Best Tips to Improve Website Affiliate Conversions & Make More Money

Best Tips to Improve Your Website Affiliate Conversions & Make More Money

Best Tips to Improve Your Website affilate Conversions & Make More Money
Best Tips to Improve Your Website affiliate Conversions & Make More Money

What is a Conversions Rate?

Website conversions rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy. In the context of a website, it is usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase. Many websites concentrate solely on increasing the number of visitors they have, when often they have fairly simple problems with their site that, if solved, would have a huge effect on their conversion rate and improve their site’s bottom line at minimal expense.

If we improve website conversion then we need to improve our sales and revenue. Whether your conversion goals are sales, leads, or clicks to a particular page, it requires extensive testing, analyzing, and optimization in order to get it turning a nice return.

Improving a website conversion rate can be relatively simple.

Here are Some Best Techniques to Improve the website conversion

Keep Your Website Simple

When a potential customer lands on your website they need to quickly understand the navigation and find what they are looking for. There is no need for flashy graphics and other things to take their focus off the goal. They need to be able to locate the navigation menu and search the site. They will find a site that offers a more user friendly experience if they do not find what they are looking for quickly on your site.

Apply the CTA (Call-To-Action) Simply

Each page on your website should be designed to serve a specific purpose and navigate users towards a desired action. In such situation, the presence of Call To Action (CTA) is to finalize the our navigation. CTA can be in the form of a link or a button, however; the latter is preferred and easier to draw the attention of readers. How to create good copy for these CTA buttons that optimize the click through rate and where to put them in a page are the concerns to provoke an immediate response from users.

CTA (Call-To-Action)
CTA (Call-To-Action)

A CTA is usually an action verb that creates a sense of urgency like “Shop Now”, “Buy Today” or “Learn More”. The length of text should be short.

Moreover, pay attention to CTA colors of button and text. Each color has a unique meaning and evoke different feelings, and also choose the color that is in harmony with other elements in the page. CTA text should be a bit bigger than other text in the page to capture attention. In order to make your CTA button catch the eye, create a sufficient space around it to make it outstanding from the rest.

Fast Conversion Process

Keep it as simple as possible for a consumer to finish the conversion process. If it is a sale, make the check out process fast. If it is a lead submit then require as little information as possible. A consumer is much more likely to enter his or her name and email address instead of entering a lot of fields.

Offer Proof

People won’t trust whatever you claim on your website if it seems unreliable. Therefore, information posted on your site should be backed up with sources.

  • Testimonials: Customer reviews and ratings for your products should come from real customers and about the real experience they had. Internet users are clever and they can realize if such testimonials are real or just made up by your content team.
  • Social proof: This is a great way to show visitors how many customers have bought and used your products. The more customers you have, the easier it might be to persuade potential customers to buy products from your company.
  • Case studies: Real experience shared by other customers is the best evidence to show how your products benefit customers with their business.

Complete Contact Information

It is amazing how many sites do not display accurate contact information. The consumer needs to be completely confident before a conversion is going to happen. Make sure your website has a contact page clearly visible. This is a simple way to improve website conversion rates, as complete business address, email contact, and phone number show the visitor that the company is real.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

If your business is an e-commerce website you should have a complete terms of service (TOS) page that explains things such as refund and order exchange policies. If your website collects information from the user you should have a visible privacy policy that explains what happens to the users information once it is submitted to the website. They want to make sure that their information is secure and will not to be sold or transferred to another company.

Create relationship with Customers

For many visitors, they don’t buy your products the first time they visit your site. Asking visitors for the purchase too fast might cause you to lose many sales. Especially, for high value products that request a thorough research process, you need to give your customers more time to make the final decision. To turn these visitors into your customers, it’s a need to establish a good engagement with them, make them commit and trust your brand.

For digital products, a demo version or free trial that allows users to try your products before purchase is a good idea to improve conversion. Besides, a blog with helpful articles providing insightful information about the industry and products is another engagement method to build trust of users in your site. Sometimes, sales do not come immediately, but require time and communication effort.

Provide Extra Value

What makes your website different from your competition? If you site is an e-commerce website then provide something beneficial such as free shipping or some other additional value that separates you from the other options. If you are attempting to turn the visitor into a lead then give them extra incentive to fill out the lead capture form.

Regular Marketing

If a visitor makes a purchase on your website then there is a very good chance that they are a candidate for additional purchases in the future. Now you can directly market to a known buyer. Send them special offers, money saving coupons, and exclusive specials. This will keep them coming back to your website and making additional purchases. If a visitor converted into a lead then market to them via an email marketing campaign and stay in front of them.

Provide More Information

Several businesses take a lead and work it hard trying to convert it into a sale right away. Give that lead something for free before you attempt to sell them. Give them information and expertise prior to attempting the sale. When you do reach out and go for the sale they will be more willing to respond in a positive way.

Visitor Re-targeting

To recapture visitors that almost become your customers is an effective method to improve conversion rates. According to a research, 68.63% is the average cart abandonment rate of eCommerce stores. To win back a fraction of these visitors is a positive increase in your sales volume. A shopping cart is abandoned when a customer adds some items to the cart but then leave your site before check out selected items.

There might be some reasons for their going away, but it’s clear that they have the purchase intention at that time and you shouldn’t give up on them after only one attempt. In this context, you can set up automation emails sent after a few hours of abandoned cart with a CTA to help them finalize their purchase right away. Another way to recapture almost conversions is ad re-targeting. You can use Facebook ads or PPC ads to show the ads of your site to the visitors who had previously came to your website. By viewing these ads, visitors will be reminded of your site and likely to return to finalize the purchase.

Social Presence

Your social media profiles should be easy to locate. Consumers like social media and take every chance they can to interact with brands that they are connected to on the popular social media networks. Make it easy for consumers to “Like” and “Follow” your social profiles. This allows you to interact with them and eventually turn them into sales and conversions.

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