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Useful Essential Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

Useful Essential Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

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Useful Essential Google Chrome SEO Extensions for Bloggers

You will agree with me on this:Blogging isn’t easy? And it consumes a lot of time and energy.But what if today I tell you the secret to save them both…You may be wondering how? Right…Without wasting anytime further let’s unveil the secret:

There are certain Google Chrome Extensions which are tailor made for Bloggers which helps them save time and do blogging the better way.

The Best Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers are:

Email Hunter

To become a successful blogger, you need to reach out to other bloggers and make connection. But you can’t just fill the contact form and wait for their reply.

Bloggers don’t do that.
This is when Email hunter comes to help you. This is one of the best & must have Google Chrome Extension for bloggers which tells you all the email related with a particular website.

Hit the logo and boom all the associated emails will appear.
So it is an essential extension for a blogger.

Install from Here:


Okay! I don’t deny the fact that human makes mistake. But bloggers are not supposed to and shouldn’t make typing mistakes. No! Being a blogger you can’t afford to make spelling mistake. So how do you save yourself from doing that? Wondering? Why not hire a Grammar Nazi to proofread your post.  Seriously? Not a good option plus it will be costly. When you can do it for free…why not do it that way?

So you don’t need a Grammar Nazi to do that. There is a Google Chrome Extension called Grammarly which automatically underline the words with spelling mistake and provide you with the right one.

Install from Here:

Keyword Everywhere

I think there is no need to tell, what importance does Keywords plays in a blogger’s life. But finding the right keyword is very tricky with so much competition on board.

Keyword Everywhere is a free chrome extension that helps you compare various keywords and check competition among others.
This Keyword research tool comes handy at times to cross check keywords and the best part is it is free and easy to use.

Install from Here:


MozBar is something that no blogger can afford to not have. MozBar tells you the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) and no. of links to a page. When you are linking to a page, it is advised to link to a page with high DA and PA. This Google chrome extension is solely made for bloggers.
An additional feature this extension provides is that it also tells the no. of search volumes monthly.

Install from Here:

Mail track

As I told earlier, it is very important for a blogger to reach out to other bloggers and it is done usually through Email.
You have emailed a blogger for some reason and waiting for a reply. In the mean time if you can get to know if he/she has seen/read your mail or not.
Wouldn’t that be amazing? I guess a big yes! Mailtrack will do it for you. Just add the chrome extension and it will do the rest for you. It is a very important Google Chrome Extension for bloggers.

Install from Here:

Link Miner

Do you want more Backlink to your site? Who doesn’t want that? I guess no one…
Broken link building is something that plays a very important role in getting Backlink to your site.
But finding a broken link of a site is very tough and frustrating task.
This is when Link Miner comes into play. Link Miner is Google Chrome Extension that goes through all the links of concerned Webpage and marks all the links Red and Green.
You need to shoot for the Red marked links. This extension is very handy when it comes to find broken links of a website.

Install from Here:

Awesome Screenshot

It is advised for a blogger to use as much screenshots as he/she can. They add more value to a post.
And it is easier to explain with the help of Screenshots. But, it happens rarely when you need to take the Screenshot of the whole page. Generally, we want to take Screenshot of some selected area of a page. This is when Awesome Screenshot comes to rescue you.

It let’s you take Screenshot of selected area, add arrow and add block of any color and much more.

Install from Here:

Open SEO Stats

Open SEO stats Google Chrome Extension tells you the number of indexed pages, Alexa rank, Backlinks, Link stats, Page speed of the concerned page.
It is surely a must have Extension for Bloggers. To see it’s competitor’s stats and ranking.

Install from Here:

Stay Focused

Blogging isn’t that easy and requires a lot of time, efforts and Hard & Smart Work
You can’t afford to be a blogger and waste time surfing sites like Facebook and Instagram (unless it is related to blogging) to check new memes.

Stay Focused Extension as it’s name suggest won’t let you distract from your work.

How it works:
Add all the sites that you think can consume or consumes a lot of time and set a daily limit.
Once you go past that limit Stay Focused will block that site and you won’t be able to visit them till next day.

Install from Here:

SEO quake

SEO quake will provide you with great SEO stats right from the search results SERP.
This extension also comes handy when it comes to check on page SEO, back link and social share.

Install from Here:

Do you think I overlooked any better extension?
Which one did you use already?

About Author:

Sudeep Giri is the man behind tricky career, a blog that is dedicated for all the aspiring bloggers who wants to start their journey of blogging. His blog covers blogging related topic that every new blogger faces.

You Can find more about him at: https://trickycareer.in/about/


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