How to use Whatsapp to Promote your website Blog

How to use Whatsapp to Promote your website Blog
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How to use Whatsapp to Promote your website Blog

Whatsapp to Promote your website Blog
Whatsapp to Promote your website Blog

Today, Whatsapp most used social apps for sharing Data between the people’s. Each person who is using Smartphone has Whatsapp is installed. Whatapp became the most popular apps to share the videos, audios, images, other documents. We already aware about this as we are the regular user of Whatsapp. We shared lots of information each time between our friends and families. These days Whatsapp also used as Office Work. Whatapp make the sharing of information very easy.

In this post we are going to discuss about How to use Whatsapp to make website or tech Blog Popular

As a Website owner or Web blogger, everyone want to popular their website and blogs within the people to get more traffic toward to their websites. More Traffic means more Monetize revenue, Product sale. To make website popular we already know various online and offline techniques like Search engine optimization, offpage and onpage SEO, Search engine Submissions and other methods.

Among these we can use our Whatsapp to Make our website blog popular. Below are the some Techniques that you can implement with your Whatsapp.

Make Whatsapp Group as your Web Blog Name

From your contact list you can make a Whatsapp Group and add your Known person who are work or professionals related to your website Niche. for example, if you have a Tech Blog related to Computers or Phones Tips and tricks then you can add those people from your contact list who are willing to learn new tips and tricks about computer, phones and new Technology. They will like your post and will share among other people’s group and friends. This will make your website  popular. after  posting new contents on your web blog just shared new post link to you tech Whatsapp Group with little intro about the post.

Use Website Name a Signature

While posting or forwarding any post on Whatsapp, just write your website or blog name at the end of post. This method will make you web blog famous. each time people will show your website name and it will get remember to them just like Google, For this purpose Web Blog’s Quality Contents are much required so then people will like and share your contents otherwise they will ignore or leave your Whatsapp Group.


For using Whatsapp to promote your web Blog is good idea but you should always post and shared rich quality Contents and links which are useful for the people and they can use them to resoled their issues.

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