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Best Apps for Photo Collage iPhone & iPad Devices

Apps for Photo Collage iPhone & iPad 


Photo collages are a hugely popular way to collate your photos – and
this should be no surprise as we all carry a camera around with us at
all times and take more snaps than ever before. Gathering these images
in a collage is a great way to present your image library or a snapshot
of your life on one page.

iCollages – Photo Collage Maker & Editor ( iPhone )
– iCollages is one of the best free photo collage apps on the App store
that comes with more than 50 amazing customizable collage templates and
a powerful photo editing suite which can be used to create beautiful
collages like professionals.

The app includes a powerful photo editing suite, when you choose any
photo to make collage, this editor will open automatically for making
your collages more beautiful. The app also lets you increase or decrease
size of each collage block, you can simply adjust their size by
dragging the photo block border. The app comes with lots of useful
options including social sharing, image retouching and editing
functions. Great free app that lets you create beautiful collages with
the help of stunning readymade scaleable templates.





Pic Collage ( iPhone & iPad )
– Pic Collage is a great free photo collage app that lets you create
beautiful photo collages instantly from your iPhone or iPad. Very useful
collage making app that comes with lots of useful features such as –
many collage themes, filters, cutouts , border , text effects , stickers
etc. Pic Collage is one of the best free photo collage making apps that
lets you create quick collages using beautiful backgrounds and stickers
and filters. You can also share your photos on your Facebook account.


Awesome Collage Maker ( iPhone )
– If you are are looking for fully featured collage app for your
iPhone, you should try Awesome collage maker that comes with various
features. This app comes with both types of collage making options,
which are – Freeform option & Template option. Freeform option lets
you create scrapbook style collages. You can add as many photos as you
want using freeform option.

Template tool comes with 50 scaleable collage templates which lets you
create awesome collages quickly. Both tools have fully functional photo
editing options which allow you to edit and enhance your photos easily.


Photo Collage Unlimited ( iPhone & iPad )
– This app helps you make beautiful collages in your own style. With
the help of this app, you can easily adjust images anywhere in your
collage pane, scale your photo, rotate your images in 360 degree and
also edit your photo with powerful editing tools. This app comes with
freefrom collage making feature. Photo Collage Unlimited comes with a
powerful photo editing suite that lets you edit , enhance, and beautify
your images easily. This app lets you add unlimited photos in a single
collage without any limitation.

This app includes many features such as free from collage making option,
powerful photo editor, collage background setup option and sharing
option. When you double tap on any individual photo of your collage,
photo editor will open automatically with lots of editing options and if
you want to edit all images of an entire collage, just tap on “Edit”
button. Setup tool helps you add wallpaper for collage background ,
choose border color for images and choose collage background color.
Integrated Photo editor also comes with lots of editing features such as
various photo effects, photo enhancer, whitening skin, blemish fixing
option, image cropping tool, rotator , focus, light adjustment tool,
sticker and many more.



Moldiv ( iPhone & iPad )
– Moldiv is a featured rich app that lets you create professional like
photo collages and edit your photos easily from your iPhone or iPad. You
can also share your photos with your friends by uploading directly to
your Facebook,  Flickr ,Twitter  and other social networks.

One of the best collage making apps for iPhone and iPad that is
integrated with tons of features such as – text caption, image filters,
borders , fun backgrounds for your collages, lots of collage layouts,
more than 50 photo effects etc. Great app to make picture collages
quickly from your device. Very useful collage maker for iOS users.



Framatic ( iPhone )
– Simple and easy to use app to make photo collages easily from your
iPhone. One of the most featured rich collage makers on the App store
that is currently available free of cost. The app comes with tons of
features and lets you create beautiful photo collages from your iPhone.
The app includes lots of functions such as lots of collage layouts,
beautiful backgrounds, photo frames, photo effects and more. Very useful
app for iPhone users.


Instacollage Pro ( iPhone & iPad )
– If you are looking for free photo collage making app for your iPhone
or iPad, Instacollage Pro could be very useful for your device that is
integrated with lots of features including social sharing option.
InstaCollage Pro helps you to create amazing photo frames and unique
photo collages instantly from your device.

One of the most downloaded photo collage making apps on the app store
that can be used to combine your photos, edit your photos and share them
with your friends. Fully functional app that comes with lots of picture
editing options such as adjustable layouts, beautiful photo borders,
photo effects, color , text effects and many more.


Photo Wall Pro ( iPhone ) –
Photo wall Pro is one of the best photo collage making apps that comes
with lots of useful features. With this app, you can create beautiful
and stylish photo collages quickly from your iPhone. Very useful app to
spice up your old photos, greeting cards, screen savers etc. Beautifully
designed app that comes with lots of photo editing and collage making

Photo Wall Pro lets you create and edit your photos with just few taps.
The app has many useful features such as- quick collage creator,
automatic photo enhancing option, retouching your old photographs,
background and border changing option, lots of other useful features
including image editing tool, clip arts and social sharing option.





Fotor is a professional-level web-based photo editor which includes a
specific online collage maker. You can choose from four types of photo
collage – template collage, photo stitching, photo montage, and funky
collage – and you can create collages in five simple steps from opening
the web page to saving and sharing your creation. Plus you can use all
of Fotor’s image-editing tools to instil some added perfection.



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