Secret Revealed! Why Many Bloggers are earning good income from Blogging?

Secret Revealed! Why Many Bloggers are earning good income from Blogging?

Secret Revealed! Why Some Bloggers are earning good income from Blogging?
Secret Revealed! Why Many Bloggers are earning good income from Blogging?

As a Blogger, you are already managing a weblog. Why did you start a blog? There can be various reasons to start a blog online.

For example:

  • For Sharing Knowledge,
  • For learning new knowledge,
  • For Earning Money Online etc.
  • Hobby

As we see on internet there are very popular blogger which are earning very handsome earning from their blogs. You can search on Google about their income details by searching about “Top Online Blogger’s earnings”

Most of us many Bloggers want to earn good income from their blogs that is reason you manage their blog day to day. But this is not that simple to earn from your blogs. There is too much hard work and dedication.

In this article we will discuss on my point of view that How Some Bloggers are earning Good Monthly income from their blogs.

  • Good and Fast Webhosting Service

Web Hosting is Main part of any Website or Blog. In the beginning most of bloggers go with Sharing Hosting or Google BlogSpot service. After some time when we see that our blog is receiving Good web traffic and people are visit to like to your blog it means your blog is getting lot of traffic and to maintain to web traffic towards to your blog we upgrade our hosting plan with other High speed Hosting plan like dedicated Hosting or VPS etc.

So, our main point is good and Fast Hosting Service plays a vital part for any blog. Fast web Hosting service allow your blog to serve lot of visitors in a time, more visitors means

  • Website or Blog Niche

Niche is also important part of any website or Blog. Meaning of Niche is writing a particular Topic. Particular Topics can about Affiliated Marketing, Make Money Online tips, WordPress Tutorial, SEO Tips and Tricks, Computer Hardware and Software Tips, New Technology Reviews, Mobile reviews, Health Tips, Educational Tips, Career and Job related etc. Blog Niche can be on any Topic in which you have good knowledge.

With Blog Niche you can attract lots of visitors towards to your blog and blog niche related advertisement gives you good income. (For Example showing Ads, affiliate links, E-Book etc)

Blog monetization is main source of any Blogger so if we have good blog with great niche and traffic then we can also earn good income from our blogs as other Blogger who are earning good income along with sharing the knowledge with others.

Secret Revealed! Why Some Bloggers are earning good income from Blogging?
Secret Revealed! Why Some Bloggers are earning good income from Blogging?

  • New and updated Blog Post

As we know blog should be updated daily with new blog post. When we post new and updated blogpost to it attracted new and existing visitors as well as Search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. to crawl our website and blog. In result we get good web traffic and good online reputation of our blog. Same thing is done by those bloggers who are earning good income online so we should also follow this to our blogs. New Blog post must be related to your blog niche that would be good. You can post any new post that is not an issue but it will make it Multi topic blog. Many good bloggers are also using this method because you can write about any topic on your blog. You have many Topics to write.

For example:

  • Google AdSense
  • SEO Tips and Tricks
  • WordPress
  • Hosting’s Service provider reviews
  • New Technology information
  • Products Reviews
  • Make Money Online
  • Affiliated marketing
  • Blog Monetize
  • Software’s review etc.

YouMeGeek.Com is also multi Topic Web Blog. There is no issue if you are posting about different topics on you single blog. It will reduce the Bounce Rate as once visitor comes to your website blog they have many other Post to read. But keep in mind all post should be related with each other.

  • Providing Tech Support and Selling e-Books

Providing tech Support and Selling e-book related to blog niche is also source of good income. Many Bloggers which are expert in their fields for Example: SEO, WordPress, Blogging, affiliated marketing, Computer Tips and tricks etc. are likely to available provide their tech support services to others those are willing to improve their Websites rating on Search engines.

e-books help new blogger to get proficiency in their blogs. There are many successful Indian bloggers who are earning good income from their blogs. They share their ideas, tips and tricks through e-books for new learner’s. So, learner’s buy their e-books.

So providing tech support and selling e-book online is also good source of blogger’s income.


Many bloggers define blogging as career and this is true. Blogging all need time and dedication. We can also earn good money from our blogs. But we have to follow may techniques for blogs. There are many option in which we can monetize our blogs. I think many of us have multi niche blogs as we have discussed in this post above. I hope this post will help to grow more encourage towards your blogs.

Above are some reviews of about other bloggers as well as us about how we earn and monetize our blogs. I know there are more others reasons that we can discuss in comments below.

So if you have suggestion or idea please comment below.

Thanks for reading this post.

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