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Best Social Media Sites

Best Social Media Sites

Best Social Media Sites

The concepts behind “social networking” aren’t anything new – ever since there have been humans, we have been looking for ways to connect, network, and promote with one another – but they’ve taken on an entirely new meaning (and momentum) in the digital age. Where we used to have handshakes, word-of-mouth referrals, and stamped letters, today’s relationships are often begun and developed on LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook.

1. Facebook Facebook is still the king of social networking sites with more than 1.5 Billion users.

2. Twitter The Micro-blogging platform for easy communication. You can communicate with celebrities too with the help of Twitter.

3. Google Plus – Google’s social networking site Google Plus to develop my business.

4. Pinterest –
You might be surprised how popular is Pinterest. Why is Pinterest
successful people already sharing images on Facebook or Flickr? Be a
Pinterest addict.

5. LinkedIn Worlds largest professional network there millions are engaging together.

6. Solaborate Personally one of my favorite professional network. Solaborate lets you collaborate with professionals.

7. YouTube – YouTube is not just a video sharing sites, but also a great social media site to connect with others.

8. Flickr.com – The Facebook of photo sharing. Millions of users connecting together.

9. Instagram.com – Worlds biggest photo and quick video sharing platform.

10. SoundCloud.com – Worlds largest online audio distribution platform.

11. Tumblr.com – Used as Micro-blogging and social networking platform owned by Yahoo.com. hosts over 150 million blogs.

12. Keek.com – Share quick videos up to 35 second lengths with your friends.

13. Medium.com – A collaborative publishing tool launched

by Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone.

14. Fancy.com – Discover and collect amazing stuffs you love.

15. Foodily.com – Find the tastiest foods on the web and share with your friends.

16. GoodReads.com – Share book recommendation with your friends.

17. Quora.com – Quora is not a social network, but a question and answer site that can help you to get good connections.

18. Vine.co – The Twitter-owned social platform help you create & share beautiful looping videos.

19. Snapchat Snapchat is a video messaging, addictive app lest you connect with a lot of friends.

20. Path.com  Social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices in 2010.

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