What is IP address in World of Internet ?

What is IP address in World of Internet ?
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What is IP address in World of Internet ?

Here are simple facts that might answer some questions you have about IP addresses:

What is IP address internet
What is IP address internet
What is IP address

You must have an active IP address to be online.

more accurately, every time you’re online you automatically have an
active IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol: The protocols are
connectivity guidelines and regulations that govern computer networks.


IP addresses are assigned to computers, not people.

The IP address you see—the one you’re connected to a network and the
Internet with—is assigned to the computer you’re on. When you’re at a
coffeehouse, the IP address you see will be different from the IP
address you see at home, a hotel or an airport. Test it one day to see.


Whoever you interact with online could discover your IP address (if they know how to find it).

Your IP address isn’t obvious to others, but it isn’t hidden. A website’s
network administrator and technically savvy types can identify the IP
addresses of computers that visit their websites or send emails. But all
they can see is a number…the same one you see on


Only an Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows the real name and home address that corresponds to an IP address.


They have to know, in order to send a bill for monthly Internet usage.
However, they keep that information private and do not disclose IP
addresses—or names and addresses of customers—to just anyone asking for
it. However, they would disclose that information under subpoena to law
enforcement agencies.


Your IP address NEVER reveals your name or actual, physical location.

If you click on the map on our home page, you’ll see plenty of details (state, ISP, etc.), but no personal information.


Someone can get a general idea of where you are when you’re online.

That’s what the above map shows. Geolocation services can estimate where a
computer user is, based on an IP address. All they need to do is record
your IP address and use an IP Lookup service. However, they will still
not know who the computer user is.


You can hide your actual IP address.

More accurately, you can show a different IP address from the one you’re
actively using. You can do that by using a Virtual Private Network
(VPN). Think of it like having your mail sent to a P.O. Box instead of
your home—you haven’t moved; you’re just using a different mailing
address. Some VPNs are free, but the better ones charge a small monthly


A website can monitor online behavior through online visits and viewing.

Advertisers use online tracking to place ads that might be of interest to website
visitors. Website tracking systems can recognize visits by the same IP
address and suggest ads for articles and topics that might interest the
user behind the IP address…YOU.

Your IP address AND other information could lead someone to you.

If you revealed to someone your real name, your home city and perhaps sent
them an email (that contained your actual IP address) from home, they
could use all that information to discover your home address.


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