New to WordPress? The top 10 things you should know.


1. WordPress sites can have Pages and/or Posts. Pages are the headings in the main menu and sub-menus. Posts appear only in the Blog section.

2. The blog is like a container for all the Posts you write. Call it whatever name you want: Blog, News, Updates, Events etc. The blog does not have to show on the homepage.

3. In the blog section, Posts are organized by month (Archives), most recent posts (Latest Posts), and/or Categories. Once you set these up, posts are automatically categorized as soon as you publish them.

4. Posts automatically appear in chronological order with the most recent one at the top of the list. To change the order, change the date. Open a Post and look at the top right area of the screen where you will see the date. Change the date, save the Post, and the Post will automatically change position in the list.

5. Tags are for people to search for topics on your site. They are not for search engines. If you want good SEO results on Google, have us install an SEO plugin. To help people search on your site, it is better to use Categories than tags.

6. Pages appear in the main menu or sub-menus. New pages do not show up in the menu until they are added to the menu. Adding page titles to the menu is a second step after the page is made.

7. ALL of the images and PDFs you upload end up in the Media Library. To see which images have been uploaded to a page or post, use the drop-down “Uploaded to this page”.

8. You can’t change the footer unless you can program a widget. Ask  for changes to the footer.

9. To insert photos in a Page or Post, browse for the image and upload it. Choose one of three sizes – thumbnail, medium or large – and choose the alignment – left, center or right. If a Page or Post is using a gallery plugin, all images uploaded to that page or post will go into the gallery.


10. If your site has a gallery plugin, the sizes of the thumbnails and large images are set by the gallery plugin. Ask us to change the plugin settings if you want a different size.

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