Best Smart and Quick Tips To Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Best Smart and Quick Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Best Smart and Quick Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales
Best Smart and Quick Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Affiliate marketing is a time tested technique which many Web bloggers and website owners use in order to growth their online earnings. Even if it’s such a great opportunity, many affiliate marketers do not use its full potential, which is a big loss, since it’s such a profitable and easy way of earning extra dollars online.

As a web blogger your website blog have any affiliated links to monetize your website blog. Affiliate links can be any types. We are not going to discuss more deeply about the affiliated links. Simply you can get director affiliated links according to your website, blog niche otherwise you can apply for affiliated link form famous website which provides affiliated links

For example:

  • ShareASale Affiliate
  • CJ Affiliate Network
  • Rakuten Affiliate Network
  • Amazon Associates Program
  • ClickBank
  • Neverblue Affiliate Program
  • PepperJam Affiliate Network


If you don’t want to join above affiliated networks then you can directly join the affiliated program form any website which is related to sale or service.

For example: if you have website or blog with hosting information niche then you can directly join the Ipage from visit their website and apply for affiliated program.

iPage Affiliated Program

iPage Affiliated Program
iPage Affiliated Program

Back to Post Topic we will discuss about Best Smart Ways to Increase Your Affiliate Sales


Create and follow a plan

Following a plan is probably the most important element in a successful affiliate marketing campaign. You need to create a plan if you want to achieve some good results. Nothing complex is needed – a simple excel table listing the main activities that you will do while promoting your affiliate link is enough.

Blog Posts

Writing on appropriate topics is a very good chance to include your affiliate links and banner ads and to increase your sales. Don’t forget that content is King, become a skilled in your field and share relevant and interesting content to your visitors (articles, Blog Posts, tutorials, industry news, etc.). You may also include your affiliate links in the guest posts you make, but in this case, make sure to ask permission from the blog editor.

Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales
Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales

Products Review

You can use your website to write some product reviews and include your affiliate links pointing to the product provider. Make your review useful, structured and trustful, in this way you’ll have more chances that users will click on your links.

This is possibly the most used technique, which can generate countless results. Placing banners on your blog and website is still one of the best methods which generates many sales. You can post banners in dedicated areas and topics of your site. Since you’re promoting Website Hosting Plans with good offers, your ads CTR should be above the industry’s average.

Community and Discussions

If you’re an active member of various forums and have many posts, you may include your links or banners in the body of your messages or in your signature. You can also comment on blogs and related groups, answers questions and provide useful information.  WordPress is the most popular CMS, so the activity around it is very intense, you will definitely find a lot of discussion topics.

Post replies including your affiliate links, help users find the Best WordPress Themes for their sites and recommend some good sources from where to buy Website Website Hosting and Web Hosting plans for those who want to start new WordPress website or own blogs . Among the best online forums which are very useful to promote your website affiliated products in manyways use for affiliate marketing are as follow:, etc.

Email Marketing

If you have an email list and run a newsletter, you may at times send some messages, news, and special offers, to your users. Try to include your affiliate banners and links on relevant content so that your subscribers would not view them as advertising but rather as a help or a news source. Email marketing is good for direct marketing too. The key secret in email marketing is your email list and the content you send. The bigger and more targeted your email list is – the higher your results will be. Among the best email marketing providers that you may use to send your newsletter are MailChimpAweberiContactConstant ContactGetResponseCampaigner, etc.

Use Affiliate Links to Images

Website Visitors often click on an image and find it’s not clickable.If you are an affiliate marketer, you should make images clickable. At least the product images or images having a call to action button. This way you will get more clicks as well sales.

Social Networks

Social networks are very useful for any affiliate, especially if you have many networks, friends, followers, etc.  You just post a message on your profile with your affiliate link and you are done. Additional good idea is to use shortened URL’s so that your followers and friends could not directly see your affiliate links. Some great social networks that you may use for affiliate marketing are: FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedinPinterest, and much more.

Offer Extra Bonuses

Many bloggers sponsor the same products/services. The easiest way to influence your website readers to use your affiliate link is to offer extra advantages. For instance, if you are promoting web-hosting Services, you can offer Free WordPress Installation Instructions as a addition.

You can also offer other types of extras like 

  • Your own Product related e-Book
  • Video Tutorials of that products/services


Landing Pages

A landing page is a page on your website with content that addresses one specific problem. It offers one call to action. Its entire purpose is to capture your prospect’s contact information or make a sale.

Display Relevant & Targeted Affiliate Offers To Sidebar/Footer

The other best method to promote the affiliated links you can add sticky widgets to your website’s blog sidebar or website footer. it will also help to increase the sale of affiliated product.

So this is it. Be practical, work hard and grow your community and sales

If you Know more tips? Comment Below and let the world know them too.


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