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Simple Easy Ways for Successful Monetize To Your Blog or Website

Simple Easy Ways for Successful Monetize To Your Blog or Website

Simple Easy Ways for Successful Monetize To Your Blog or Website

Simple Easy Ways for Successful Monetize To Your Blog or Website

As a Blogger or website owner we can earn the money from our Blog or website simply implement the Monetize. Using Monetize we can make good income from our blogs. There are many popular Blogs and websites which are earning handsome income from Monetize. There are many different ways to generate money with your website online. An easy way to monetize a WordPress blog is to choose and publish ads, which will attract target audience to click on said ads.

In this post we will learn about in how many ways we can monetize our Blogs and Websites.

PPC Ads (Pay Per Click)

Google Adsense is the most popular and widely used option.

They serve contextual ads (image or text) based on your content and pay when someone clicks on the ad. How much you make on Adsense depends on several things. First, advertisers bid on keywords, so if you happen to write about a topic that has high paying keywords, then each click will be worth a lot more than another topic with low valued keywords (keywords that have really low bids).

Also, people who came to your site from search engines are more likely to click on these ads than people who are repeat visitors. It makes sense then to spread out your Adsense ads to provide easy access for search visitors.

You can find PPC adverts for your website at these popular sites:

CPM Ads (Cost per Thousand)

CPM ads pay per impression. Viewers don’t need to do anything for you to be paid. You just need to serve the ad to them. The downside is that you’re paid almost nothing for each impression, meaning you have to get A LOT of traffic to make serious money.

Rates can go as low as $0.10 per thousand impressions. But it’s still a good option to use in conjunction with CPC ads. CPM ads can be placed in less prominent spaces (below the fold) whereas CPC ads should have a better position. Most ad networks that offer CPM ads have CPC ads thrown in as well. You can set your own prices and remove unappealing ads

CPA / Affiliate Ads (Cost Per Action)

CPA ads pay per action. Viewers don’t just need to click on them, but they actually have to do something, either sign up/register with their email address or make a purchase.

Not surprisingly, they are the highest paying ads. However, how likely your visitors will click on the ad and perform the desired action will depend very much on how relevant the ad is to your content. For example, a site about digital photography may do very well showing digital camera CPA ads. Some sites are much better suited for CPA ads. Consider whether any CPA ads would add value to your visitors.

You can find CPA ad networks related to your market simply by doing a Google search about CPA Ads. Sharesale, Click Junction, ShareASale, Skimlinks, AffiliateWindow

In-text Ads

Text links work the same way as the other ads described above. You set aside a space on your page and text links will start showing up when they are purchased.

You need to submit specific pages you want to display text link ads on your site, so be sure to enter your most popular pages (usually your homepage, category pages, and most popular blog post or article pages). Rates are based on how much traffic your website gets; the more traffic the higher the fees you will get. If you get a lot of traffic to your website and are considered an authority website then text links may be profitable for your site.

This type of advertising allows you to place text based ads within the text of your articles. For example, if you are writing an article about a certain software, you can place text-link ads within your posts that would refer your viewers to that particular product.

Sell an Ebook

If you know that your audience loves the content you write, you can sell it at a price. Compile a collection of your best blog posts, or write your own Ebook and earn royalties from sales. Alternatively, you can sell premium content, aka, you can show only part of an article and for the complete version your audience must pay an amount to gain complete access.

Product Reviews

Companies are always on the lookout for bloggers who can write product reviews for a basic fee. If you are aware of a company which has a similar niche as your WordPress blog, you can promote or even sell its products on your blog. This would generate more traffic, and also a fee for promoting the company’s products.

In-text Advertising

 ‘In-text ads’ are adverts that are placed inside your text content such as articles or blog posts. You can sign up to an In-text advertising provider that will place sponsored links within your text. These are double underlined to make them stand out from other links, so that when a user moves the mouse over one of them a small advertising pop-up will appear. The user can then decide if they want to click on it, which will make you a small amount of money.

In-text ads don’t require any additional real estate, which is attractive to many site owners. Ads are attached to text in your content, showing up as underlined or double underlined words that are clickable. Some will pop up a little advertisement when the word is moused over. Many viewers, however, find these ads distracting and may get confused thinking that the underlined text should be linking to another page on your website.

RSS Feed Ads

Offering a feed of your content is essential. More and more readers are using feeds to catch up with their favorite sites, and not offering one will alienate a lot of readers who would be interested in your content. There is yet to be a lot of advertising options within feeds, but for now, you can still monetize the traffic to your feed

Selling Advertisements

One of the most popular methods of monetizing a site or blog is to sell advertising space, usually banner ads. You could manage this manually, but it is much more efficient to either use a network or a plugin/resource that will automate much of the process.

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