem overwhelming and difficult to navigate for beginners.

Site Backup

Try not to surmise that your web have is any less suseptible to information misfortune than your own PCs; recollect, servers are quite recently huge PCs that everybody can read records from! What reinforcement choices, assuming any, does your host give? You’ll need to go down both your site documents and databases. On the off chance that they don’t offer reinforcement, make sense of how you’ll have the capacity to do it without anyone’s help: this may be one of the spots that shell get to and cron prove to be useful!

Additional Applications

We as of now discussed content administration frameworks, however here and there you’ll need a something more. A few hosts offer set-ups for social highlights like discussions, announcement sheets, mailing records. On the off chance that you’ll be running an online store, a few hosts offer setups for eCommerce arrangements.


Check for Hosting provider reviews from existing customer about Up-time and other feedback’s.

Free Domain

While you may as of now have a space name, there’s no such thing as excessively numerous of them. Most has offer this, however all else being equivalent, a sparkly new area name is a sufficient motivation to run with one host over the other.


Most web hosting providers provide templates for websites, which you could use or customize for your needs. Consider extras such as bulletin boards, forums, and mailing lists. If you are running an online store, consider e-commerce solutions including shopping carts and payment gateways. The extras could mean savings from not having to hire developers to build your website or adding features.

For each plan, read the fine print to ensure that you know what you are getting. If you are not familiar with some terminology in the features described above, look them up or feel free to contact customer support, who will be happy to explain things in greater detail.

Web hosting providers may also let you customize or build a plan based on your requirements. By understanding the features and customizing a plan for your business needs, you could negotiate a cost-effective solution for your web-enabled business.

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