Which Chipset is better, MediaTek, Intel Atom or Snapdragon?

Which Chipset is better, MediaTek, Intel Atom or Snapdragon?
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Which Chipset is better, MediaTek, Intel Atom or Snapdragon?

Mobile Chipset
SnapDragon and Mediatek


Chipset basically is the motherboard in a phone or in other words, its a mother of board which accepts all the components to sit upon it, and connect with each other. It is made of ICs and provides all the inter communication channels (buses) to connect for eg Camera, bluetooth, wifi, touch screen with CPU/Flash storage/Ram.

CPU is the Central Processing Unit which is responsible for carrying out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system.

Almost all CPUs in mobile’s are based on specifications by ARM (Cortex A7/A9/A15 etc.).

In a mobile phone, combination of Chipset and CPU is called a SoC (System on Chip) which integrates all the components on a single chip. Unlike in computers, CPU is soldered on the Chipset inside a mobile device which tends to improve the performance, and saves lot of space.

Popular SoCs are Snapdragon by Qualcomm, Tegra by nVidia, Intel Atom (SoC).

1. Snapdragon

Snapdragon chipsets are manufactured by Qualcomm (American) company.

Snapdragon chipsets are not only just CPU’s they incorporate other many processors in their chipsets.This is the main difference between Snapdragon and other chipsets.

Snapdragon chipsets are named as SoC’s(System on chip) which means their chipsets(SoC’s) have a CPU,GPU(Adreno Graphics),Image processor,Media processor,DSP(Digital Signal Processor),Cellular Modem unit,Wifi Modue,Radio Module,GPS Module,…etc. All these modules and Processors are inside of a snapdragon chip.Yes they incorporated all these things inside their chips.Hence their chips are costly.

Battery Life:

Snapdragon chipsets are best in terms of power efficiency compared to all other chipsets.


Performance wise they perform really well. In multi-tasking,gaming,handling heavy and intensive tasks they are very good.

Heating Problem:

Snapdragon Processors generally deliver less heat compared to Mediatek and Intel Atom(Except the Snapdragon 810 Chipset-that faced many heating issues.)


Coming to graphics, they manufacture their own graphics called Adreno Graphics and incorporate into their chips. So here the performance of cpu and gpu are matched.

2. Mediatek

It is a Taiwanese company. It uses more cores in it’s processors(like octa core,hexa core,deca core).

Battery Life:

The mediatek chipsets are known to be more power draining and results in less battery life.Now they are optimizing their processors to be more power efficient but still lags behind their competetion in terms of battery life.


Performance wise their processors are very good.Due the availability of extra cores,mediatek processors can handle intensive and heavy tasks and they are very good at multi-tasking.But we can see all this practically if we have sufficient Ram.Yes more cores demand more Ram to give best performance.

Heating Problem

Now coming to the heating problem. All the processors deliver heat while performing tasks. Mediatek processors deliver more heat(more cores=more heat) than the others.


Coming to graphics,Mediatek employs Mali graphics which is a third party graphics vendor(So graphics architectue is different from cpu and its performance may not match with cpu). It is really important to match the performances of cpu and gpu(graphics) so that the whole chipset performs efficiently and effectively.

3. Intel Atom

Every one is familiar with Intel processors because they are dominant in the PC market. Intel Atom processors are the initiative taken by the company to enter into mobile segment.Intel processors are best in PC’s but when it comes to mobile they have faced one problem…!

Battery Life:

Yes, the problem they faced is Battery life. Intel company has experience in manufacturing processors for PC’s which consume power in watts(say 40 watts and above) but when it comes to mobile platform where the processors should run on power less than 5 watts, they had a problem in optimizing their processors to work on low power.

Don’t worry that is all in the initial stage when they entered into mobile market. But recently in Q3 of 2015 they have announced their Mobile processors called core M-processors for mobile platform like tablets and smartphones. These processors are very power efficient and they consume power of 5 watts and below.But we may only see them in Smartphones or Tablets in 2016.


Performance wise, i think i don’t need to tell you how Intel Processors do. They are very good both at PC’s and on Mobile.

Heating Problem:

Intel Atom Processors also deliver more heat when running heavy and CPU intensive tasks or while using for long duration.Let us see how their core M-Processors perform.


Intel, till now used third party graphic vendors like Power VGR and Mali graphics in their CPU’s. Intel also have their own graphics called Intel Iris Graphics which they introduced in their 4th generation core i-series processors for PC’s.

