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Simply Best Way To Repurpose Old Smartphone And Tablet (Qualcomm Snapdragon)

Simply Best Way To Repurpose Old Smartphone And Tablet



Repurpose Old Smartphone And Tablet

Repurpose Old Smartphone And Tablet

Most of us have old smartphones lying around, and while they might not be the latest and greatest anymore, the odds are also high that they’re functional and decently powerful. If you’ve been planning to ship them off to a used phone service but have never gotten around to it, there’s a better option: turning those old handsets into functional tools that complement your everyday life. There are lots of free apps which can be used for your Old smartphone.

Here Are Simply Best Way To Repurpose Old Smartphone And Tablet

Universal Remote Controller

Almost All Modern Electronic Appliances Like Air Conditioners And Tvs Come With Their Own Remote Controllers.
And If Your Smartphone Comes With An Ir Blaster, You Can Use It To Replace All Those As a Universal Remote Controller. Some Of These Apps Are Easy Universal Tv Remote And Peel Smart Remote.These Are Compatible With a Variety Of Home Appliances.

Universal Remote Controller

Universal Remote Controller

Another Free App, This One Called Peel, Can Employ An Old Wi-Fi Able Phone Or Tablet As a Universal Remote Control That Also Knows What’s On Tv And Thinks It Knows What You’Ll Want To Watch. Some Phone Models May Need An Extra Piece Of Equipment, The Peel Or Peel Pronto Which Both Cost $50, And Which Kind Of Defeats The Purpose – But You Can Still Put Iphone Apps To Work For Apple Tv, Roku, Or Tivo Using Just Wi-Fi.

Dedicated Media Player/Gaming Device

In The Days Before Smartphones Were Very Good At Playing Music, We All Carried Round Portable Mp3 Players To Listen To Tunes On The Go. Your Old Smartphone Or Tablet Stored Lots Of Audio Tracks And Play Them Back On Your Stereo Or In Your Car—Focus On Local Files And Turn Off The Connectivity Options If You Want To Maximize Battery Life. You Won’t Have To Worry About Phone Calls Cutting Into The Music Either.

Just About Everyone Of Us Uses Smartphones For Listening To Songs, Watching Movies And Playing Games.
So If There’s a Spare One Lying Around, Why Not Turn Into a Dedicated Media Player Or Portable Gaming Device? Just Uninstall All Unwanted Apps, Install a Good Media Player App (e.g. Vlc Player), Load Up Your Media Collection And You’Re Good To Go.

Security System/Home Security Camera

Take Advantage Of Your Device’s Camera By Turning It Into a Wi-Fi Enabled Security Camera To Protect Your Home.Plenty Of Apps Are Available To Cover The Software Side Of The Equation: IcamspyPresence And Manything Are All Powerful Options That Enable You To Keep An Eye On Your Property Or Your Kids From Somewhere Else.

Use It As a Digital Photo Frame

To Use Old Smartphone You Need The Only Program Is a Free App Called Dayframe:
It Connects To Your Accounts On Multiple Services, Including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Flickr And Twitter, And Cycles Through An Always-Fresh Stream Of Personal Photos. You Can Also Have It Include Public Pictures Related To Your Interests. You Can Also Install An App Like Digital Photo Frame To Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a, Well, Digital Photo Frame, Capable Of Displaying Slideshows Of Your Favorite Photos.
These Have Many Options Such As Animation Effects, Background Sounds And Can Even Show Battery Status And Time.

Fire Alarm

With The Free App Called Cleverloop Smokey, Your Old Phone Becomes a Fire Alarm, Of Sorts. As Soon As It Hears Your Smoke Detector Go Off, It Sends You a Text Message.

Portfolio Or Photo Album

Using Your An Old Smartphone/Ipad And Have Photos You Can Load Them Onto The Tablet And You Have a Slick Display This Is Great Whenever You Have Digital Images You Would Like To Share Without Bringing a Whole Laptop (Or Desktop, That Might Prove Tricky) Or Paper Album, Prints Or Portfolio.

