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Preeminent FTP Clients to access General Files & WordPress File Manager for Mac and Windows

Preeminent FTP Clients to access General Files & WordPress File Manager for Mac and Windows

Preeminent FTP Clients to access General Files & WordPress File Manager for Mac and Windows

Preeminent FTP Clients to access General Files & WordPress File Manager for Mac and Windows

As you are managing WordPress Blog or website then you require a way to access its files on the web hosting server. FTP clients enables you to upload new files, Download Database Backup and other Files and folders which are related y toy our website blog contents.

FTP client is software that enables you to manage files located somewhere else on the Internet (Foe example a web hosting server) through your computer.

FTP client allows you to retain control over your files that are located on your server

FTP clients you can also use them for your General data upload and Downoad too.

High-quality FTP clients that offer everything you need to be able to manage your site’s files from a single platform, reliably. While most content management systems (such as WordPress), allow you to modify your website’s files and upload media items directly through the back-end, it’s important to have an FTP client.

Here are the some reasons:

Upload large files. Uploading large files (or files in bulk) can be a daunting task if you’re working through a content management system. With an FTP client, you’re able to upload/download files in bulk quickly and reliably.

There are a number of factors that go into selecting an FTP client such as your budget, the features you’re looking for, and the operating system you’re running on your machine. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at five of the best FTP clients for Mac and Windows users and highlight their main features.

Now you understand what the FTP clients are and why it’s a good idea to have one for your website, let’s take a look at some of the best FTP clients in this post.

What is An FTP Client & How Does It Relate To WordPress

WordPress can be worked under two ways. One way is by using the file manager provided by your hosts like cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk. The other way is by using FTP clients, one among the oldest protocol that is supporting the Internet. FTP is otherwise termed as File Transfer Protocol which acts as a bridge between your computer and your web server and thus allows you to transfer files. The easiest way to use FTP is to have FTP client. Using an FTP client, the user can upload, download, and manage files on the server.

A File Transfer Protocol client or an FTP client is a software utility tool that establishes a connection between any host computer and a remote server, which is typically an FTP server. An FTP client based on a client-server architecture, where the host computer acts as the client and the remote FTP server acts as the central server. An FTP client provides the bi-directional transfer of files and data between two computers over an Internet connection or a TCP network. An FTP client connects to the FTP server by specifying the username, password, domain address, and IP address of that server. Once after the authentication given by the user, communication will be established between both the client and server.

So you will get a question what would be the link between FTP Client and the WordPress is. For which the answer is straightforward. Before a decade, WordPress installation on the server had been done by only one method. For that installation, the user needs to download the software on the computer, upload it to the server using an FTP, and finally, WordPress will be configured. In the same way, to add themes and plugins to the WordPress site, one had to upload them via FTP only. But now all these long-step processes were made simple with the one-click installer and in-dashboard plugin/theme management.

Even after so much of development, FTP Client is still beneficial to the WordPress site users as it provides them extra control over the files on their server. Also, to perform some bulk operations, FTP Client is the best platform. There are lots of free and paid versions of FTP Clients available, and it is indeed to check for some features. So make sure if your preferred FTP Clients has clear user-interface, ability to perform automatic operations, support for a secure transfer like FTPS or SFTP, provides safe account storage and functionality to work with the cloud storage.

Filezilla (for Windows, Mac, Linux)

Filezilla is the most popular, open-source FTP client available free for download on operating systems Windows, Mac, and Linux. This FTP client is easy to use, features a friendly user interface. FileZilla is Free to download, FileZilla is a high popular, user-friendly FTP client that comes with full-throated documentation that provides all the answers to every question a beginning use could thing of regarding FTP software.

The FileZilla FTP client offers a wide-range of features such as directory comparison and bookmarking that makes it incredibly easy to manage your site’s files. In addition to this, it also comes with a site manager and remote file searching functionality.

Here are some features FileZilla offers:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and more
  • Directory comparison
  • Supports drag & drop
  • File editing by remote

With FileZilla’s speed and full load of features, this free program will definitely meet your sites FTP client required.

