Fast Way to Share Computer Screenshot over Internet

Fast Way to Share Computer Screenshot over Internet


Screenshot Sharing :

Today When we work on Internet either we are the Online service provider or Customer, sometimes when we face any issue during our working then we need to show the exact issue using screen to the support provider so they can get the fast and right answers from them. There a lots of offline software which you can use to take the screen shot for the issue. but sometime when you are in middle of conversation and you need to show the errors during the troubleshooting procedure: 

Here I am Sharing an Experience with your which I have faced with my website YouMeGeek. My website was giving an error on regular basis when I tried to upload an Post. The error was “Connection Time Out” . When i discussed it with my Hosting customer support, they immediately  start to check the issue during my chat session. after sometime they said to check me again. so to check the issue resolved or not I re-publish the post but issue was same and it start giving new error. So that time I was unable to describe that issue with them. So, I thought it would be very easy to me and them to understand the issue. So I decided to share the Screenshot Online. Then I Searched on the Internet and  found th following Website which seemed very useful.

That was:

This website was very easy to use.. similar to Copy and Paste which we do daily in our windows computers.

Here is ScreenShot for GUI of website.


This website is free of cost and has fast-simple user interface.

using the ALT+Print Screen or Print Screen Button, you will take screen shot of current view of computer desktop screen. Then go the website SNAGGY and CTRL+V  to Paste the taken Screenshot. as soon as you press Ctrl+V it start saving your given screen shot. after few second you will get a URL which contains your screenshot. Just copy given URL address the send it using chat support or message, e-mail.

Now continue to experience discussion, I just shared the screenshot with tech support using chat section and let them know about the issue with my website. They easily got the issue after sharing the screenshot and Solved my website issue within Sometime.

So, After this experience I deiced to share it with you so you can use the Online screenshot service and can save your time and resources.

About Snaggy

Snaggy is the fastest way to share a screenshot without needing any downloads or installations. It’s designed with your workflow in mind by using only a minimum number of keypresses to share your images.

Capturing your screen

The Print Screen key is your universal screen capture button. It’s located near the top right area of your keyboard, and is sometimes abbreviated to something like “Prt Scr”.


You can use it anywhere – you don’t need the Snaggy website open. Just press it once and it’ll take a snapshot of whatever is curently on your screen and store it in your clipboard. Then, just open up Snaggy and paste it by pressing Ctrl + V.


  • Crop and edit your images with the simple, built-in editor.
  • Register an account to manage and delete your old images.
  • Designed with power-users in mind, Snaggy has a fast workflow that requires only the minimum number of keypresses.


  • Pressing Print Screen captures the whole screen, while Alt + Print Screen captures just the currently active window.
  • As soon as you press Ctrl + V, you can press Ctrl + C to copy the image’s URL to your clipboard.
  • You can paste any kind of image data from your clipboard, such as marquee selections from Photoshop or other editors.
  • Take advantage of shortcut keys when using the editor. Hover your mouse over the editor’s tool icons to learn the hotkeys.

Over to You:

I hope you like this post and will be use when it will applicable. Comment below and let us know if you are using any other Online Screenshot Tools/Website.

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