(EveryKey) Digital Master Security Password Storage Technology Advance Device? McAfee

(EveryKey) Digital Master Security Password Storage Technology Advance Device? McAfee

Everykey - No more Passwords, No more Keys
Everykey – No more Passwords, No more Keys

Everykey – No more Passwords, No more Keys

What is Everykey?

Everykey is a Bluetooth device that replaces your keys and passwords. Using military grade security, Everykey unlocks your phone, laptop, tablet, house door, car door, and other access-controlled devices when you are nearby, then locks them back down when you walk away. Everykey also generates secure passwords for your website accounts, then automatically logs you in when you visit a website. If you lose your Everykey, you can remotely freeze it, so no one else can use it.

Everykey is a unique device that could change the way we approach security. The device claims to replace keys and passwords.

Instead of entering passwords or answering security questions, you use a physical device to gain universal access to every account you own.

That physical device (something you have) combined with a password (something you know), makes your accounts significantly more difficult to access.

The device can be cancelled at any time (over the phone or using an app). So, if you lose the physical item, someone won’t be able to access any of your accounts.

There are actually two physical items included with Everykey

Band Accessory:

Wearable device that’s also surprisingly stylish. It fits on your wrist. You can use the band to carry around your Everykey.

Key Ring Accessory:

This fits on any ordinary keyring and helps you securely carry around your Everykey.

The Everykey wristband can be worn on your wrist at all times. It’s connected to your devices with Bluetooth, providing immediate access to password protected electronics like smartphones, tablets, and a computer.

It can also be used to physically lock items, like doors, car doors, bike locks, and more.

Everykey first launched on Kickstarter and was released back in 2015. Today, it’s endorsed by “Chief Evangelist of Everykey” John McAfee, best-known as the creator of the McAfee lineup of antivirus products.

Note: John McAfee is described as “Chief Evangelist”, but this is his startup. His image is featured prominently across the Everykey page.

Is Everykey really the only key you’ll ever need? Let’s take a look today at how Everykey works.

How does Everykey work?

When Everykey is close to one of your devices, it sends out an encrypted Bluetooth Low Energy signal to your device. Your device will then decrypt that signal and disable its security mechanism if the signal is verified correctly. Once your Everykey goes out of range of the device, the device will re-enable its security mechanisms.

Why Do You Need Everykey?

Everykey claims to be a solution to our digital security problem. The crux of that problem is that we need passwords to access our accounts, but passwords have a fundamental problem that looks like this:

The strongest passwords look like jAsKF#jKNvMXasdf, but these are too hard to remember

The easier a password is to remember, the easier it can be guessed

This is a fundamental problem with digital security. It’s a problem that Everykey claims to solve.

Using Everykey, the company claims that you can avoid experiencing devastating problems like identify theft. Here’s how John McAfee explains why you need the device:

With that in mind, Everykey promises to be “your digital master key that works for you – and only you”. Let’s take a closer look at how it claims to work.

Everykey Features

Device unlock
Automatic Lock & Unlock

When your Everykey is close to one of your devices, you can access it without a password. When you walk away, your device locks back down.

Website password manager
Automatic Website Login

When you first login to a website, your Everykey remembers that login. The next time you visit that website, Everykey logs you in automatically.

Password Generator
Secure Password Generation

Everykey can generate secure and random passwords for your website accounts, then automatically log you in the next time you visit those websites.

Freeze a Lost or Stolen Everykey

If your Everykey is lost or stolen, you can freeze it through the Everykey App, or by calling us. No one will be able to use your frozen Everykey, so you don’t have to worry about someone else accessing your devices and accounts. You’ll still be able to use your old keys and passwords until you find your Everykey and unfreeze it. Although a frozen Everykey will be useless to a thief, it won’t actually freeze into a block of ice.

Convenience Meets Security

When Everykey is close to your phone, laptop, tablet, house door, car door, or another access-controlled device, it unlocks that device. When you walk away, that device locks back down. Everykey can also log you into your website accounts. If you lose your Everykey, you can remotely freeze it, so no one else can use it.

Military Grade Security

Everykey has a variety of safety features that work together to keep your information safe. Everykey utilizes AES 128-bit encryption and has remote freezing capabilities which prevent others from using your Everykey in the event that it is lost or stolen. Each time Everykey broadcasts an encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 message, it is non-deterministic and pseudorandom. Device passwords are never stored on an Everykey server or product. All of these features together make Everykey secure and safer than what you use today.

Protecting Passwords

Your device passwords are always safe and secure as they are never stored on an Everykey product or server. Your Everykey broadcasts encrypted information to identify itself, which only your devices are able to decrypt. The passwords to your devices are stored on the devices themselves in an encrypted form within a keychain.

Spoof Prevention

Each time Everykey broadcasts an encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 message, it is different from the previous message, preventing a hacker from sniffing a message and re-broadcasting it. Because each message is encrypted, there’s no way to derive one message from the previous message, so each encrypted message that’s broadcast is non-deterministic and pseudorandom.


AES Encryption

Everykey utilizes AES 128-bit encryption, the same encryption that’s used by the military to protect documents with confidential and secret security levels. Only your Everykey and the devices it unlocks hold the encryption key, so our company has no way of decrypting your passwords.

Theft Prevention

If you lose your Everykey, you can call us or go online to immediately freeze it so no one else can use it. After you’ve frozen your Everykey, a message is immediately sent to all of your devices letting them know that they should not unlock without manual password entry.

Everykey App
Everykey App

Setup and Customize with the Everykey App

With the Everykey App, you can pair your key to your devices, manage key settings such as the range, and freeze your key if it is lost or stolen. The Everykey App also pushes the latest over-the-air software updates to your key so you can stay up to date on features and security standards.

Everykey Key Ring Accessory
Everykey Key Ring Accessory

Key Ring Accessory

One day, Everykey will replace all of your keys on that big bulky keychain. Until that day, use the Everykey Key Ring Accessory as a convenient way to carry your key. This accessory is included with all pledge levels.

Operating System Compatibility
Operating System Compatibility

Operating System Compatibility

Mac OS 10.9+ (Mavericks, Yosemite, and newer)

Windows 7+

Ubuntu 14+ (Linux)

Android 4.4+ (KitKat, Lollipop, and newer)

iOS 8+ Technical Specifications

Bluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth 4.0

Wireless Communication Protocol

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0)

Security and Encryption
Security and Encryption

Security and Encryption

Security audited by a third party company

AES 128-bit encryption

Remove freeze (deactivation)

Spoof prevention

Web Browser Compatibility

Web Browser Compatibility

Google Chrome v37+

Mozilla Firefox v31+

Safari 7.1+

Microsoft Edge (Future Version)

Firmware Updates
Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates

Bluetooth Over-The-Air firmware updates



Customizable up to 3 Meters

Power and Battery
Power and Battery

Power and Battery

Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery

Micro USB to USB cable included

Up to 30 days battery life

Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Rating pending certification (e.g.: 3ATM, 5ATM, etc)

Everykey Pricing

One Everykey

Imagine your life without the hassle of cumbersome keys and hard to remember passwords. Includes a Charging Cable and a Key Ring Accessory.

$128 + Free Shipping to U.S.

For More Detials Please visit 


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