Various Simple Reasons To Start Your Own “Blog” Online

Start Your Own "Blog" Online
Start Your Own “Blog” Online

Blogging is becoming more and more popular every day. The internet is such a large part of our everyday lives! It’s a wonder that so many people who are active online with Facebook, videos, news, articles and the like have never taken the next simple step of starting their own blog. It’s so easy now to get into the super-fun and satisfying world of Blogging. 

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be a “good writer” to start blogging, and you don’t even have to have tons of things to say, because there are so many interesting things that you can do with a blog.

You can keep a daily journal… you can write your own inspiring daily devotionals… you can post photos with captions… you can link to cool on-line stuff… you can show interesting videos you’ve run across.

The only real “rule” there is about Blogging is that whatever you choose to put on your blog, just try to make sure it provides something of interest or value to your readers.

Blogging is not that compciated. you have to just right on topic which you have good knowledge and much useful for your reader. There are lots of Blogging Platforms which makes Blogging is simple and Easy, Blogspot, WordPress, etc. With WordPress, you don’t have to deal with any website creation or HTML that is time consuming and boring. The only thing you need to do is customize your blog with themes, add some cool plugins and write content. Once you get the grip of it, you will know exactly what to do.

  • Blogging is challenging, and challenges are good

Anyone who thinks that blogging isn’t challenging hasn’t really done it. It is a challenge to sit down and write, and to do that consistently. It is a challenge to put your ideas out there, but you shouldn’t be scared of it. You should embrace it because it makes you grow, and by growing you become more complex as an individual. It is a challenge that you can handle, and handling challenges can make you happy.

  • Learn new things

Handling challenges and becoming more complex makes people happy–so does learning. When people learn, they grow, and feel fulfilled. Blogging is a learning experience. You learn how to write. You learn how to access social media to spread your message. You learn the difference between a catchy title and a dull one. More importantly, through your writing, you can learn a lot about yourself. All of these things can increase your happiness.

  • You’ll inspire others

Blogging not only changes your life, it also changes the life of the reader. And because blogs are free for the audience and open to the public, on many levels, it is an act of giving. It is a selfless act of service to invest your time, energy, and worldview into a piece of writing and then offer it free to anybody who wants to read it. Others will find inspiration in your writing… and that’s a wonderful feeling.

  • Blogging Pushes You to Try New Things

Maybe you’ve never had the need to make a Facebook page, or perhaps Twitter has always been a mystery to you. On another note, maybe you’ve always been hesitant of writing online because you think people won’t like your ideas. With a blog, all of these things are needed to make it successful.

Other elements will put you in a new setting, but they will push you try out new things like web design and SEO. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, you’ll be glad you tried it.

  • Market or Promote Something

Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself or your business, product, or service.This means you can sell something online through your blog or you can use it merely for informative purposes – point people to your blog URL to give them more info about what you’re offering.


  • Blogging Can Help People
Many blogs are written to help people who may be going through similar situations that the blogger has experienced. Many parenting, health-related, and tech support blogs are written for this purpose.This type of blog can be used to not only describe something that may help others but also to let the visitors comment and talk with each other, much like a forum.
  • Establish Yourself as an Expert
Blogs are wonderful tools to help bloggers establish themselves as experts in a field or topic.For example, if you’re trying to get a job in a specific field or hoping to publish a book on a specific topic, blogging can help legitimize your expertise and expand your online presence and platform.Show your blog to potential customers or employers as a sort of portfolio that showcases your knowledge in the subject.
  • Connect With People Like You
Blogging brings like-minded people together. Starting a blog can help you find those people and share your opinions and thoughts.It’s always a wonderful feeling to have an obscure thought or idea and then have another random person online share that same experience or mindset. Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are through your blog. You might just gather an amazing audience.
  • Have Fun and Be Creative
Many people start a blog simply for fun. Perhaps a blogger is a fan of a particular actor or loves knitting and wants to share that passion through a blog.One of the most important keys to successful blogging is having a passion about your blog’s topic so that you can write prolifically about it.Some of the best and most interesting blogs started out as blogs that were written just for fun and to give the blogger a creative outlet.
  • You Gain Credibility in Your Topic

As you write more and more, you suddenly become known as an expert in your field. When writing posts, you will cite your sources, link to places where you found your information, and prove that you know what you’re talking about. This builds credibility and trust in your follows who spread the word that you know your stuff.

  • You’ll Get Paid to Speak at Conferences

Many successful bloggers speak publicly at conferences or group meetings on the intricacies of their craft. Once you get your blog off the ground, someone may take notice and invite you to speak on the subject you’ve proven yourself to be an expert of. Of course, you’ll also get paid which is nice.

  • Blogging Opens Doors for Freelance Work

The key to landing freelance gigs is having quality writing samples. What better way to produce such samples than by working on your blog. Using your blog as a place where people can see your credibility and expertise allows you to reach new clients and prove that you have what it takes.

  • Blogging Improves Your Happiness

Blogging brings people to your internet doorstep who have been inspired, or assisted by you. They are grateful and it is that feeling of knowing you helped someone that everyone can appreciate. All of the praise and satisfaction you receive as a seasoned blogger contributes to a happier lifestyle overall.

  • Blogging can Turn Your Passion into a Career

We all have something we love, something that drives us. Why sit on that talent, why not use it to better yourself and your life as a whole? Blogging lives and breathes because people dared to take the leap and write about things they know and love. You know what else? They made money doing it. A lot of money, and you can too.

  • Expose your ideas to a larger network

When you blog, and include social sharing options on your blog posts, you have the opportunity to expand your sphere of influence to a much larger network. The key here is to write consistent, high quality content that people find interesting and want to share. Sound daunting? It’s not if you start with what interests you. You are more likely to put thought and effort into topics that are of interest to you, and the great thing is that there really are no rules. Anything that is interesting to you is interesting to someone else out there, and that person  will share your content with his or her network.

  • Meet new and interesting people

Making new friends is a positive and enjoyable experience. Blogging on topics that interest you will allow you to network and create relationships with people who are interested in similar things. You will also likely connect with other bloggers. Learning about different people, and their unique experiences, can be enjoyable.

  • Blogging Can Help You Earn Money Online

You must have been heard or seen people who are making a lot of money by just blogging. Yes, it’s possible to monetize your blog. It takes time, but once you have enough readers you will start making some small, yet passive income. When time goes by, your traffic numbers will increase as well as the income.


Are you ready To Start Your Own Blog ? Now It’s YOUR turn.

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Why did you start a blog? What inspired you and what has inspired you to keep going? Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about getting started? Please leave a comment below and let me know. We all love to hear from you.

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