Best Free Email Client Software for Windows

Best Free Email Client Software for Windows

If you are looking for an alternative to Windows Mail or Outlook, or
if you just bought Windows 7 and are now sans email management software,
there are a plethora of email client options available for free.

Email Client Software for Windows
Email Client Software for Windows

An email client is, quite simply, a software program that enables you to effectively
manage your email. Effective email management means you can improve and
automate your lead management. This is especially important for people
who have multiple email accounts or want multiple user access.

The email client doesn’t replace your current email software, but it
does help you to manage your emails and save them in ways that make them
easy to access and search. You may need to try a few of these to find
one that matches your requirements and provides the day to day lead
management functionality you need.


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Mozilla Thunderbird

This is a powerful email client tool for managing email and content.
It allows you to work both online and offline so that lead management
doesn’t have to stop when you don’t have internet access.

One of the best Mozilla Thunderbird
features is its speed. It loads quickly even when contending with
multiple RSS feeds and folders. Mozilla Thunderbird has excellent HTML
support, junk mail filters and virus protection. Additional features

  • Tabbed e-mail
  • New search tools and indexing
  • Smart folders
  • Support for Firefox’s Personas
  • Simplified setup wizard

You can rest assured your email is secure with the S/MIME, message
encryption, digital signing and phishing filters. Speed is also a
positive Thunderbird feature and the comprehensive search tool is able
to sync with results on desktop searches. Lead management is improved
with the fast and powerful search tool. Find a list of features here.


Opera is a leading contender, although not as innovative as it once was, Opera
is a solid email client with exceptional functionality.  Opera has an
excellent search function with a customizable search bar, tab browsing
and advanced bookmarking tools so you can remember all your favorite

Opera integrates easily with chat and email and installation will
only take a couple of minutes. Emails are stored on your hard drive, so
you can continue with lead management tasks even when you are not

Get a full list of the Opera features here.


is specifically designed for the user who has multiple email accounts
which they need to access simultaneously. DreamMail supports POP3,
eSMTP, Yahoo, Google SMTP, and even RSS feeds. You can customize your
email templates and utilize the email signature management function.
Advanced spam and message filtering helps you to manage your email

Additional features include:

  • Multiple users
  • Auto detection of server settings
  • Messages filtering
  • Filtering, sorting and searching

DreamMail has some drawbacks; it doesn’t support Thunderbird or IMAP
which makes it unsuitable for many users who want to utilize it for
effective lead management.
Find a full list of features here.

Postbox Express

This is a feature-limited free version of Postbox’s emailing software. Postbox Express
has the unique ability to import settings from any other mail client
you currently employ. This makes setup a breeze as Postbox Express will
sync with your current email seamlessly.

One of Postbox Express’ most handsome features is the search
function; the speedy search engine will help you find what you are
looking for in record time. It also organizes folders and messages in
tabs (much like a web browser) which makes for a far more efficient

Postbox Express has extended social media functionality which adds a
new dimension to your CRM. You can easily post things to your social
media platforms, import profile photos and address books or update your
status directly to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Use add-ons to extend the functionality or make use of the
community-translated language packs. Postbox Express is a functional,
customizable email client that is definitely on the first-class mail
client list.
Have a look at a comprehensive list of all the Postbox
Express features here.

Windows Live Mail

Compact and functional, Windows Live Mail
offers users some nifty features. Installation takes some time and
effort and you will have to enter your account server names, details and
ports manually and importing your account details and emails from your
other email programs may take a little fancy footwork. Once it’s up and
running though, Windows Live Mail is impressive and easy to use. Some
additional features include:
  • POP3 and IMAP support
  • Excellent junk mail filter
  • Accessible interface
  • Support for RSS feeds
  • Calendar
  • News groups
  • Excellent integration with other Microsoft programs

Get a full list of Windows Live Mail features here.

eM Client

The best thing about eM Client
is its extensive features list. The free version gives users access to
these fantastic features, but does limit you to 2 accounts. This makes
it unsuitable for effective lead management of multiple accounts, but
the free version is a good way to sample the goods.  Take eM Client for a
test drive and, if you don’t have a ton of email accounts, you will
really be able to take advantage of the extensive features list. You can
import all your files from just about everywhere (including Outlook,
Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail etc.) Other attractive
features include:

  • Import contacts from Facebook, Google or even CSV and vCard files
  • Support got S/MIME, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, SSL/TLS
  • Import messages from .eml files
  • Customize signatures
  • Templates
  • Calendar
  • Customizable contacts database
  • Skype integration
  • Google maps for address location

Get a full list of the extensive features here.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the email client programs
available for free use. However, it is a comprehensive collection of the
most notable players and the ones that have the best functionality and
widest range of features. You can utilize the free software for personal
mail and to try out each email client until you find your perfect fit.

Most of the programs offer widgets and add-ons that you can choose to pay for to improve lead management functionality.

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