How to use Google Chromecast Audio to make a speaker smart

How to use Google Chromecast Audio to make a speaker smart
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How to use Google Chromecast Audio to make a speaker smart

Google Chromecast Audio
Google Chromecast Audio

Google’s Chromecast Audio is a dongle that lets you turn any normal speaker system into a smart one. It is a
simple device. Yet, there are a few steps involved in using it. Here we
tell you how to use Chromecast Audio and what are the requirements.

How to use Chromecast Audio:

The Chromecast Audio can be used with smartphones and laptops. Follow the
instructions below to install and use the Chromecast Audio:

 For smartphones:

1.  Install the app Google Cast on the phone that you’ll be using to
control the Chromecast Audio. The app is available on Android, iOS,
Windows, and Mac OS.

2.    Connect the dongle to a speaker.
You can connect it using the aux cable that comes with the product. You
can also connect it using RCA or Optical input cables, which can be
bought separately.

3.    Connect the dongle to the power cable that comes with the Chromecast Audio.

4.    Open the app in the phone and follow instructions. The installation process is simple.

5.  Once the installation process is complete open a cast-supported app.
There are plenty of such apps like YouTube, Saavn, Wynk, Netflix, Hooq,
and many other.

6.    Play a song or video on the app and
click on the Cast icon on the screen. This will connect your phone to
the Chromecast Audio. And, well, that’s all!

For laptops:

1.    To use the Chromecast Audio with a laptop you need to have Chrome browser installed.

2.    Install Google Cast extension on the browser. This will bring a Cast icon on the Chrome toolbar near the top right corner.

3.  There are sites that show a cast icon with the media on the page.
Click on the icon to cast the audio to the Chromecast dongle.

4.  If you can’t find a Cast icon on the page, you can click on the
toolbar Cast icon. This will cast that tab’s audio to the Chromecast.

That’s it! You are all set!

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