Health Benefits of Almonds


Almonds have been consumed by many cultures for thousands of years and were highly popular in the diets of ancient Egyptian cultures. They have continued to be popular and have become a popular snack food as well as becoming incorporated into milks and flours. On top of being delicious regardless of how you eat them, they bring tons of amazing health benefits for you when you include them at your table.

Reduces Cardiovascular Disease

People who consume nuts on a regular basis can lower their low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol that clogs their arteries and is the main cause for heart disease.

They do these with their high levels of:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3’s are a heart healthy form of unsaturated fat that help you heart and help to prevent heart attacks. While many people turn to fish for their Omega-3’s almonds and other

    nuts are one of the best sources of Omega-3 that are plant based.

  • Unsaturated fats: Unsaturated fats are the “good” fats that have been found to help your body to lower high cholesterol levels.
  • Fiber: High levels of fiber help your body to stay full longer,

    which reduces that chances of obesity induced cardiovascular diseases.

    Fiber also helps you lower your cholesterol levels and is thought to

    help your body to prevent diabetes.

  • Vitamin E: High levels of LDL (the bad fats) will lead to plaque build-up in your arteries, which effectively narrows them and causes internal problems. This development can lead to heart attacks, chest

    pain, and coronary heart disease.

  • L-arginine: This acid helps to make your artery walls more flexible, reducing the likelihood that your body will form blood clots that will block your blood flow.


Encourages Brain Development

Almonds have been studied for their connection in the development and health of our
brains, aiding in memory boosting as well as overall brain function. Its
high protein levels will not only provide your body with a boost of
energy, it will also help to repair your brain cells while magnesium
helps to strengthen your nerves. Both B6 and vitamin E promote overall
brain health while slowing down the aging of your cells, helping to
preserve your memory for longer as you age.

One of the most important functions for brain health is its high level of antioxidants,
which fight free radicals in your body, thus giving your body a greater
chance of avoiding brain and other cancers. L-carnitine and riboflavin
in almonds will also encourage brain activity and prevent Alzheimer’s
disease, while possibly boosting intelligence levels in children when
they are young.


Regulates Cholesterol

Numerous studies have reported that consuming half a cup of almonds a day will
reduce your overall cholesterol levels by up to ten percent. The
combination of monounsaturated fats with some polyunsaturated fats in
almonds have been shown to be the perfect combination of fats to
encourage cardiovascular health. 

However, the benefits of eating almonds will be greatly reduced or outright negated if people simply add them
to their diets instead of substituting them for something less healthy
in their current diet. It is also recommended to consume dry roasted or
natural almonds without added salts and oils to ensure proper body


Increases Bone Health

Calcium is an important factor for bone health, however; it is important to ensure
that you are consuming calcium in ways that will allow for high levels
of absorption into the bones. Dairy has low rates of magnesium, which is
vital for bones to be able to absorb calcium, while fruits, vegetables,
and nuts have high levels of magnesium and calcium. It has been found
that when humans consume foods with equal amounts of these important
elements their bodies will absorb them at a much higher rate than when
you drink milk. Almonds have high levels of both of magnesium and
calcium to allow for the highest levels of absorption.

In addition, while many people automatically think of calcium when they
think about their bone health vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that
has been shown to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The Journal of Bone
and Mineral Metabolism examined the impact that Vitamin E had on bone
density and overall strength and found that increasing vitamin E levels
in rats increased their bone density by up to eighty percent.


Controls Blood Pressure

Daily consumption of nuts such as almonds have be shown to lower the risk of
hypertension, although it cannot prevent the disease altogether. Its
high content of potassium and unsaturated fatty acids play a role in
promoting a health body and the low content of sodium in raw almonds
makes the benefits even greater. The biggest powerhouse that almonds
have over blood pressure are their high magnesium content, a mineral
that many people do not consume enough of and is strongly associated
with blood pressure concerns regardless of your weight.


Prevents Overeating

Healthy fats and fiber will aid you greatly if you are trying to prevent
overeating, as they will help you to stay full for much longer and curbs
overeating of unhealthy foods. Studies have shown that almonds have a
positive boost on your body’s metabolism and the Nurses’ Health Studies
research showed a clear correlation between daily consumption of almonds
and healthier body weights. This study was supported in the
International Journal of Obesity, which found that those who ate almonds
daily had a higher rate of weight loss, waist size, fat mass and
systolic blood pressure.

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Final Word

It is clear that incorporating almonds into your daily diet can have
significant health benefits for many. Incorporating them into your diet
is easy as alternatives become more available for those who have
allergies to lactose. For those who are seeking to include more almonds
in their diet, you should ensure that they are as un-processed as
possible. Many different nuts will go through processing that
drastically lowers the almonds nutritional and health value. Look for
almonds that have not been subjected to intense heat, sugar,
hydrogenated oils or sodium to ensure that you are receiving all of its

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