Snapdragon is the Best among others. I have practically used Smartphones which have all these three processors and telling you.The Smartphones that i have used are Mi Redmi , Asus Zenphone C (Intel Atom Processor).

These smart phones has good Speed due to Snapdragon.

Shortly : In budget range MediaTek is doing better and in high end Snapdragon. MediaTek offers most bang for buck. From MediaTek you can get 80% performance of top of line snapdragon with 50% of the money.

In Details: Read Below:

This is not simple answer for this. It’s really depend upon your usage, price willing to spend and in general overall phone software using that chip ( yes software needs to be optimised). But if you are going to buy a budget phone sub 12K phone than going with mediatech is good choice.

How to choose Best smart phone to Buy ?

First you need to understand MediaTek and snapdragon are not processor but system on chip Soc’s. Systems on chip which include your cpu,wifi,lte,gps,bluetooth,sensors and what not.

Every System on chip Soc’s which is used in mobile whether its samsung exynos, apple cortex, snapdragon or mediatek everybody uses ARM processor. ARM is CPU architecture but with simplified RISC instruction set. Intel has patented its x86 instruction set and it is not good enough for low power device so intel is pretty much lost the mobile processor game to ARM but they still trying with intel atom. ARM which are super popular because of low power consumption and simplified instruction set are the market leader.

Lets talk for high end chipset only.
Because in budget segment MediaTek are killing it.

High end Chipset:

Snapdragon : 801/805/808/810/820.

MediaTek : 6755(Helio p10) / 6795 (helix x10)/ 6797 (helio x20)


Current flagship is 810

phones example: one plus 2/ One M9/ Sony xperia z5

Processor: A57 – 2.0GHz and A53 – 1.5GHz of total 8 cores

graphics: adreno 430

800/801 were released at 2012/2013 were quad core and almost legendary. The new 810 processor faced lots of criticsm because of overheating. 810 was failure because it was not much improvement over the previous generation. Antutut benchmark felt down sharp 20% in 2nd run because of overheating.


Current flagship is 6795(helio x10)

Recently MediaTek has step up their game. Hello x10 is great processor. MediaTek didn’t make the same mistake what 810 does. They went with all 8 efficient A53 processor. instead of some higher A57.The first MediaTek Helio SoC is the Helio X10, an octa-core processor with four 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 cores and four 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53 cores, backed by a PowerVR 6200 GPU.

The multimedia features of the X10 are quite interesting and include video recording at 480 frames per second with 1/16th speed slow-motion playback, support for 120Hz smartphone displays, and H.265 Ultra HD 4K2K video encoding at 30 fps.

Processor:A53 – 1.5GHz of total 8 cores

graphics: ARM Mali-T760 MP8 @ 772 Mhz

Comparison of MediaTek, Snapdragon and Intel Atom Processors


MediaTek is a fabulous semiconductor company headquartered in Taiwan. It is relatively new in manufacturing processors for smartphones & tablets but has gained wide popularity and reorganization in smartphones industry because of their cost effective processors. MediaTek processors are generally cheap and are they are widely used in budget to mid-range smartphones. MediaTek range of processors includes single core, dual core, quad core, hexa core, octa core and deca core processors.


Snapdragon processors are manufactured by Qualcomm, an American company headquartered in San Diego, California. Snapdragon processors are known for its high quality and high performance, and they are used in smartphones and other mobile devices. Generally you will find Snapdragon processors in mid to high end smartphones or phones from well known brands. Snapdragon range of processors includes single core, dual core, quad core, hexa core and octa core processors.


Intel as we all know is the world leader in manufacturing computer processors. Intel has now begin using their Atom range of processors in some of the smartphones and tablets. Intel Atom range of processors are low powered (i.e. low voltage) & high performance based processors for mobile devices i.e. Netbooks, Tablets and Smartphones. With Intel Atom processor you will get more battery life from your smartphone, tablet or netbook as they are very well optimized. There are only few smarpthones equipped with Intel processors and they are: Asus Zenfone and Asus Zenfone 2.

Comparison of MediaTek, Snapdragon and Intel Atom Processors

Here is a general and technical comparison between MediaTek, Snapdragon and Intel Atom mobile processors.

Comparison of MediaTek, Snapdragon and Intel Atom Processors

I hope you enjoyed this post which is about Smartphonwe chipset’s and this information is very important while you are planing to bbuy new smartphone.

Thanks for reading …Keep visiting

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