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It your link building services for your site has many benefits. It helps you build your site’s reputation and helps you widen your connections, ensuring exposure. One nottable benefit of good link building is that it keeps your site away from penalies – a great enemy for any site looking to attain a respectable reputation and traffic-effective search result ranking.

It is evidently important that any site owner notes what constitutes a penalty so they can better watch over their domains, especially since Google’s algorithms have been programmed to note any fishy activity with the sites that they display on their results pages.

Google is known to penal sites unnecessarily enough to have intentionally or unintentionally done penalizing acts by keeping them off the primary results pages, or worse, by blacklisting them from the results pages altogether.

To help you stay aware and keep your site penal-free, here are what your site should stay away from.

Bad Links

If your site contains links from suspicious sources, your site may be a step closer to getting penalized.

As opposed to using links from authoritative sites and gaining a reliable reputation yourself, these bad links will give your domain an equally suspicious reputation – not the best traffic-gaining tactic not to mention a great big flag on Google’s part to keep your page out of the results.

Irrelevant Links

We’ve all been to news sites looking to read news updates on climate change or on what Trump’s up to, only to get distracted by the ten ads ranging from how to make a bald spot go away to how to lose 20 kilograms in two weeks hanging beside the article.

We then come to the conclusion that the site is an annoying one and proceed to get our daily news fix elsewhere.

This is exactly how irrelevant links can drive customers away from company sites, something Google does not want among the search results they display. Google can spot these unnaturally placed links and give your site a penalty.

Overstuffed Links

Keywords are used to help search engines include your site when people search for something. Some websites, however, tend to use too much keywords, resulting in a “spammy” page.

These sites use redundant and irrelevant keywords to try and gain more appear in search results, even with searches that have absolutely nothing to do with their site, something very off-putting to viewers and to Google.

Spammed Links

Constantly posting links to your site on comments and forums is another penalty-inducing act. Specifically, links with no contextual relation to what they’re commenting or posting on.

But even if it does have something to do with what the link is commenting or posting on, if you constantly post on the same pages, you could still appear spammy, so websites the sites on which you place your site’s links should have some variety.

Schemed Links

Google also penalizes sites that may “scheme” together and consistently link their sites on one another for the pure purpose of gaining traffic. These could be two sites or more working together in taking turns.

This makes sites appear illegitimate, not to mention will add you to Google’s blacklisted sites.

Google’s standards for what is and what is not suspicious link-building all stems from wanting to reduce any possibility for webmasters to manipulate search results in any way, making sure that searchers all get legitimate results.

As long as you have a good SEO service company that uses honest and appropriate link building services , then your site should be pretty much safe, which is why it’s important to get a good company and know for yourself what the do’s and don’ts are .

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