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Website’s list for Downloading Good and Free of cost listening Audio Books

Free listening Audio Books

Free listening Audio Books

Audiobooks are a great resource for gathering information and growing your knowledge.
There are many sites to get some free audiobooks to get you started. There aren’t too many out there, as the publishers control the sales of the books protecting them from misuse or for replicating purposes.

Here are a few of those suggestions

Audiobooks for Free: https://audiobooks-free.com/

Audiobay: http://audiobookbay.me/

Project Gutenberg: http://www.gutenberg.org/

Other resources recommended:

Audible Amazon’s audiobook service. Providing full reads in audiobook format, ranging all categories. This offers 1 audiobook for free.

Blinkist allowing you to reach nonfiction books in 15-minutes. These takeaways provide insight into the key learnings of each book. This offers a 3-day free trial.

Books Should Be Free provides a visually appealing way to browse audiobooks published by Librivox. You can see the book cover, view audio books by genre and browse the top 100 audio books available for download.

Learn Out Loud  offers more than 2,000 free audio and video titles. In addition to audiobooks, Learn Out Loud has lectures, speeches, sermons and interviews available for download. The site is very user friendly, allowing you to both filter results and sort by most popular, member rating, etc.

LibriVox has a huge selection of audiobooks available for download. However, the site is not particularly user-friendly which is why I like Book Should Be Free and Librophile.

Librophile provides a clean, simple interface for browsing audiobooks available from LibriVox.

New Fiction offers a library of audiobooks that are performed by multiple actors, which they liken to modern-day radio dramas.

PodioBooks offers serialized audiobooks distributed via RSS, much like a podcast. There are over 300 audio books available which are spread through a wide variety of genres including chick lit, fantasy, humor, magical realism and thrillers.

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