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Webcom Resources holds free digital marketing workshops for local businesses

Elizabeth Collins, President of Webcom Resources, organized Brown Bag Marketing Exchange workshops to provide free digital marketing sessions to businesses in Northeast Kansas.

“The Brown Bag Marketing Exchange was created to help businesses and entrepreneur’s in rural communities learn digital marketing techniques,” Collins said. “Each week we come together in a non-sales environment to gain information and be of service to one another. The great thing about these sessions is the interactive environment. I bring the information and teach the trends, but everyone in the room is able to express their struggles and share their discoveries. By the time the sessions are over, the entire group has been able to make individual improvements and can walk away with something they can do better.”

Collins commented on her decision to focus on non-metropolitan communities.

“Webcom Resources started in Seattle 14 years ago. I’m happy to say we’ve had some great clients with pretty big companies over the years,” she said. ” When my family and I moved back to Atchison, I continued to work with corporate companies but once I rented space in the Berger building and word got around, local businesses began to seek our help. There just isn’t a lot of professional marketing resources available for locals. As time went on I realized I had a choice to make. I decided that we would continue to provide service to the larger corporations but our focus would change to something that inspired us all, local businesses and communities.”

Collins discussed the importance of effective marketing in rural communities.

“When we help local businesses improve through effective marketing, we help Economic Development from a grass roots level. The stronger our businesses, the stronger our communities,” she said.

She noted that the businesses here in Northeast Kansas are amazing, but many of them struggle because of marketing.

“When I say that, I don’t just say it about a certain type of business,” she continued. “We service online businesses that may be lost in the sea, smaller shops that want to learn how they can grow and larger businesses that are located in smaller communities. Whatever the case may be we want to give these businesses the digital marketing resources that can help them grow.”

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Attending Brown Bag Marketing Exchange sessions are one of many ways entrepreneur’s and businesses can receive marketing assistance.

Collins said that Theresa Mccanerny, Facilitator of Northeast Enterprise Facilitation, helps them connect with businesses in the counties by setting up dates and locations for them to host sessions.

“It really allows us the opportunity to reach all businesses,” she said. “Our very top service is consulting. But we really do all things digital marketing such as website development, email marketing, and social media, to name a few. We provide services on a typical per hour or retainer basis and we also speak at businesses to teach them about digital marketing as well as help them with marketing plans. This is how we accomplish our mission to bring professional digital marketing to non-metro communities. We are helping communities become stronger by helping better the businesses within them.”

Detailed information for Brown Bag Marketing Exchange workshops can be found on the Webcom Resources Facebook page and the Northeast Kansas Enterprise Facilitation Facebook page.

For digital marketing assistance visit www.webcomresources.com or call Webcom Resources. (913) 370-7373


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