Filezilla Ftp Client

Filezilla Ftp Client

Cyberduck (for Windows, Mac)

Cyberduck is a free FTP client designed for both Windows and Mac that owes its popularity to its premium quality features. It offers advanced SSH functionality and bookmarking along with a simple and easy to use interface.

One of the best features we like about Cyberduck is that it integrates with external editor applications which make it easier to edit files while they reside on the server. Users can edit both text files and binary files.

Key Features:

  • Limit number of concurrent file transfers.
  • Allows you to synchronize local directories with remote directories.
  • Drag and drop bookmarks.
  • Support for FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV.
  • Integrates with Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • Configurable with Amazon CloudFront, and Akamai CDNs.
  • First class bookmarking.
Cyberduck Ftp Client for Mac

Cyberduck Ftp Client for Mac

Transmit for Mac (Visit Site)

Designed for the Mac OS, Panic’s super-fast Transmit is considered one of the most reliable FTP clients and is loaded with features such as:

  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine (Up to 25x faster for small files)
  • FXP Support (For direct server-to-server xfer)
  • Image Thumbnail View
  • Compact Minimum Size
  • Advanced Server Preferences

Users can try out Transmit’s 7-day trial version and then purchase the $34 license if they’re satisfied with its functionality. The latest version of the FTP client features a Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine which performs up to 25x faster for smaller sized files and Multi-Connection Transfers for faster batch transfers. Along with many more features, Transmit’s focus on speed, performance, and reliability, make it top-level FTP client for your Mac.

Transmit for Mac ftp client

Transmit for Mac ftp client

WinSCP (for Windows)

WinSCP is one of the most sought-out FTP client solutions for Windows operating systems. It’s a simple and straightforward FTP client that will get the job done. It doesn’t have an extensive list of features on offer and is ideal for anyone whose FTP needs are average.

The open-source WinSCP features SFTP, SCP and FTP client, and interoperability between SFTP and FTP servers.

Some of WinSCP’s Best features:

  • Greater transfer speed for SFTP and SCP protocols
  • Open multiple files at once using their paths
  • Enhanced font appearance with high DPI environments
  • Customization of commands
  • WinSCP ftp client for windows

    WinSCP ftp client for windows

OneButton FTP for Mac (Visit Site)

If you’re looking for a FTP client to use with a smaller website, OneButton is a simple-to-use, fast to set up, client that almost immediately out-of-the-box will enable you to start transferring files.

OneButton FTP is a bare minimum FTP client for Mac operating systems that is designed for users with smaller websites. This FTP client works right out of the box once you’ve configured the remote server and enables users to start transferring, uploading and downloading files right away.

OneButton FTP has an easy to use drag and drop interface that makes it incredibly simple to learn. One of the best features about this FTP client is that it enables users to put files in a queue if they’d like to download them later. This feature is useful for users who don’t have a high-speed internet connection or find themselves having to go offline frequently.

With a simple and intuitive drop and drag interface, OneButton provides a variety of features that includes the ability for users to store files within a queue until they wish to download them at another time, a highly useful ability for those without high-speed internet or have to spend a lot of time online.

Some of OneButton’s features include:

  • File queue ability
  • Simple out-of-the-box setup
  • Ability to drag-and-drop
OneButton FTP for Mac

OneButton FTP for Mac

Classic FTP (for Windows and Mac)

Classic FTP is an easy to use and stable FTP solution for maintaining your websites. It’s a feature-rich solution that can be used on both Windows and Mac machines to manage files and transfer them securely over an FTP SSL connection.

Classic FTP is compatible with all of the major FTP servers in use and supports secure FTP protocol for file transfers. Reliability is the top priority when it comes to this FTP client. In addition to these features, Classic FTP also offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to get used to and synchronize tools to ensure that all of your folders (both local and remote) contain up-to-date copies of everything.

Classic FTP (for Windows and Mac)

Classic FTP (for Windows and Mac)


FTP client installed on your machine will help you assured that you have a way of accessing your site’s core files even if your site stops functioning properly due to any reasons. In addition to this, it can also speed up the process of uploading (or downloading) files in bulk.

Which FTP clients have you used for your website?

Let the other know by commenting below.


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