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Best Android tools and utility apps You Should Use

Android is a matured platform now and Android devices are not limited to only being a communication devices. With technological advancement and abundant communicational power, wide ranges of applications are available for the platform. Most of us use our Android smartphones for calculation, keeping notes and monitoring a multitude of things.

Android tools and utility apps

Android tools and utility apps

Smart Phones are, at their core, tools. Because of this, many developers have created tons of tools for them that work really well. Android is an extremely vibrant ecosystem and you can do almost whatever you want.

Here is a list of the best Android tools and utility apps to help you do more things.



Valet is a free car locating application which helps you remember where you’ve parked your car. It allows you to set the street sweeping alarms and parking metre timers. It comes really handy while parking in the large spaces like airports or malls. You can enable the parking sensor or use CarDocks or Bluetooth for automatically setting your parking location. The feature ‘Find My Car’ helps you remember where you parked your car and get directions of where your car is parked. The app also helps you remember the location of your hotel or camping spot.

Smart Tools

Smart Tools is a paid application which you can use for measuring purposes. It is a set of virtual tools which can be used for measuring light, vibration, sound, distance, length and so on.

Smart Tools® is a complete package of 6 app sets. It includes 6 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools. In a word, All-in-One.
Set 1. Length, Angle, Slope, Level, Thread : Smart Ruler Pro
Set 2. Distance, Height, Width, Area : Smart Measure Pro
Set 3. Compass, Metal detector, GPS : Smart Compass Pro
Set 4. Sound level meter, Vibrometer : Sound Meter Pro
Set 5. Flashlight, Magnifier, Mirror : Smart Light Pro
Set 6. Unit : Unit Converter Pro


[Price: Free]

Save money, save time. Find cheap gas with a community of 60 million users.
GasBuddy is the world’s largest community-based fuel app, with over 60 million downloads worldwide. We outsmart the pump together, using information provided by our users. Join drivers in your areas and start saving!

With GasBuddy, you can:
● Find the cheapest gas—no matter the type—near you
● Find gas stations by distance or price
● Report gas prices to help others find cheap gas
● Earn points and achievements for reporting gas prices
● Enter to win $100 in free gas—every day!

GasBuddy is an app that helps you find gas. You can use it to find fueling stations on long road trips. Alternatively, you can use it in the city to find the cheapest gas in your area. On top of that, the app allows you to report the gas prices at stations nearby so you can help out fellow drivers. It’s only supported in the US, Canada, and Australia which appears to be the only downside. This is one of those must-have Android tools that virtually anyone can make use of.

Google Translate

Google Translate turns your device into a universal translator, combining tried and tested text and verbal translations with new visual translations that allow you to use your smartphone camera to translate text and signage between a variety of languages. With voice, camera, keyboard and handwriting input support, Google Translate continues to grow in versatility, with translation support for 90 languages spoken around the world.

Translate between 103 languages by typing
• Tap to Translate: Copy text in any app and your translation pops up
• Offline: Translate 52 languages when you have no Internet
• Instant camera translation: Use your camera to translate text instantly in 30 languages
• Camera Mode: Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations in 37 languages
• Conversation Mode: Two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages
• Handwriting: Draw characters instead of using the keyboard in 93 languages
• Phrasebook: Star and save translations for future reference in any language

GSam Battery Monitor

GSam Battery Monitor is a great little battery tool that is accessible to almost everyone. For many, the stock battery monitoring in the Settings will be enough. However, those looking for a little more information can get it with an app like this one. You’ll be able to see things like screen on time, phone usage, mobile radio usage, WiFi usage, and, of course, app usage. Root users can get some additional functionality by installing the root companion. It’s free (as is the root companion) with ads or you can pay the $2.49 to remove that advertising.


