What is Hacking! Hacker and Types of Hacker’s

What is Hacking! Hacker and Types of Hacker’s
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Hacking! Hacker and Types of Hacker’s

Hacking! Hacker and Types of Hacker's
Hacking! Hacker and Types of Hacker’s

What is Hacking?

Hacking is identifying weakness in computer systems or networks to exploit its weaknesses to gain access. Example of Hacking: Using password cracking algorithm to gain access to a system.

Hacking refers to exploiting(misusing) system vulnerabilities(weaknesses) and compromising security controls in order to get unauthorized(which you are not allowed to) and inappropriate access to the system resources.

Means to try to get into the system without any authorization to destroy, steal confidential data or to perform some other malicious attack.

Hackers do it for financial gain, for taking revenge, for staling information, for degrading the reputation, for peer recognition, for thrill, for intellectual challenge or just for the curiosity.


Hacker! Who is this ?

A Hacker is a person/programmer who finds and exploits the weakness in computer systems and/or networks to gain access. Hackers are usually skilled computer programmers with knowledge of computer security.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking — also known as penetration testing or white-hat hacking — involves the same tools, tricks, and techniques that hacker’s use, but with one major difference: Ethical hacking is legal. Ethical Hacking is performed with the target’s permission. The intent of ethical hacking is to discover vulnerabilities from a hacker’s viewpoint so systems can be better secured. It’s part of an overall in formation risk management program that allows for ongoing security improvements. Ethical hacking can also ensure that vendor’s claims about the security of their products are legitimate.

Types of Hackers

Hackers are classified according to the intent of their actions. The following list classifies hackers according to their intent.

Ethical Hacker (White Hat)

A hacker who gains access to systems with a view to fix the identified weaknesses. They may also perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Cracker (Black Hat)

A hacker who gains unauthorized access to computer systems for personal gain. The intent is usually to steal corporate data, violate privacy rights, transfer funds from bank accounts etc.

Grey Hat

A hacker who is in between ethical and black hat hackers. He/she breaks into computer systems without authority with a view to identify weaknesses and reveal them to the system owner.

Script kiddies

A non-skilled person who gains access to computer systems using already made tools.


A hacker who use hacking to send social, religious, and political etc. messages. This is usually done by hijacking websites and leaving the message on the hijacked website.


A hacker who identifies and exploits weaknesses in telephones instead of computers.

What is Black Hat Hacking?

A black hat hacker, also known as a cracker or a dark side hacker (this last definition is a direct reference to the Star Wars movies and the dark side of the force), is someone who uses his skills with a criminal intent. Some examples are: cracking bank accounts in order to make transferences to their own accounts, stealing information to be sold in the black market, or attacking the computer network of an organization for money.

There are so many types of certified ethical hacking training. Few of them are given below.

You can get the training of any course from certified institute by EC-COUNCIL.

  • CEH

And if you want to opt Ethical Hacking as career then give the exam of CEH and CISSP, which is organized by EC-COUNCIL itself.


  • Hacking is identifying and exploiting weaknesses in computer systems and/or computer networks.
  • Cybercrime is committing crime with the aid of computers and information technology infrastructure.
  • Ethical hacking is about improving the security of computer systems and/or computer networks.
  • Ethical hacking is legal.
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