How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac after Empty Trash

How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac after Empty Trash
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How to Recover Deleted Files from Mac after Empty Trash

DiskGeeker for Mac Data Recover
DiskGeeker for Mac Data Recover

Mac computer becomes more popular in recent years due to its retina display and advanced hardware. A lot of companies use Mac as the main work force. If you accidentally deleted some data from your Mac and instantly regret for what you have done. Moreover, even after you deleted the files from your Mac, you took the liberty to empty your trash too. This can be a disastrous and pedantic moment if the files or documents you deleted are critical and important to you. The good news is a basic data deletion doesn’t really erase the file or documents from your computer, it rather only deletes the links that are attached to each file, so it is possible to get back your lost data and we will show how to do that in this tutorial.

Fortunately, it is fairly easy to recover deleted files on Mac after empty trash and in this tutorial, we will be revealing some unraveling mysteries that will help you to restore the lost or deleted data back on your Mac computer even if you have emptied your trash can. We will be sharing two methods that requires pre-preparedness and will only work if you have created a full backup of your Macintosh computer before deleting the data. If you never created any backup on your computer then skip to the final method where you require no backup file to restore your deleted data. Anyways, moving on to the procedures of each part.

Method #1: Recover lost data from Google Drive

If you have setup Google Drive on your Mac and kept a copy of your backup file on their online server then it is pretty easy to recover your deleted files using that backup file. Follow the below steps to recover lost data back on to your Mac.

Step 1. Open Google Drive application on your Mac or you can directly visit their website.

Step 2. Locate the files and folders that you want to recover on your Google Drive account.

Step 3. You can click and drag the files on to your desktop and it should be copied automatically on your desktop. Or you can simply download each files from your Google Driver to computer.

Recover lost data from Google Drive
Recover lost data from Google Drive

Step 4. Finally copy the files and paste them to your desired hard drive location.

Cons :

  1. You can only recover photos, video, music and documents using Google Drive.
  2. Cannot recover data if you didn’t make any recent backup of your Mac computer.
  3. Totally useless method if you don’t have an active Google Drive Account.

Method #2: Recover Lost data by Using Data Recovery Software

Tunesbro Data Recovery for Mac is one of the revolutionary and effective programs to resolve any kind of data deletion issue on your Mac computers. It doesn’t matter what of data is deleted from your computer as this program offers to recover over 200+ data type formats including pictures, music, videos, archive files, documents, emails, etc. Moreover, you can recover files from any kind of electronic drives such as hard drives, USB flash drives, external hard disks, SATA drivers and so on. Let us demonstrate how to use this program so that you can get the edge of it.

Step 1. Download Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac and install it on your computer by reading the setup instruction.

Step 2. Launch the program to see the user interface of the software and the main advantages of using this tool.

Step 3. Select all the files types that you wish to recover and if you unsure the file types then select all and click on “Start”.


Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac-1
Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac-1


Step 4. Finally, select the hard drive name from your computer from which you wish to recover your deleted data from and click on “Scan”.


Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac
Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac


Step 5. Once the scanning process is finished, the program will display all the deleted files in their respective data type folders. You can hover through each and every tabs and select the files that you wish to restore and click on “Recover” to store all the files back on to your computer.


Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac Data Recovered Page
Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac Data Recovered Page


That’s all. You now have all your deleted data and files restored and back on to your Mac computer again.


Tunesbro DiskGeeker for Mac is used by tons of users and is chosen as one of the most favorite program to recover any kind of data on your computer or laptop. It certainly assures you to recover any kind of data and it can be a real life savior if the deleted data is important or precious to you. And if you run into any trouble with recovering your deleted data then don’t forget to contact the support staff to get immediate assistance.

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