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Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android

Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for Android

Night Mode

Night Mode

Many times, the last thing we see before sleeping or during sleep break is our mobile or cellphone. Some of us also have the habit of browsing on our mobile phones before we sleep, But the blue color light emitted by our cellphones adversely affects our eyes and even the sleeping patterns . Symptoms such as extreme contracting of pupils on seeing mobile during sleep breaks, minor irritation of eyes while using cellphone during night, or simply the inability of eyes to sleep (closing the internal light retina) after using cellphones are all but effects of the emitted light by the mobile displays. A great solution over the problem is to dim & reduce the screen brightness even less than minimum, and by changing the color bandwidth.

Here are apps which will allow you to lower/dim screen brightness even more on Android and make the phone or Android tab ideal for night use and reading –

Night Mode -Night mode is very good app. I am also using this for my Redmi Device and this is working very well. it has lot of color changing filters features like red, light blue and other filter which are also usefull. so you should try night mode. This  is reduce the brightness of your screen lower than you can achieve with the default settings. This application applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer to darken the screen and ensure your eyes don’t hurt

Night Mode – Android Apps on Google Play

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode
This application offers different shading temperature profiles, flawlessly stacked in the opening page.
You can likewise set the force and the splendor levels by altering the sliders to your craving.
Aside from the clock choice for auto exchanging of the shading profiles, you additionally get an alternative to delaying the impact of the application for 60 seconds, in the event that you are introducing an application or accomplishing something imperative.
Generally speaking, it is a lightweight application that does the employment exceptionally well.

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode – Android Apps on Google Play

Eyes Protector (Night Mode) – When you have to read by a dim light, the Night Mode prevents your eyes from being irritated by the screen of your device

Eyes Protector (Night Mode) – Android Apps on Google Play

Dimmer ( Night Mode ) – Dim your screen to the minimum allowed brightness with one touch – this is dimmer than ‘Display Settings’ allows you to go. Great for night time use.

Dimmer ( Night Mode ) – Android Apps on Google Play

Midnight – Midnight gives you all the major functions of a night filter without ads. With a round slider interface, you control the black, yellow, blue and red light. When you’ve tweaked the color, you can preview changes with the play button.

Midnight (Night Mode) – Android Apps on Google Play

Like other filtering apps, you can schedule the start and stop time of the filter. It won’t automatically change based on your location’s sunrise and sunset. That’s a function other apps have. One unique feature Midnight has is a sensor to determine ambient light. That setting dims the screen in dark environments.If you want to dim the screen manually, the app uses the notification center. Just tap the play button and your screen dims. From there, you can change the brightness while keeping your custom filter settings.If you want to dim the screen manually, the app uses the notification center. Just tap the play button and your screen dims. From there, you can change the brightness while keeping your custom filter settings.

Twilight- One of the popular apps right now, Twilight is a pretty great app. Featured in our must-have apps list at the number one spot, it’s brilliant at filtering out the flux of the blue light. The app adapts your device’s display to the time of the day by mounting a slightly red filter over the whole display to protect your eyes. It also allows you to manually set the color temperature, intensity of the filter and screen dim on the display. There’s also an option to create profiles, so that you can set custom filters for a particular time, for instance, bedtime reading or while commuting back from office.

Twilight – Android Apps on Google Play

The free version only lets you create a couple of profiles. If you want more profiles along with the ability to adjust transition time for sunset and sunrise, you can pamper yourself with the Pro version of the app.

Darker (Screen Filter)- Darker reduces the strain on your eyes by reducing your screen’s brightness to extremely low levels and enabling color filters. That doesn’t sound extraordinary until you are greeted by the options. This app lets you put a flux filter of any color on the screen. You can dim the capacitive button lights on your phone (provided your phone has it) and set the brightness levels of the status bar separately. It also has support for Tasker, so you can let your phone switch display-profiles automatically. However, some of the mentioned features are only available in the Pro version. Still, this makes for a very compelling app if you want your eyes to stay safe.

Darker (Screen Filter) – Android Apps on Google Play

Night Screen- Night Screen’s free functions don’t quite do as much as Midnight. This app’s main advantage is ease of use. If all you’re looking for is a blue light filter, it’s built right into the app. When you’re ready, tap the app and reduce the brightness and blue light.

Night screen – Android Apps on Google Play

Dimly- One problem with testing screen dimming apps is accidentally configuring the screen too dark. The only way out of that in most apps is to restart. Dimly has a Shake to Restore Brightness function that is a lifesaver. If you set the screen wrong, just shake to undo.

Dimly is considerably less difficult than the past application on the rundown.
It is a light application, which won’t influence your telephone’s execution.
You get a moderate UI with all the essential controls in advance.
The in-application interface is fundamental, with settings choices for the splendor diminishing capacity.
Simply shake your telephone, and channel impact will be abandoned opening the application.
There’s an excellent variant that additionally makes it promotion free and empowers the auto to begin clock.

My Eyes Protection– My Eyes Protection is as easy as it gets for filtering. You’ve got one slider for blue light filtering. When you want filtering, just toggle it on from the app or notification center. No scheduling or customizing color levels. They add Eyestrain prevention to remind you to take breaks if you’re reading too much. That’s perfect for night reading because you don’t want a headache right before bed.

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