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TAIGAPHONE Review A Secure Russian Smart-phone Mobile Security Solutions

TAIGAPHONE Review A Secure Russian Smartphone Mobile Security Solutions

TAIGAPHONE Review A Secure Russian Smartphone Mobile Security Solutions

TAIGAPHONE Review A Secure Russian Smartphone Mobile Security Solutions


TAIGA PHONE is a secure Russian smartphone (Mobile Security Solutions) with a trusted Android-based firmware, which is an element of the Infowatch Traffic Monitor DLP-system and allows to prevent corporate data leaks.

Kaspersky Lab Co-Founder Unveils ‘Surveillance-Proof’ Smartphone, Called TaigaPhone

The main task is to protect information from leaks from mobile devices by monitoring the camera, voice recorder, hardware, applications, messengers, mail, web traffic and social networks.

Reason’s why Taiga Phone Launched

67% of companies face the leak of confidential corporate information via mobile devices.

Why is the use of a smartphone a threat to the company? Smartphones contain a lot of personal and corporate information that can get to third parties and cause serious damage.


∙ locating;

∙ content of correspondence (SMS, mail);

∙ the camera;

∙ voice recorder;

∙ Contacts, call lists;

∙ communication with browsers and search engines on desktops;

∙ the possibility of surveillance from search engines, social networks, browsers, operating system;

∙ payment information (if a person connects to a payment terminal);

∙ credit card details.


TAYGAPHON will help to avoid this, as well as prevent financial losses, preserve the reputation and good name of the company, and also protect its competitiveness.

Capabilities for Data Protection


  1. perform interception and shadow copying of the camera’s smartphone snapshots and videos / prohibit the use of the camera
  2. intercept and shadow copying of audio recordings made by the recorder / prohibit the use of a voice recorder
  3. prohibit use:
    • GPS-module
    • Bluetooth
    • SD cards
    • Wi-Fi
    • Mobile Internet
  4. To control the launch of applications, creating “white” and “black” lists
  5. carry out interception and shadow copying:
    • Correspondence
    • Images
    • Video files
    • Of documents
    • Audio files
  6. Interception and shadow copying of the header, the list of senders, the body of the message and attachments.
  7. Allows you to monitor all web traffic on your mobile device:
    • HTTP / HTTPs
    • social networks
    • cloud storage
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Taiga Phone Features

Taiga Phone is:

  • Touchscreen 5 “inch screen
  • Four-core processor MediaTek
  • The amount of internal memory 16GB, RAM 2GB
  • Support for two SIM cards, SD cards up to 64GB
  • RGB LED for system status notification


  • Based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Integrated DLP-solution
  • Integration with InfoWatch Traffic Monitor
  • Own implementation of TrustZone
  • Built-in firewall from data transfer to third-party servers and protection from bookmarks

The TaigaPhone is entirely green to represent the Russian northern forest after which it is named and has a five-inch touch screen.

Taiga Phone Technical Specification

Taiga Phone Technical Specification

Taiga Phone Highlights

  • TaigaPhone new smartphone created by InfoWatch Group
  • It costs around RUB 15,000
  • The device can guarantee the confidentiality of all TaigaPhone users

Origianl Post: https://taigasystem.com/phone



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