Ebook Reader

When It Comes To Reading Books Digitally, There’s No Doubt That Dedicated e-Readers Like Amazon Kindle Are The Best Out There. Their Non-Reflective e-Ink Displays Are Comfortable For Extended Hours Of Reading. But If You Don’t Already Have An e-Reader, You Can Use Your Smartphone As Well.
All e-Reader Makers Like Amazon, Barnes & Noble And Kobo Have Their Own Apps, Which Can Be Used To Read Ebooks.

Wireless Hotspot

Given How Important Staying Connected Is These Days, Chances Are Everyone Of You Already Has Internet Access (Both Wired And Wireless) In Your Homes. But In Case You Don’t, You Can Get a Separate Sim Card/Number Recharged With a 3G/4G Data Pack, Pop It Into Your Old Smartphone And Enable The Wireless Hotspot Option.
This Is Quite a Convenient Way Of Getting Wi-Fi Access And Repurposing That Old Phone Of Yours.

Back-Up Phone

Speaking Of Phones, You Know What Happens If You Lose Your Phone Or It Bites The Dust Before Your Contract Is Up – You’Re Stuck Paying Full Price For Its Replacement.If You Can Stand Reverting To a Former Model Until Your Contract Is Up, It Can Be a Great Bridge To Save You The Money Until You Are Eligible For a New Device.

For Tweaking/Development

This Point Is Especially True For Android Smartphones. The Open-Source Nature Of Android Os Makes It a Dream Come True For Geeks And Learners. There Are Many Apps, Launchers, Themes And Even Complete Roms Available For Numerous Android Devices.
So If Have a Spare Android Device, You Can Start Tweaking It For Learning And Developing Purposes.

Alarm Clock

If You Don’t Like Your Phone In Your Bedroom Or You Like To Have It Off And Silent At Night, Using An Old Phone For An Alarm Clock Makes Perfect Sense. And Not Only Can You Use The Phone’s Clock Function, But You Can Add a Fancy App To Suit All Of Your Waking-Up Needs, Like Apps That Provide a Gentle Rousing, Or Ones That Require More Effort To Make Sure You Get Out Of Bed.

Use As a Computer Mouse

You Can Also Use An Old Smartphone To Revamp Your Desktop Computer Or Laptop — By Turning It Into a Mouse. Remote Mouse Is An App That Turns Your Android Phone Into a Portable Trackpad That Can Be Used To Control Your Mac From The Couch, And Similar Windows-Compatible Apps Are Also Available.

Use It As An Offline Gps

If You Don’t Have a Real Gps For Your Car Or Bike, You Can Easily Transform An Old Phone Into a Gps Device. Load Up a Navigation App With Offline Routing Capabilities And Stick The Phone In a Car Or Bike Mount. It Won’t Cost You Anything And It Won’t Require Internet Either. Whether You’Re Going To a New City Or Are Just Stuck In a Really Bad Traffic, Having a Gps Has Become a Bit Of a Necessity These Days. Load Up Your Smartphone With Mapping Apps Citymapper, Google Maps, Waze, And Anything Else And Mount It On Your Dash.
And Your Old Smartphone Can Come In Really Handy For This. Just Install a Mapping App Like Here Wego Or Google Maps And You’Re Good To Go.These Come With Features Like Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation And You Can Even Downloaded Full Maps For Offline Use.

Used As a Gym Device

Your Old Smartphone Can Be Used As An Ideal Gym Device. Reformat The Device To Remove Unnecessary Apps, Take Out The Sim Card, And Don’t Log Into Facebook Or Twitter Via Wifi, And You’ll Avoid Any Unnecessary Notifications That Could Interrupt Your Workout.

Then Take Your Pick Of The Countless Fitness-Tracking Apps Out There And Boot It Up — Or Just Pack It Full Of Music And Use It As An Mp3 Player.

Kid’s Toy And Learning Device

If You Have Children In The House Then Giving One Of Them Your Aging Smartphone Or Tablet Is An Obvious Choice, Partly Because There’s a Stack Of Great Educational Apps And Games Around.

Internet Radio

Much like the media player option, you can dedicate a device to being a Pandora, Spotify or Rdio streamer. If you’ve got a stereo receiver in your house, you even could wire it in semi-permanently and never use physical media again.

Over to You:

Please let us know in Comment section what you will do with your old SmartPhone.

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