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Best Mac Junk Cleaner Software to Boost up your Mac Device

Best Mac Junk Cleaner Software to Boost up your Mac Device

Boost up your Mac Device

Boost up your Mac Device

Mac’s can perform slowly, too. If your Mac seems to be running slower than it should, the variety of tips here should help you identify and fix the problem. Reasons behind a slow Mac vary, the way to fix it also differs. Generally, there are two quick solutions to speed up a Mac: upgrade hardware, clean up MacOS system.

If you are not ready to invest in hardware upgrades, then get a Mac cleaner application.

There are lots of Apps the claim to make your Mac run faster, to help you choose here is a selection of the best and most highly rated.


MacKeeper is one of the most comprehensive Mac utilities available with dozens of features from system security to backups, system cleaning to optimisation. The optimisation features are the most interesting with oodles of options to remove caches, logs, unused languages and even parts of applications that aren’t needed. MacKeeper also holds the title of the most popular Anti Virus software for OS X.

With MacKeeper it’s also possible to control your Macs login items and the default apps used to open specific file types. The most impressive thing about MacKeeper is its extremely long list of features – it is one of the most comprehensive all-in-one utilities available and represents great value for money.

MacPaw CleanMyMac 3

If your Mac is slow mainly because the hard drive is getting full, you should try CleanMyMac — the best system cleaning tool for Mac that can help you reclaim gigabyte’s of space. It also allows you to perform deep cleaning with several practical functions such as quickly scan for system junks, iTunes / Photos junk, Trash bins, duplicates, etc. and you can clean them up in a few clicks, time saving! The app also includes a set of smaller utilities that do their jobs in a nice way, such as Uninstaller, Maintenance, Shredder, etc. In short, CleanMyMac is probably the best (if not one of) Mac cleaner out there.

IObit MacBooster 4

IObit MacBooster 4 includes a collection of tools for monitoring Mac system performance by identifying possible security threats and system junks. You can also use it to quickly uninstall applications you don’t need. Similar to MacPaw, IObit also makes the app incredibly easy to handle. Bottom line — it’s probably the ultimate system utility you’ll need to keep your Mac machine secure and fast.

CleanMyMac 2

The most recently updated app on our list CleanMyMac 2 offers a host of improvements over the previous version. CleanMyMac 2 has a great simple new user interface which makes accessing all the apps features a lot easier to get to..

CleanMyMac 2’s Automatic Cleanup has been rebuilt from the bottom up; after scanning your system for junk, Automatic Cleanup algorithms finds files that are completely safe to delete (that won’t affect the stability and performance of your Mac when removed). Hardware – optimized scanning and cleanup processes find and clean junk on your Mac amazingly fast.

Along with the core Auto Cleanup feature CleanMyMac 2 also comes with a new iPhoto Cleanup tool. iPhoto libraries are often much larger than you think. Every time a photo is edited (cropped, rotated or changed) its modified file is stored in your iPhoto library, while the original is kept hidden. CleanMyMac 2 locates all of those hidden originals. CleanMyMac 2 can automatically select which originals are safe to remove. The more cautious among us can manually review each image before they are removed.

Stellar SpeedUpMac

Stellar is another excellent tool that does a great job in cleaning and helping to speed up Mac performance. It clears up your Mac by removing large files, duplicates, web browser caches/logs, and language files (which we don’t think would take much disk space, and can cause headaches if you accidentally remove the languages you want to keep). Also, it offers a few useful tools such as uninstaller and defrag. The app won’t improve your Macs’ speed to a rocket level, overall it’s a decent option.


OnyX, developed by French developer Joël Barrière, is one of the popular software, extensively used to analyze and optimize a disk on Mac. The software comes with simple interface and lets you figure out the leftover files on your Mac. Onyx works like a charm on Mac, but you may require different versions to run on various Mac OS Xs for compatibility.

Disk Clean Pro

This is the best Mac cleaning software. It lets users clean out clutter on their Mac in a jiffy. With its various scanning alternatives, you can scan your Mac for specific files. Let’s say, its One Click Cleaning ensures that all cache, unwanted log, trash files and unfinished downloads are removed in a click. Likewise, it also has scanning options for optimization, and specific manual cleaning.


Developed by Software Ambience Corp., DaisyDisk is an app that shows up scanning results in pie chart. Upon launching, the app asks you to select a disk and scans it. It also gives you a clear disk usage figures when clicked on specific colors. Further, the app come up with files that are occupying this space and you can delete these files from there.


Developed by MacPaw, Gemini 2 is a cleaning app which identifies and removes duplicate files on your system. It has the functionality of in-depth scan that lets you easily find duplicate files occupying space unnecessarily. Not only this, it even scans your external or network drives so that you could make the best use of your drives. Being featured in Apple’s Mac App Store, this fantastic app is a must have to speed up your Mac by removing duplicate files.

CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner is one of the famous names for handy disk cleaner for Mac OS. You can leverage this fantastic tool to maintain your Apple computer properly. The powerful and simple interface allow Mac users to clean disk in an easier manner than any other app. CCleaner comes all the required optimization tools that you can use to scan, identify, and remove unwanted system junks to optimize your Mac and improve the overall performance of the system.


MacCleanse lets you reclaim hard disk space by removing offending items that may also be causing your Mac to run slowly. The features on offer are extensive such as wiping unused languages, clearing caches and log files, cookies, and “recently used” histories. An automatic scan and clean can be scheduled every day at set times, ensuring your Mac stays in good health.


Any open apps not currently used can be automatically suspended which means they don’t consume many system resources. The top 10 resource-intensive applications are conveniently displayed which allows you to choose which ones are eligible for suspension. Appriority is unique in that it suspends your open applications when not in use in order to minimize the amount of CPU time consumed. Thus open applications will have more dedicated processor time and should in theory operate much faster.

Disk Doctor

Disk Doctor is one of the reliable names whenever we talk about the best Mac cleaning software. You can use this app to scan your disk to see its usage in number. The details Disk Doctor shows include application caches, trash can, downloads, browser data, application logs, mail downloads, and large file groups. The super simple interface of this tool allows you to free up your disk space in just a few clicks.

Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner concentrates on just one thing – freeing up the system memory that’s not currently available to applications. The interface is simple and extremely easy to use, and it can improve overall system speed if it finds enough memory to liberate.When you’ve got lots of applications open, all too often the multicoloured spinning beach ball appears which could mean your Mac is trying to free up some inactive memory so it can be used by the current application.

Data Rescue 3

Data Rescue 3 is developed by Prosoft Engineering and one of the impactful cleaner that can clean Mac even for partially functioning drives. This software has a clean, smart, and simple to use interface that you can use to optimize your drives. Among several of its functions, Data Rescue scans external drives to optimize and improve the performance. It is a handy application to use when it comes to cleaning and optimizing Mac.


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