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Unlimited-Shared Hosting Review -Personal experience

Unlimited Shared Hosting Review -Personal experience

unlimited Shared Hosting Review

unlimited Shared Hosting Review

Hi, as a blogger we know when we started a new blog then our first option and choice was Google BlogSpot.  I think most of us who is reading this article will be agree with this. That was the beginning and after the beginning we got good results means good web traffic, visitors, readers for our blog which was on Google BlogSpot is it was providing us the free hosting as well as free domain name with yourblogname.blogspot.com

We all know about this

After sometimes we decide to move with own domain name, here some blogger choose domain name and hosting together and some of us just go with Domain name and keep hosting with google BlogSpot.

But using BlogSpot hosting there are limitations, here we will not explain them but you don’t have full control over your blog and Hosting with BlogSpot.

Please Note: you know there are many popular bloggers who are very famous and earning very good income from blogging, you know which platform they using? That is Google BlogSpot Hosting.

That’s is all about Blog niche and quality which you are using and that is applicable on every blog.

Shared Hosting

In Starting of blogging ‘not earning money’ Yes this happened, it takes time to earn money.

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We know there is various type of Hosting like:

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting

And More…

In this article we will going to read my own experience about Shared Hosting

As we know in the starting we may have lack of money/resources so we go with ‘Shared Hosting’ because this type of hosting is ‘Cheap’ means we can afford it in the beginning of blog.

Shred Hosting has benefits and Limitation

First, I will explain benefits of Shared Hosting

Benefit: When we choose hosting from other hosting provider basically you are moving BlogSpot to WordPress.

Let me explain here, every hosting provider doesn’t matter what kind of hosting you taken. You will get the CPanel control panel for your blog and there you can install the WordPress ‘CMS’ which is very popular CMS platform after google BlogSpot.

So, this is the biggest benefit of outside hosting from BlogSpot as you moved to WordPress, here I will not explain WordPress’ but we know or listened about it.

We searched about cheap hosting on google and we find some hosting providers who provide cheap shared hosting with *unlimited Space, *unlimited bandwidth and so on.

*Please note here: when we see unlimited hosting it doesn’t mean we get unlimited resource for our Hosting within low price.

But that is not true, you will get limited resources for example:

RAM 512MB to 1GB

Limited CPU Process

Entry Process etc.

Unlimited Storage that is right, in this type of shared hosting you will get unlimited storage to store your blog file. But due to low speed/resource you will get errors like ‘Resources limit exceeded’ ‘Bandwidth exceeded error’ etc. when you will get huge traffic at same time.

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In this situation you are advised you upgrade your plan within shared hosting or upgrade to other Dedicated Hosting because you don’t want to miss your visitors.

Shared Hosting is good in the starting. In this more than one websites run on single IP.

Before buy shared hosting you should check below details or ask you Hosting provider:

Reputed and experienced hosting provider

What Resource will get i.e.: CPU, RAM, entry Process

How many websites are running on shared IP?

How Many Storage will get (if unlimited that is fine YouMeGeeK is getting this)

Unlimited Bandwidth (This is fine YouMeGeeK is getting this)

Customer support service on chat and phone

Read Hosting Provider reviews on Google, Reviews are good to read and provide positive and negative feedback by other existing users about what they are experience with the hosting provider.

Personal Experience

I am also using Shared Hosting for YouMeGeeK.Com. It is going good but sometime website goes down for couples of hours. Hosting Provider’s Tech supports service is good via email support. When I get good traffic then my nlog faces error like

508 Resource Limit Is Reached

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

cPanel example

CPanel example

CPanel example

So, when you start getting good traffic then please change or upgrade your hosting plan to avoid website-blog down.

Final Words:

These are some checklists before buying the shared hosting. Shared hosting is good if we have chosen the right hosing provider so please read above instruction’s before buying the Shared hosting plan because with bad hosting provider we can get more website-blog downtime than up-time.

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If you are going to find hosting provider for your blog or website, then I advise you to go with below Hosting Service provider.

iPage Hosting

iPage Hosting

Click Here to Host your website with iPage!


Thanks for reading this article. Please shared your views in comments box.

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  1. “Thanks for sharing the post. It increases my overall view of the topic.”

  2. When we starting blog it is better to take limited plan.

  3. Yes Anand limited plan is good but we should upgrade when blog start getting good traffic.

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