• Hunt down those battery draining Apps with the App Sucker
• Always know your battery state and time left estimates with a optional status bar notification
• Overlay the stock battery icon with the icon pack add-on.
• Dig deep into how an App uses your battery – including wakelock details
• Sort your app suckers by things such as CPU & sensor usage, app wakelocks, wake time, and kernel wakelocks.
• Set a custom time reference to see stats over a certain period of time.
• See time remaining estimates based on current and historical usage
• See historical averages – how long does your battery usually last?
• Add a widget to your home screen showing the battery status and time remaining
• Include all sorts of great battery information in your DashClock widget using the included DashClock Extension
• Download or create your own icon themes
• Set customizable alarms for various charge states, temperature, and battery health


IF by IFTTT is one of the more powerful Android tools out there. This app allows you to make connections between actions. For instance, you can have the app upload a photo to your Dropbox after you share it on Instagram. That is just scratching the surface of all the things you can do. There are tons of apps that have IFTTT integration built-in and you can even use to do things like control your smart lights. There are thousands of recipes out there and you can find them by Google searching if you want to see them. Those who need something more complex can try out Tasker. Also, don’t forget about the upcoming Microsoft Flow which will boast the same type of functionality.


Applets bring your favorite services together to create new experiences.
Over 400 apps work with IFTTT including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue, and your Android.

Turn on Applets and:

• Control everything around you with your voice and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
• Stay informed about what’s happening from publications like The New York Times and ProPublica
• Always stay prepared for the weather with custom daily forecast notifications
• Message roommates when you’re near the local grocery
• Get an alert as soon as there’s a new Craigslist listing that matches you search
• Stay safe with automated and intelligent home security alerts
• Streamline your social media
• Back up and share your Android photos automatically
• Back up important files, photos, and contacts to cloud-storage solutions, such as Dropbox or Google Drive
• Set your home thermostat to an optimal temperature when you arrive home
• Post all your Instagrams as Twitter photos or Pinterest pins
• Trigger events based on your current location  

Key Ring

Key Ring is a free application for Android smartphones that allows you to store your coupons, rewards, shopping vouchers, loyalty & club membership cards on your phone. It’s simple to use and have user-friendly interface. Save the membership code and relevant bar code, and you’ll be notified about all the sales and offers that come your way.

LastPass / LastPass Authenticator

LastPass is a password management tool that helps you create and remember passwords. The idea is that you can create amazingly complex passwords and then LastPass will remember them for you. Not everyone is excited about the company being bought out by LogMeIn. However, so far LastPass has remained operating just like it always has. The service comes with tons of features. LastPass Authenticator also adds another level of security for those who are weary. You can use it on mobile for free or you can pay $12 per year to use it on all of your devices, including your computer.  

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is one of the most talked about Android tools out there. The app is supposed to help you get a better night’s sleep. It does this by measuring how often you move in your sleep. Of course, you’ll need to sleep with your phone in the bed in order for it to gain accurate measurements. It also comes with Android Wear and S Heath support, a built-in alarm clock, and you can even record yourself sleep talking if you want to. It’s not perfect, but it’s a good way to get a handle on your sleep patterns. You can also try it out for free before buying the full version.

Google Goggles

Try this app for information about different landmarks, products, translations, etc., This is the android utility app which allows its users to take photographs of famous landmarks, barcodes of different products and then gives the relevant information about the pictures by accessing its database. This app has got over 10 million downloads and is rated an average of 4.0 out of 5 by over 3M users.

EasilyDo (free)

If you’re the forgetful type, EasilyDo is your saviour. Once you hook the app up to a slew of supported social and calendar services, it suggests simple actions from a unified dashboard. Did you know it’s Susie’s birthday? EasilyDo will suggest you send her a message or a gift. It makes the little things easier, and proves its worth in terms of saved time.

Trello – Organize Anything (free)

Trello is a free service that aims to help you organise any project – everything from novels through home improvement to dinner parties. Its card-based interface is very mobile friendly, letting you easily add to-do items, pictures, and tags. All your changes swiftly sync between all your devices, and the Trello website.

Over to You

Comment your favorite Tools which you are using.

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