Best Method to Repair (Photoshop) PSD Files Using YupTools

Best Method to Repair (Photoshop) PSD Files Using YupTools

YupTools Fix PSD
YupTools Fix PSD

YupTools PSD Repair

Image editing is the core step of photography and for this purpose (image editing) we have a lot of free as well paid tools in the market. Among all, Adobe Photoshop is deliberated as the cream of the crop in photo creation and editing field. With this software, you can easily modify, re-size and correct digital images. And, Photoshop Document (PSD) is the default file format of Adobe Photoshop.

These PSD files hold storage of multiple images, objects, filters, text, and even more. PSD is like a small container that represents your entire work done using Photoshop application.

Unfortunately, PSD files are not completely safe from corruption or damage issues! Yes! Even after taking a lot of care while using Adobe Photoshop to work on your important Photoshop documents, sometimes you may face unexpected dangers (unforeseen cases) where your Photoshop files become corrupted/damaged or broken completely.

How PSD Files Become Corrupt or Get Damaged?

  • Trying to access PSD files created on newer versions of Photoshop using older version of Adobe Photoshop Application can corrupt the PSD file
  • Changing file extension or converting PSD file to other formats and opening the changed file in other applications, may damage the PSD file content and starts giving different error messages
  • Abrupt system shutdown/restart, inappropriate closing of Photoshop application etc. while editing a PSD file are the general cases that leads do file damage or corruption
  • PSD header file corruption/damage is also one of the main cause for PSD file corruption. If header of the PSD file is affected, then Photoshop application will not allow you to access the corresponding file
  • At times, sudden freeze/crash of Adobe Photoshop application while working on a PSD file may make the Photoshop file inaccessible (corrupt)
  • Using unfit/faulty recovery tool to restore deleted/lost PSD will damage the file
  • Presence of virus or bad blocks on the storage space of Photoshop files makes the documents inaccessible
  • Interruptions/errors while recovering lost or deleted PSD files make the file corrupt

The moment you come to know that the PSD file is corrupted or damaged, you may think that all your effort which you put in preparing the PSD file is gone! But, here is a simple and smart tool which gives a ray of hope in fixing the problem that you are facing with PSD file.

How to Repair Photoshop File?

Since you are in need of a trusted PSD repair tool to solve your problem, YupTools Fix PSD serves you the best. Using YupTools Fix PSD tool, you can repair Photoshop file which is inaccessible, corrupted, damaged or broken due to any known or unknown reason. It is the ultimate solution provided by YupTools team to overcome all issues related to your PSD files that too in just few mouse clicks.

Few Striking Features of YupTools Fix PSD Software:

  • The software fixes the broken PSD file without altering its original content
  • The tool repairs even completely inaccessible PSD file and brings it back to a healthy state.
  • The utility has powerful built-in mechanism to fix damaged/corrupted PSD files that are affected because of any reason
  • The tool is capable of repairing recovered PSD files after improper retrieval process, CRC error, virus intrusion, improper termination of application/system and more
  • The software ensures complete fixation of PSD files created on Photoshop versions like CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS6, 5.5, 6, 7.0 including CC
  • Using demo version itself, you can verify the repaired PSD file
  • 24*7 technical support is available to provide great user assistance
  • Supportsall versions of Windows operated systems including 10 and Mac OS X running machines counting Sierra
  • Require just 50MB space on the system drive to fix your valuable PSD file

Steps to Repair PSD file:

Step 1: Download YupTools Fix PSD software and install it on your computer

Step 2: Run the installed application and Browse the corrupted/damaged PSD file. 

YupTools Fix PSD
YupTools Fix PSD

Step 3: After choosing the PSD file which is to be fixed, click on Repair button.

choosing the PSD file for Repair
choosing the PSD file for Repair

Step 4: After completion of the repair process, select the fixed PSD and opt Preview.

select the fixed PSD and opt Preview
select the fixed PSD and opt Preview

Step 5: If you are happy with the results, then get the license key and Save your repaired PSD file.

Few Words for Photoshop Users:

Last but not least, pay proper heed to your key Photoshop documents! Make sure you follow the proper way of terminating Adobe Photoshop application. And, don’t forget to save multiple copies of your important Photoshop files, both on system hard drive as well as on external backup devices.

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