Why you should use Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress Websites & Blogs

Why you should use Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress Websites & Blogs
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Why you should use Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress Websites & Blogs

Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress Websites & Blogs
Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress Websites & Blogs

When you click on a picture on a website, for example, the information of the picture must be be transferred from its original location to where you are. The physical distance can effect the performance the loading time of the image or web-pages.

To make this simple, Content Distribution Network  cache the Static Content on mentioned data centres so people from around it can access the data without spending time on its loading.

Indeed, this is what CDN is really going after. There are many reasons why you should utilize CDN service(s) for your WordPress website. Presently we will recognize what really CDN is and why you should utilize CDN for WordPress Websites and Blogs.

The below image shows single server content delivery(Left) and CDN delivery (Right).

Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution Network (CDN)
Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution Network (CDN)

The left image represent usual website hosting without CDN. Where all the requests are responded by single server. This may increase website load time for the users who have longer Geo distance from website. The right image represents website hosting with CDN. Here all the static components given to CDN data centers. They mirror the content to various data centers. When user request for website it serve the request from nearest data center. CDN services also supports caching for even faster resource delivery.

What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution Network (CDN) is the backbone of internet in terms of content delivery. Whether you know it or not, CDNs are behind every image pixel, text or movie frame that’s getting delivered to your PC. Each one of us interacts with CDN when reading online news articles, watching videos on YouTube, shopping online, and yes, also when we are browsing through our social media feeds.

When a visitor come to your website their Web Browser Communicate with your web server for the information which is need to be loaded. Your server reacts back with every one of the information important to render your website on your visitor’s browser. The physical distance between your visitor and your web server has a real effect on your website access performance.

Content Delivery Network/Content Distribution Network (CDN) has important role to caching your static contents on different data centers around the world. To be more specific, instead of getting data all the way from the host server, the browser gets the data from the nearest CDN server. This is what CDN is about used for has many benefits for your wordpress webites and blogs.

Why should you use CDN for WordPress?

There are many reasons that would persuade you to utilize CDN (e.g. CloudFlare) for your WordPress site. there are several benefits of having CDN on your website. One of the most important ones is that your visitors will have a rich and great experience while browsing your website.

(Visit this site to know more about what a CDN can do and how it is useful for your site.)

Let’s look at the Benefits in Details:

Accelerates your website

The first and leading benefit of having a CDN for WordPress website is that your website will load a lot faster than your competitor’s one. As a result, you are more expected to get more visitors. Your site will get much faster once you start using CDN for WordPress sites. Distance can be the reason for slow performance of any website. CDN help to cover the distance using cache technology and make your website faster than before.

Enhances the SEO score of your website

Websites having faster speed are more likely to rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). After implementing CDN for WordPress site, you will find noticeable SEO improvement of your website. Google underscores more on website speed. Websites with slow speed can be the reason for low SEO ranking and fast websites with good load speed get a boost.

CDN Makes your Website more Reachable Globally

Being spread all over the world, a website becomes more reachable to the global visitors. No matter where you have your business. If you use CDN for WordPress site your website will be reached to people looking for the things you have on your site. Using a CDN is your best option to reach more global traffic organically.

Improved Page Load Time

CDN also makes your website loading consistent. Since there’s hardly any load on your host, even with high traffic, the site will load smoothly without downtime.

If most of your important files are stored on the hosting server, there might be some downtime. But if it’s all on CDN, particularly the static kind, you have nothing to worry about.

Website load time is probably the main feature people looking for, while buying the CDN hosting. CDN, (Content Delivery Network) is the network of geographically distributed servers called POPs (points of presence). This network delivers the static assets of the websites (Images, Scripts, CSS, Javascript & Libraries) from the nearest geographic location of the user.  As soon as you enable the CDN for WordPress, your website’s static content is cached and stored on all of these POPs (points of presence).

Crash Resistance

CDN lets you distribute the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to the main server thus making it less likely to crash. If the main server had the most number of traffic, it would have crashed repeatedly.

Improves overall User Experience

Most people tend to dislike the websites taking longer page loading time. With the increasing number of mobile devices, people don’t want to go to the site taking a long time in loading. CDN improves your overall user experience in a great way by speeding it up.

Better Server uptime

CDN reduces the load on the central server by distributing it among multiple servers. This reduces the chances of central server getting crashed, thus providing better uptime.

Saves Money

As CDN distributes the load, it saves bandwidth. Thus, it boosts your website performance and reduces the costs associated with tools and software that you employ to increase your website speed. Hence, opting CDN is a sensible way to save money.

Reduced Load

Websites on shared hosting become too slow or collapse when sudden traffic spikes. It’s because ordinary shared plans are not designed to handle the sudden traffic loads. A CDN service can certainly help you in reducing the load because its edge servers are distributed worldwide and you don’t serve all WordPress files from your shared hosting. When you’ve integrated CDN with WordPress, your website will be able to handle the massive loads of traffic and it won’t collapse when you receive sudden spike in traffic.


CDN management reduces the time taken by your web hosting server to process, receive, and deliver the content. It saves bandwidth and improves user experience. It improves your site’s ranking and accessibility of your content across the globe. Also, in the case of internet attacks, sudden traffic upsurges, network malfunction or junction faults, it keeps your data safe on all the servers.

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