Tips to Create an User Friendly and Attractive Website


Tips to Create an User Friendly and Attractive Website 2



Good website is a rewarding outcome of several important elements encompassing design, content, navigation and functionality. Nowadays running a business website is one of the most important facets in the life of a company and therefore has to be intuitive, not overly complicated and engaging. Keeping your website user-friendly will greatly improve its performance, entice more prospects and boost sales for your business. 


The Web is growing every day and your competitors are getting smarter. A key law of marketing is to differentiate yourself from your savvy competitors. If you’re in an industry which has lots of vendor choices, then you have to ask to yourself how you can make your company get noticed, stand out, and attract attention of your target market.


Tips to Create an User Friendly and Attractive Website 3


Creativity in website is all about taking the ideas and the spirit of your company to the ladder of success and creating a powerful impact on your target market. Everything has to be just right: the logo, the icons, the color palette, the imagery, the graphics, the design of the page, the eye trail, etc. When all these elements are combined creatively you produce a powerful emotional impact on your visitors capable of improving your sales rate and revenue.


User friendly website is nothing but a website which is easy accessible and comfortable for a user to operate. The main reason for making a website user friendly is that it helps in increasing traffic on the website, which in turn leads to improvement of the site ranking. Making a website attractive is not enough to attract the people, the usability should also be good, otherwise the visitor will go from your website and switch to your competitor’s site. Just visiting and leaving the site in few seconds, this kind of traffic is of no good use. So making a website user friendly is very important because it is the face of your business especially if it is an online product purchasing company.


Some of the usable tips which should be kept in mind for making a website user friendly and attractive are as follows:


Implement a Smart Choice Of Colors

Colors play a significant role in making a website attractive and amazing. Each color has its own impact on each page. You should know the value and meaning of each color before you choose the right ones for your website. Never choose colors, which are unsuitable for the spirit of your business.

Colors plays a very important role in the website appearance, each color have its own meaning and value, analyse and read about each and every colour and accordingly decide your theme of website and colours which are to be exhibit on the website. Your website is certain to look attractive when you have used right combination of colors.


Keep Your Content More Simpler and Informative

It is important that you provide only simple and informative contents to your viewers. Do not test their knowledge of language or grammar through your content. People can identify your brand through your contents, so keep it simple and easy for them so that they can have a clear picture about your service or products through the same. Explain your services and products which your customers wish for, in a simply language, provide description with the help of pictures so that they can understand it easily. Using appropriate white space is also important, your content should not be very clumsy, it should have some appropriate white spaces which differentiates the words so that the content looks clean and proficient.


Tips to Create an User Friendly and Attractive Website 4


Create Something Well-Organized

Always try to keep your website well-organized. Make sure that your viewers can get all information easily on your website and do not need to dive under the sea to get some simple information. If the viewers find that everything is on its place, and they can reach all of them easily, then they would appreciate your effort.

Online visitors wanted to visit those website which is more organized and provide each and every information which they are seeking for. It’s a fact that the average page visit of a user lasts a little less than a minute. As the user is in rush so he will just visit your site and take a glimpse of your website, if he founds out that the website is more organized and everything is on its place then he gets the confidence that he can find out the correct information which he is seeking for.


The first 10 seconds of a visit is very critical because at that time a user decides that whether he wants to stay on the existing page or leave. Users have seen many poor Web pages hence they act accordingly, so unless and until if a web page is not extraordinary and would not be able to develop an outstanding image on the mind of user then he will not at all stay for a longer time on the website and will switch to the competitor’s website.


Make Your URL Name Easy to Remember

The one of the most important factor is to make aware your customers about you, so you should select such a name for your website which is easy to remember and which makes a meaningful relation with your name.


Make Your Website Mobile Compatible

Nowadays visitors browse the websites with mobile too so it is very important to make your website mobile compatible. This can be done using responsive web design, which is nothing but your website is designed such a way that it fits exactly to the screen of any size giving whole view of the website. Responsive web designs helps in increasing traffic due to increase in percentage of users browsing in mobiles.


Error Handling

There should be proper error handling at the time of coding which keeps the website bug free. While coding for an online application make sure you give proper error messages, so that even if the user while filling the form makes some error it should be clearly shown on the screen where the user has gone wrong. This makes website user friendly and makes website more bug free.


Tips to Create an User Friendly and Attractive Website 5


Regular Updates Is Required

According to the changes in the market there arises a need to update the websites, The technology changes day by day and you have to remain updated with the technology and so do your website too.It is essential that you update your website at regular intervals. This will help you to recognize the errors of your portal as well as your users can find something new and fresh after a regular interval.

Search engines like updated websites – Search engines record how often you update your website. The more you update your website, the more it will rank its web pages and the more people will find you on search engines.


Your customers will visit it more often – An important part of updating your website is to keep your customers informed and give them updates. Whether it is news, a sale, an event, a change in policy, etc. all of this is valuable information that your customers want and can use. It will also help attract potential customers and convert them into regular customers.


Speed/Loading Time

Make sure that your website takes a nominal time to be uploaded because viewers hate to visit pages with longer loading time.No one prefers to wait for web pages to load. Therefore, always ensure that your website uses the least codes possible. If your website takes long time to load, chances are that your customers will get bored and leave without reading what you want them to.


Include Contact Information

Never forget to give the contact details of your company so that the viewers can trust you. Try to give some physical address to enhance your reputation.


Providing contact information creates confidence and offers comfort to users since they know that there is a real company behind a business website. This will have a potential impact on the goal conversion, specifically if you are selling products and/or services directly online. Thus the visitor can convert from a visitor to customer easily. Always provide easy contact mechanisms like contact forms, customer service numbers and addresses along with pin codes and phone numbers. Hence potential customers who want to find more about your products or services can reach you at the click of a button or phone call easily.


Social Media Sharing

Include the option of social media sharing on your website so that they viewers can feel it easy to access your website and get connected with their social media profiles through the same.


Social Media in this generation have become so much important and necessary for promoting each and every business, Do include blogs on your website and social media sharing options, people are seeking for the new information and likes to share it on social media platforms, By including social media option on your website gives users the comfort of sharing information without even going away from the website.

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