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Google+ is popular as Facebook and Twitter but it’s definitely something that you can use to boost your traffic.

Here’s what you can do to use Google+ to drive traffic to your blog:

Create an Impressive Profile. The idea here is to present yourself as one of your potential clients so they can easily relate to you. List down your hobbies, your professional experience, your areas of expertise, the things that you do, etc. So make sure you create an impressive profile before you start mingling with other people so you can attract more attention.

Connect with People. Once you’ve created your Google+ profile/page, you need to start connecting with other Google+ members. Search for people you know first. Then look through the people they follow to find more interesting people to follow. As you spend time on blogs and other social web destinations, look for links to connect with interesting people on Google+.

Build your Reputation. This will happen if they consider you as an expert in your niche. Always remind yourself that your primary goal here is not to make an outright sale. So, avoid doing blatant ads. What you want to achieve first is to get your prospects to click the link that will take them to your articles.

Publish Interesting Content. Your Google+ stream of updates should be interesting and meaningful to your audience, DO NOT spam. Therefore, publish and share interesting updates and links that your target audience will find value in and appreciate seeing.

Integrate and Cross-Promote. Give people as many ways to find your blog and interact with you as possible. Use social media icons, Facebook social plugins, Twitter widgets, and so on to integrate your blog marketing efforts and cross-promote your content.

Focus your Time on being known as an Authority in your Field. Join discussions of industry leaders and talk about the most recent issues in your niche. Offer your opinions and ensure that your prospects will be amazed after reading them.

Be Active. Update your Google+ stream frequently. Make sure you spend time commenting on other members’ updates as well. Talk about their most pressing issues in details and provide the best solutions. Provide answers to questions, offer how-to guides, spill in trade secrets, and offer expert tips and advice. The more active you are, the more likely people are to remember who you are, recognize what your blog is about, and click through to read your posts.

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